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I won’t sugar coat things, work has been massively stressful lately, but my personal life has been more than enough to compensate for it all! Plus, I only have about one week of work left until I have a week and a half off. This is my longest break in years and I can’t wait. It will be filled with wedding prep, family, and the actual wedding, but I am on Cloud 9. 

2 weeks till the wedding
>>>I blogged about it on Tuesday, but I had yet another day trip to Stonehenge and Bath. I still enjoy them though! It always helps getting the chance to eat Sally Lunn buns. 

>>>One of my summer highlights will be the fact that I got to spend 24 hours with my best friend because she had a layover in London. What’s even better is that I’ll see her in about 10 more days when she’s back in London for the wedding. We usually get to see each other about once per year, so this is a phenomenal turn of events! 

>>>It goes without saying that my surprise hen party was an absolute gem. 

>>> Celebrating the 4th of July in London the traditional way: the lone weird American in the park doing sparklers and eating a hot dog.

>>> You might have seen on instagram, but I received a shipment of macarons from Laduree as a gift. Laduree, I just can’t quit you. 

life lately macarons

>>> On Wednesday evening I had a good session of work drinks at Barrio East.

>>>I found something to wear in my hair on the wedding day. I’ve put off all my accessory shopping like a true knob. I then panicked when I realised that the big day was 2 weeks away and we go up north a week on Tuesday. It turns out that most “bridal” accessories take a minimum of 3 weeks. Who knew?! So I eschewed regular wedding hair do-dads and Anthropologie saved the day. 

>>>Receiving a box packed to the gills with American themed goodies and treats from Lindsay. I had a lunch of Twizzlers and a dinner of Peanut Butter M&Ms yesterday! 

>>> Now that UK Netflix has released all of the Gilmore Girls all of my free time hasn’t been spent with wedding admin but with Loralei and Rory. 

>>> And last but not least; we get married 2 weeks tomorrow! 

What good things happened in your life lately? 

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  • Yayayayayayayayayay wedding! that has come around so so quickly! Do you think you’ll blog about it once it’s all over? (mainly because i’d really love to see it all, I can imagine it’s going to be unbelievable!) Also, a gift in the post of macarons – could you ask for more?!?! Alice xxx

    • I think so! (Ha- we’ll see how it turns out, barring any disasters *knock on wood*) I cannot believe that it’s almost here already. Sam’s proposal feels both like yesterday and years ago all at the same time! x

  • WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATuk netflix has gilmore girls! Just when I thought the lack of new shows out would help me kick my binge watching addiction! I think leaving traditional wedding hair behind could actually be a REALLY good thing if you’re not one for elaborate hair anyway. One of my best friends got married last month and her hair dresser did her hair in the morning all up and fancy and she hated it. So much so her sister undid it for her, and she just wore her hair in a really simple bun, like she normally would, and she looked gorgeous because she looked JUST LIKE HER! Sounds like things are mental at the moment, but glad you have a (sort of) break coming up! Stephie xx

    • I’ve been in Gilmore Girls heaven lately! I want to rematch it all before the new season comes out! I’ve also just started watching “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” on Netflix, which is viewing light, but I totally appreciate all of the musical theatre elements in the show! xx

  • Ummmm, I’ve already binge watched 3 seasons of Gilmore Girls since it was released…hahaha! SO GOOD!

    • Wowzers- you speed demon – you’re way ahead of me – I’m towards the end of season 1. I’m equal parts excited and terrified for the new season to be released! x

  • So excited for you over the wedding countdown! What a busy but happy time you’re having! xxx

  • Christine Everyday

    Looks like I need to get in good with Laduree. Yum!

  • Amanda, I can’t believe the wedding is so close now!!! This is sooooo exciting x

  • How exciting the wedding is so close!!

  • Ah – how exciting! How are your stress levels?? I hope it all goes just like you imagine! And YAY Gilmore Girls! I love love love that show. <3

    • My stress levels were fine, but they elevated a bit this weekend. Ha! Totally normal I think though… x

  • Aw no sorry that work has been a right pain! So exciting about the wedding though, plus some time to finally relax!!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • Sorry to hear life has been on the stressful side at the moment, I bet that box of macarons helped a bit to ease the stress a bit though πŸ™‚

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches Travel & Lifestyle Blog

  • I can’t believe it’s two weeks away…oh wait…one week by now! Wow congrats! Enjoy!!! πŸ™‚ xx

    • I’m seriously starting to have “I can’t believe this is happening feelings!” It all feels very surreal… x