Vlog || 73 Questions

If you follow Vogue online, they have their famous 73 questions sessions. My personal favourites are those with Reese Witherspoon and Daniel Radcliffe. I love getting a peak into their lives and finding things in common that we love, or discovering which celebrities I really do feel like I have little in common with. (There are few people that come across badly, which is a credit to the Vogue videos in and of themselves.) 

I’d love to know whether they rehearse before they film, and whether the celebrity gets access to the list of questions beforehand. They must do, right? Otherwise it wouldn’t be quite as polished as it looks. Either way, the films as such good fun!

I am not famous in the slightly, but I do like playing make-believe (as does Sam) so with little prompting we filmed out own take on the 73 questions video. We did this in one take and with no practising so it’s both as candid and awkward as possible. Also I say “umm” way more than I thought humanly possible. Huge apologies! Also keep a look out for the moment that I struggle to close the door and also for the gangliest dance move of all times. 

Even though I dislike the sound of my voice, I have so much fun whenever I make blogs that I always tell myself that I’ll make another soon!

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