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All of my bridesmaids are in America, and are flying over to England in the days leading up to the wedding. Because of this, I had totally brushed the tradition of a bachelorette party off (or a “hen party” as it’s known in England). I was a bit worried that though it didn’t bother me at the moment, I’d look back on my youth and regret having not had one. But it wasn’t in my control so I brushed it right off. Besides, I’m not really into clubs/grimy pubs/or penis straws so I figured that I wasn’t missing out on too much.

This weekend, the super sneaky Emma lured me to The Fable under false pretences. In actuality, she had been secretly planning a hen do for me, because she knew that it can be hard when your friend network is spread around the world. She’d planned a secret guest list, conspired to get Danielle down from Doncaster and the two of them even went all out on the table decorations. I can say without hesitation, it was probably one of the nicest and most thoughtful things that anyone has ever done for me. First of all, Emma arranged it at a tasty restaurant with an excellent cocktail menu. Second of all, there was not a penis straw in sight. Though Danielle and Emma said that they had gone into an Ann Summers but figured that the traditional penis theme was a bit too much for me. (Thanks ladies). 

Emma did however, organise a traditional game or “Mr and Mrs” which I abysmally lost. Although I turned around later to Sam and insisted that he gave the wrong answer for some of the questions. (His favourite movie and meal, in particular, I think are debatable.) My meal was delicious, the cocktails especially delicious, and within the blink of an eye, I realised that we’d been there for 5, going on 6, hours.   

I get embarrassed really easily so the bridal sash and the veil caused my cheeks to burn; but I’m so glad that they forced me into it. In retrospect, I’m very glad that I had a hen and that I’ve suffered through the traditional embarrassment that one can only stand when with friends in merry circumstances. And I was glad that Katy was there to continually wrangle those bobby pins holding up the veil back into place.

But what other things am I glad about? I’m glad that Angela was there to give me words of wisdom and reassure me that seating plans drive everyone insane; I’m glad that Danielle came down for the weekend and that I was no longer the token American, and that she was full of party cheer; I’m glad that Kate was there to also tell Sam stories with me; I’m glad that Frankie was there to make me laugh; and I’m so glad that Emma was so incredibly thoughtful.  On the train home that night, I got really emotional and quite choked up over the effort that everyone made to make my day special. Also I was still wearing the veil on the train so some elderly London geezers made much of it. 

Also a big thank you to The Fable Bar. The staff were incredibly kind, and in spite of there being another hen night there with us, you made us feel like we were the ones that counted. 

hen do
book details
wine at the fable
surprised face
learners plate
bathroom selfie
whole group
scotch egg

Processed with VSCO with q4 preset

silly poses
whole group outside

leaving the fable
when sam got homeAnd that’s what Sam came home to. What a lucky guy. 

Did you have a hen do / bachelorette? Or what would be your ideal one? Hit me with all your wacky stories. 

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  • Awww that sounds like the perfect day! And it definitely seems to suit you perfectly as well 🙂

    • Thanks Van! It was exactly what I wanted – I’m just so touched at how thoughtful the group was to surprise me. All the ladies involved were ones I met through blogging so it just goes to show that the internet does have it’s good side!

  • This is really one of the NICEST things anyone could have done. I’m so glad you got your hen do! Everytime I saw a photo, it really made me smile. I felt like I was there in spirit!
    Bee xxx

    • It was such a well-kept surprise too! Ms Emma certainly has some great espionage skills! And thank you so much! Hopefully you and I will have some bubbles together in the future up North! x

  • ninegrandstudent

    This is one of the cutest things ever – definitely sounds like my type of hen-do too! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

  • This is so lovely, how nice of your friends! I’m not a fan of hen do’s but this one looks much more my cup of tea.

    • Some food and bubbles with friends was all I could have ever wanted! Much more my speed than your classic night out! x

  • Happy Hens! That is so lovely!

  • Alice Young

    Aw what a thoughtful thing to do for you, such lovely friends! Sounds like you had an absolutely fab time as well. Also, I am deffo with you on the penis theme, there’s not gonna be one in sight on my hen!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    • Does anyone want penis paraphernalia floating about? Surely not! 😉 What would your perfect hen look like? x

  • What a wonderful surprise looks like you guys had an amazing afternoon, this is totally my kind of hen do.

    Emma Inks

    • It was so relaxed and relatively un-embarassing – just what I would have wanted for myself! x

  • How wonderful of them!!! You look great in the veil and sash!!

  • Awww this is absolutely adorable! I’m so excited for you and your upcoming wedding (and obviously can’t wait to see pictures!)

  • This is the sweetest thing ever! What lovely friends you have x
    Sophie Cliff

  • Dana

    Lucky you! How fun 🙂 Happy for you!!

  • Yes to not being the token American! So glad I got to come down and help you celebrate. You rocked that veil and sash! “Am I actually being PUNKED!?” Dieing. x

  • That is SUCH A LOVELY THING! I got emotional just reading about how nice itwas! I’m so glad they made that effort for you, and that you got the hen party that was after all just right for you xx

    • I got so teary on the train and had a mild, “I can’t believe I have such nice friends / what do they see in me cry” I blame the prosecco for that 😉 x

  • Awww, dude, we had such a lovely evening teasing you & making you wear a sash!!

  • I’m still wearing the beads. I’m also a little sad that I let an opportunity go to bombard a entire group with penis paraphernalia…

    • I’m sure penis paraphernalia can come out at a future opportunity. I have the beads on every knob in the flat, like mardi gras threw up in here. x

  • Ashley Angle

    Your hen party looks so fun! So nice of you friend to surprise you with one! The time leading up to the wedding can be so fun.

  • TravelWithNanoB

    So much fun, and you are absolutely glowing! I had mine in Florida 2 days before the wedding and I was SO TIRED I look 10 years older in all the photos. But it’s still a great memory to have fun with your girls and make silly memories that bring smile as you grow old. 🙂 xoxo, nano

    • Oh my goodness, 2 days before must have been so stressful! But I bet you’re glad that you still did it, right? Have a great weekend! x

      • TravelWithNanoB

        It definitely was stressful! We live abroad, so we had been planning the entire wedding via internet for a year and arrived just 10 days before the big day, running around like crazy trying to do all the last minute things, plus meet all arriving guests and spend some time with them. So I was totally exhausted at the bachelorette party BUT it was so much fun. Admittedly it was in the best of American traditions (with all those gaudy penis decorations) organized by my American friend, but for myself and my Georgian friends it was so amusing and totally amusing to see how people from other culture celebrate the day. 🙂

        • Oh my goodness – I thought it was stressful planning a wedding somewhere we don’t live, but at least it’s in the same country that we are in! (My mom really wanted us to get married at home in America, but the stress of it was the one reason that we decided not to). I bet your Georgian friends had a blast laughing at all the crazy American traditions 😉 xx

  • I had a double hen party with my best friend who was also getting married soon and our closest friends:) we did sauna, massage, dinner and party games at my place afterwards:)

  • Christine Everyday

    Looks like so much fun! That bar looks so cool.

  • This is so sweet!! You’re going to have these precious memories forever and I’m glad your London friends threw you the perfect party for you! The restaurant also looks amaaaazing. I love that stack of books behind your booth!!

    • They picked the best location, right? I feel so lucky that I have this group of friends abroad!

  • How sweet! I’m so glad you got to have the full hen experience!! And I have to say, that is THE classiest outfit (I realize it was a surprise party) for a hen night I’ve ever seen, so well done 😉
    I totally lost at Mr. and Mrs. too for the same reasons…. not fair!

    • The Mr and Mrs game is rigged! Haha, I thought I was going to a blogging dinner with Emma hence the classy dress 😉 xx

  • Aww how lovely! It looks like you had such a fab time! xx

  • That is so sweet! The expat/blog community that can be an absolute hoot! How lovely of them! And a restaurant with books everywhere?? Looks like my kind of place 🙂

    • It’s the only table that’s in this book alcove / nook area so it couldn’t have been more perfect. This bunch of ladies was seriously the sweetest! x

  • Oh wow I didn’t realise it had been a surprise for you!! Well done Emma xxx

  • Aww, this is so sweet! Looks like a blast. My sister and I both had “non-traditional” and penis-paraphernalia free bachelorette parties.