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Travel || Planning a Day Trip to Bath and Stonehenge

I’m fortunate enough that I get to do some local traveling for work. I’ve actually led a trip to Bath and Stonehenge nearly a dozen times, and surprisingly they never get old. You’ll find the two very often combined on a day trip out from London, because they compliment each other quite well.

Obviously Stonehenge doesn’t physically change, but seeing it in all different seasons always gives it a different feeling. My favourite times to go to Stonehenge are in the summer when the countryside is looking gorgeous, and autumn when it’s usually misty and full of mystical ambiance. 

If you are visiting Bath for the first time, you have to go through the Roman Baths. You’d think that there’d just be a bit of the Roman ruins intact, but you can see so much of the bath infrastructure! After exploring the Roman Baths, you have to try a sample of the Bath water. It tastes very coppery and not particularly delicious, but it’s a must. 

Then go to Bath Abbey, which is one of the last great medieval cathedrals built in England. I love making people when seeing the Abbey for the first time, guess the name of one of its most important influences. I’ll give you a hint. To the left of the ladders of Angels there are some carvings that illustrate the name of the Bishop in charge.

The Circus and the Royal Crescent are architectural wonders. The Circus was designed by John Wood the Elder, but completed by John Wood the Younger. The younger Wood also did the Royal Crescent. Personally, I’d rather live on The Circus than the Royal Crescent but both would always be full of tourists ogling your home. Nicolas Cage was the last celebrity to own a property on The Circus, so that must have been fairly nuts! Last but not least, before you go home for the day, you must go into Sally Lunn’s and buy one of their famous buns. (Preferably toasted and slathered with butter. ) 

bath cathedral bath skyline circus bath crowds by bath horses more roman baths roman baths ground level roman baths roman ruins royal crescent
sally lunnsally lunn bun
countryside and stonehenge
crowds walking to stonehenge

more stones

standing stones taking a photo stones and clouds stonehenge stonehenge from a distance

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