London || Picnic with Mercure at Somerset House

I was super excited to spend my Friday evening in the company of some wonderful ladies at the beautiful Somerset House. The weather had been nice earlier in the day, the marquee was up and the picnic blankets had been spread out; and then in classic British summer fashion the heavens opened and it absolutely poured. After a while the rain let off and we were able to bask in some evening sun sipping Prosecco and eating the very generous amount of food in our hampers.

The event was sponsored by Mercure and the wonderful Erica, Leanne, Jasmin, Angela, Jaclyn and Milly were all there being equally stuffed full. The hampers were filled with treats from Tom’s Kitchen and I literally had food for days. (This is in part because I misread my invitation, didn’t bring a plus one and had a picnic hamper for two by myself. More win me, right? Jasmin had done the exact same thing, so great minds think alike.) My favourite item was the prosciutto on tomato bread, but how could it not be? The passionfruit topped custard goodness with cookie base was absolutely divine, and everyone who follows me on instagram saw that at least one bagel made it till the next morning. The prosecco was absolutely gorgeous – it’s exclusive to Mercure, but worth a visit alone to try it.

We sheltered from the storm in the VIP marquee at the Thames side of Somerset House and though I had my eyes peeled for celebrities, I’m still not quite up to speed with my English TV celebs. Though rumour has it I missed spotting someone from “Gavin and Stacey”. But we did get to have a wine tasting with Susie and Peter (the wine experts on Saturday Kitchen). From them I learned multiple things; first, they are a married couple; second, rosΓ© is paired really well with spicy food; third, the English invented the champagne fermentation process. After that my facts get fuzzy. 

We then went round to the other side of Somerset House to watch a wonderful a cappella group perform. (One of the guys had hips that moved like a snake. No joke. He was full to the brim of sass.) I always appreciate some a cappella and recommend “Sing It On” to anyone who’ll listen. We also took many a photo with the gorgeous teacup flower display and even got an instax group shot. Unfortunately, I’m the Cousin It/Samara Morgan of the group, but it happens sometimes. 

picnic with mercure
toms kitchen basket

picnic basket



tom's kitchen salmon bagel

red wines

wine tasting


teacupphoto station

picnic with mercure somerset house

somerset house

How many rainy picnics have you been on? 

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  • GB

    A capella dancers are my favorite. Also, why is everyone wearing pants and jackets? It’s summer!

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    Love the giant teapot!

  • Those teacup displays are gorgeous! Amazing that you ended up with double food, good shout!! Btw, when I first clicked onto this post, the diet coke ad was so big it covered most of the screen and didn’t have anywhere to click off it or minimise it. In the end I had to close the tab and then google the post again to reopen it (luckily this time without an ad) but that’s my dedication to R&R, just thought I’d let you know as it might be offputting for others πŸ™‚ Alice xxx

    • Hi Alice, I’m really sorry to hear about that – I didn’t have ad like that pop up anytime I’ve opened this post (I panic checked multiple times yesterday and made my family check too) so hopefully it was just a weird one off pop up that you suffered through and it won’t happen again! But of course, let me know if it does! xxx

      • It’s honestly not a problem at all, I just thought if it happened on my page i’d want to know as it was a bit of a pain, but hey ho it happens! πŸ˜€ No such popup has occurred today! xx

        • Eek! That’s good to know that it didn’t happen for you today. Please keep me updated if it happens again, because it’s really useful for me to get to the bottom of it! xx

  • Christine Everyday

    Fab pictures!

  • It was SO good to meet you! Love your pics, such an awesome evening πŸ™‚ x

  • this looks like sooo much fun!!

  • Love those giant tea cups and pots! Sounds like there was no raining on this fun picnic-y parade πŸ˜‰ x