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All through middle school and high school I was a dedicated Clinique buyer. I swore by the 3 step system, and their makeup was pretty much the only I ever wore. (My mom only really wears Clinique so it was the brand I was most comfortable and familiar with). 

But when I was at university and then grad school, the 3 step system stopped working for me and I changed my skincare routine up, and started shopping at other makeup counters, with Laura Mercier being one of my favourites. However, lately I’ve heard Clinique doing the popular rounds again; first with their Chubby Sticks and then with the Even Better Foundation. Luckily, I had the opportunity to review some makeup from House of Fraser and try out a few new things! 

clinique foundation house of fraser beauty house of fraser lipstick and foundation make up review nars lipstick
Clinique Even Better Foundation || Nars Lipstick in Natalie (both c/o House of Fraser) 

I received some new makeup from House of Fraser to try and I love it. It definitely makes me want to return to being a loyal Clinique user. First of all, I really struggle to colour match foundation on myself a lot of the time, and I start looking a bit orange and streaky even with the lightest shades in a lot of brands. (I’m just so much paler and more jaundiced coloured than most brands allow for). But the Clinique Even Better Foundation in alabaster blended perfectly for me. It’s also the exact amount of coverage that I want. Just enough to give me a base, but not too thick and still lets my freckles show through. 

I also tried the Nars lipstick in Natalie. I’m a long time lover of Nars makeup. Nars blush in “orgasm” is my go-to blush, and the last Nars lipstick I owned was my “everyday” lippy and I wore it completely down to the bottom of the tube. It was a very natural colour that is not made anymore; this time, I wanted to give one of their more colourful lipsticks a try. The pigmentation is great. It actually ended up much brighter than I expected; a really lovely pop of pink. 

What’s your favourite foundation?

*This post was in collaboration with a brand*

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