Life Lately || 10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Welcome back, winter?! It’s been so cold the past few days that I had to pull out my trusty black tights and stick on some jumpers. Oh well! 

birthday week collage
>>> Gettings warm wishes, cards and text messages from all over the world for my birthday. I felt so loved and was floored by it. 

>>> Having a weekend away to unplug and relax. I might not feel as fresh as a daisy, but I feel oodles more rested than before the bank holiday weekend. 

>>>Sam’s family gave me a Jo Malone candle and it smells phenomenal. Jo Malone has my favourite perfume (peony suede and blush) and their candles knock it out of the park as well! 

>>> As of today, there are 49 days till our wedding. 

>>> Momos. Everyone should eat them. They are deliciousness personified. Our local curry house is a Nepalese one, and my favourite starter ever are momos (basically Nepalese dumplings). On Tuesday after a very long day, I thought about cooking and opted for a momo feast instead! 

>>> My colleague and sanity-saver at work presented me with a Waterstones’ gift card for my birthday. My love for books is clearly known by all! 

>>> I’ve been quite hooked on the clean eating backlash this week. I completely agree with Ruby Tandoh that a lot of it is based on “bad science” and with Ruth Rogers that it puts too much pressure on women leading to disordered eating. It’s interesting to see how the largest and most famous proponents are handling the backlash (like Deliciously Ella and the Hemsleys) with Ella herself trying to distance herself from the term now. I really encourage everyone to read Ruby’s article. I think the most important part is Ruby’s conclusion at the end,

“If you don’t trust me, take it from dietitian Michelle Allison: “Eating a wide variety of foods, trying new things, and taking pleasure in food is good for you. Combine that with the structure of regular meals and snacks, and make an effort to include most food groups at your meals, and you are covered.” Eating well really is that simple. The key to good health isn’t hiding in a fad diet or an elimination regime. You won’t find it, as if by magic, at the bottom of a pack of chia seeds or as a prize for weight loss, gym time or a detox. Eating well is eating intuitively, with pleasure and without shame. Whatever the wellness industry may tell you, you have the secret to wellness already. You’ve had it all along.”

>>> I’ve been thinking about banana bread for weeks. Weeks. I have no idea why, but it’s a craving that must be crushed so last night I went out and bought loads of bananas. They are sitting on the counter sweetly ripening and I hope to get eating some gorgeous slices slathered in butter in a few days time. 

>>> “New Girl” is back on tv here in the UK. Yay! It’s not quite back to the glory days of Season 1 and 2, but I still love it. 

>>> My mom and brother have finally booked their tickets for this summer. It’s nice to have a date for them to arrive on my calendar. 

What are you getting up to this weekend? I’m working Saturday but hopefully going to schedule in some epic snooze for Sunday! 

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  • I’ve also been reading lots about the clean eating backlash, it seems to be the topic of the week interesting though, with the comparison a decade ago of novella Lawson and now the fact that 18/20 of the top recipe books currently in the charts are either clean eating or diet related. Btw if you put your bananas in a sandwich bag and tie it up, they’ll ripen much faster, they release something from their stemsvwhich makes fruit ripen! Alice xxxx

    • I had put my bananas in a brown paper bag as soon as I bought them yesterday so i’m hoping they’ll be ready when I get home from work. I read that number too: 18 out of 20 seems insane. After having done the Whole 30, and feeling afterwards that it’s ridiculous to cut healthy things out of your life when you don’t have an allergy to them, it completely changed how I viewed the “clean eating movement” aka I started giving it the massive side-eye. Everyone’s body is different and surely it’s key to balance health and happiness. x

      • SO true!! Every individual are the only people who can ultimately choose what to put in their bodies and whilst food should not ever be shunned as “bad” vs “good”, its all about having that balance and feeling healthy yourself, not defining your own health using someone elses definition. xxx

  • Have you listened to The Wellness Wonderland Podcast? The latest episode of that talks about how clean eating and fashionable veganism can be massive triggers for eating disorders, especially orthorexia which I’d never heard of before! It’s really interesting, I’d recommend listening to a few of her episodes actually! And as for New Girl, I streamed this season, and I promise it gets better! Stephie xx

    • Eek! That’s exciting about New Girl! I was a bit disappointed by last season. I’m definitely going to go have a listen to that podcast! But it sounds like I would utterly agree. Eating healthy, exercise and having balance are important, but there’s no reason to vilify everything else in the food world, and to make people feel awful when they fall short of their own clean eating goals, right? xx

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    Oooh love a bit of New Girl 🙂

  • Christine Everyday

    49 days until the wedding…so fun!

  • Fredrik has heard me rant about “healthy food” trends for probably hours! I am excited to read that article!

  • How exciting, the wedding is coming up so soon!

  • Is it bad that I’ve secretly loved having stocking back (and not scared the locals with my white, white legs?)

  • I’m super behind the times, but you’re getting married in a month! So exciting!


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    Exciting articles, Memorable or remarkable events are so funny moment in my agenda life in the modernity earth. Why not happy life moment can’t come to always time in my life. So Birthday celebrate, goals cards or wishing so amazing moment in relevancy life.Thanks for exceptional information.