The Final Wedding Countdown – 5 days

Happy Monday everyone! I’m so excited because the wedding week is finally here. My mom and brother arrive in about an hour; and most of my guests follow suit in the next few days. Today is also the last day that I work until after the wedding. We go up North tomorrow with a ridiculous amount of stuff in tow. It’s times like these that I wish we could drive instead of take the train. We have a suitcase filled with things for the wedding, a suitcase filled with actual clothing and toiletries, plus a huge garment bag with my dress and another garment bag for Sam. If anyone has any tips for finding a place to hang a wedding dress on a train from London to York, send them my way! 

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Many people have asked, but we aren’t going on honeymoon straight away for many reasons. First and most importantly, I have so many family and friends in town, I don’t want to waste the opportunity of having them in England with me by leaving whilst they are still here. Second, I couldn’t really take off any more work to go on honeymoon straight after; and third (fairly critical) we couldn’t really afford it. 

Thank you everyone for all your kind words and I’ll see you on the other side! I have some wonderful guest posts lined up for your wedding delight until I’m back. 

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