The Bake Off Bake Along is Back!

The Great British Bake Off starts on Wednesday August 24th and I’m ecstatic to say the least! Ala at This Particular and I are back co-hosting the baking related link up again. If you can remember, we have both baked along with The Great British Bake Off for two years in a row. We are back for our 3rd year with hopefully fewer disasters than last year. (I’m looking at you Victorian week!) 

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Bake Off Airs on Wednesday evenings, and we will be posting the link up and our bakes for the week’s episodes on the following Tuesday. So your first chance to link up will be Tuesday August 30th. You have to bake your take on that weeks challenge; be it the showstopper, the technical or the signature bake.
It’s going to be loads of fun and it’s a brilliant chance to share a love for baking, eat some amazing treats over the next few weeks and maybe there will even be an opportunity to win a prize!
We hope to see as many of you as possible for the first link up next week! #bakeoffbakealongbake off 2014
Scene from 2014’s Bake Along. Hopefully, this year will be as dramatic and I can’t wait to see what everyone bakes! If you want more information on the bake along just pop a question in the comment section below, or you can peruse my archives by searching “Bake Off” to see previous years creations. 

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  • Yaaaaaaaaaaay! Have you drafted in Mary Berry again this year?

  • YESSSSSSS!!! I’ve been waiting for this post to confirm it’s definitely back on. Literally cannot wait to have an excuse to bake every week again and try out some ridiculously complex and frustrating recipes…!! Bring on the Bake Off!! 😀 Alice xxx

  • Yay! I am so on board!

  • So glad to hear it! Don’t think I’ll be baking along this year (maybe just once or twice if I can’t help it) but excited to follow it through all your bakes. What a great time of year :))

  • Whoop! *popspopcorn* I may not be baking along in my horrendous kitchen, but I’m all about these posts. I’ll be on the lookout for Mary Berry’s stylish low bun on my feed.

  • Alice Jane

    I’m hoping to be able to join in this year!

  • I don’t think I’m baking along this year! Me and Joe are moving into a flat by ourselves, so there aren’t enough people to palm off bakes to! I may join in the odd one though 🙂

    • Maybe you can join in here and there. Or make your new neighbours love you by sharing the joy around! xxx

  • Amanda

    Woo hoo! Now that I am in London I will definitely be following along!

  • I look forward to another year of your husband’s cross dressing 🙂

    • I don’t know what you mean. Luckily Mary Berry takes it as a compliment that you think she resembles Sam x

  • Ala

    I can’t wait for this, I haven’t baked in so long, it’s gona be a great way to dust off the cobwebs! x

    • So exciting! In case you haven’t been able to watch it yet, this week was drizzle cake, jaffa cakes or a mirror cake xxx

  • Yay! I’d been wondering if you were going to resume this challenge bake along 🙂 I’m not sure I’ll be participating, but I’ll sure follow along 🙂 xx

  • I finally have an oven (and almost zero kitchen supplies) but I’m still going to participate as much as possible and flex those creative muscles! 🙂 can’t wait!

  • I was so sad I missed the bake along last year, I’m going to work my socks off to get involved this time. Lemon drizzle here I come!
    M X Life Outside London

    • Amazing! You don’t even have to do it every single week, you can dip in and out if that makes it easier for you! :0 xx