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Wedding Update || 1 month To Go

I can’t quite fathom the fact that our wedding is now a month away. We started talking marriage years ago and have been engaged since February 2015, and at the time, our wedding felt a lifetime away. Now that time has disappeared in the blink of an eye.

In case you missed it we are getting married in a village hall not too dissimilar to this one.

We finished our readings and vows this month, and like the emotional trainwreck that I am at times, I cried reading over our ceremony outline and vows. I’m not sure if I’ve gotten it out of my system for the big day now, but I’ll be asking for waterproof mascara just to be safe. 

I had my first dress fitting on Monday, trying on my own dress and getting it fitted to me. The fitting didn’t quite go as I expected. You picture everything surrounding wedding dresses as being champagne and rainbows; I was thrilled to see my dress again, but unfortunately during the fitting I fainted. Not because I was overcome with emotions or on a pre-fitting crash diet, but just because I’m a fainter. (The joys of low blood pressure – prolonged standing and the lack of water always get me.)  I’ve now fainted in a varied and eclectic range of places; work, museums, the Globe Theatre, doctor’s offices, and now a bridal shop. I can always feel it coming on, and I know the steps that I’m supposed to take when I start feeling lightheaded but I stupidly thought, “Surely, she’ll be done pinning soon, then I can sit down without seeming weird or like I am causing a fuss.” My fear of making a scene caused a bigger scene, and I worry that despite my protestations and assurances I looked like an overwrought bridezilla or a Victorian swooner. 

Things we still have left to do: 

Finishing our party playlist
Final dress fitting
Buy all the drinks and post-ceremony snacks
Finish sourcing and making all the decor
Finalise the seating plan
Figure out day of transport for wedding party (and just general transport related things) 
Finish emailing guests with details
Make a timeline for the weekend

And here’s a list of all the things we’ve already sorted out: 

Venues * Bridesmaids and Groomsmen * Save the dates designed and sent * Flower girls and ringer bearer outfits * Invitations designed and sent * Photographer booked and met with * Guest transportation from train station to venue booked * Florist booked and met with * Meal booked * Cake baker booked and cake taste-tested * Wedding shoes purchased * Wedding dress purchased * Venue re-visited and layout decided on * Tables rented * Linen and plates sourced * Hair stylist booked and trial done * Make up artist booked and trial done * Wedding playlist songs picked * Speaker for Self-DJing sourced * Sam’s outfit selection and tailoring is finished * 1st dress fitting *Under the dress essentials, sorted * Ceremony order and readings picked *Vows done 

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In this last push am I missing anything glaringly obvious? 

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