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Life Lately || Ending the Week Positively

It’s been a strangely relaxed week for me. Nothing particularly urgent at work; Sam being a busy bee with all his photos and not needing my help with anything; and because of the damned train strike, I was able to work from home the first half of the week.

Can we take a moment to discuss how terrible Southern Railway is? If there’s any company that deserves to fail – it’s them. I would honestly feel vindicated if they had their franchise taken off of them and if formally-Southern trains were re-nationalised.  Relying on trains and overground, the down side of living South of the river Thames.

My hay fever (allergies) this week has been insane. I’ve been a ball of snuffles, and it’s been fairly bad all summer long.  I’ve tried going cold-turkey and powering through to get my body used to pollen; I’ve tried doses of honey; I’ve tried medicine. Pollen-ageddon 2016 really took me down. 

But this all aside, let’s focus on ending the week positively: 

second week august collage

>>> Sam and I attended a lovely wedding over the weekend. Sam was taking the wedding photos for his friend, which was a super exciting opportunity for him, and I had the time to catch up with some lovely people I hadn’t seen for ages. 

>>>On Tuesday, I was able to catch up with an old sorority sister that I hadn’t seen in years. She’s backpacking for the next 5-6ish months and her first stop was London. I’m so excited for all her future adventures.

>>> I made one of my favourites: banana pancakes for the first time in ages. There’s not a single way I’d prefer to start a morning! And with the leftover bananas I made banana bread which Sam promptly snaffled in a matter of hours. 


>>> I mentioned earlier this summer that I’ve been obsessed with Miss Patina clothing lately; as seen in this post, this one, and this one (none of which are sponsored, it’s just true love) and in the end of season TopShop sale, I managed to snag a beautiful Miss Patina romper from the basement of the Oxford Street store (aka the best floor of all with all the shoes and non-TopShop lines). 

>>> Sam and I had the most delicious dinner ever at Barbecoa last night; but never fear, I took many, many photos and will blog about it next week. 

>>> I’ve been focusing all my spare free time trying to up my instagram game. I think I’m seeing results, but I also might be fooling myself. 

>>> In other blogging-related housekeeping, I thought that my pageviews had bombed like crazy lately because my Google Analytics was in such a dire state, but it turns out that my Analytics had broken temporarily. Phew! 

>>> Ala and I will be back soon with the Bake Off Bake Along. Hopefully you’ll join in again this year! 

Oh! And if any UK readers have any over the counter allergy pill recommendations, let me know. My pills seem to be doing nothing. 

We’ll be at the seaside this weekend, and I can’t wait! 

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