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Life Lately || Things That Made Me Happy in the Week I Cut off My Hair

I’ve had a simply lovely week. I feel so fortunate that my life has been fairly upbeat and blissful for the past month or so. I’m usually filled with anxiety and get stressed incredibly easy, so this has been a most welcome change. May it stay this way always! 
collage margate week

>>>Our Sunday paddle in the sea at Broadstairs. The weather was so nice that it really did feel like we were abroad on some beachy holiday. Just putting my feet in the sea made me feel rejuvenated. 

>>> Dreamland was as dreamy (pun intended) as I hoped it would be. The highlight of our time there was going down the massive slide with all the kids. Obviously. We acted like two big kids, including getting sugar highs after eating far too much cotton candy. 

>>> I discovered a new favourite Prosecco. 


>>>We had a great dinner with Sam’s mom on Tuesday and stuffed ourselves with curry take-away. 

>>>I’m a huge fan of Daphne duMaurier’s “Rebecca”. I even based a solo dance on it during grad school. I finally picked up her “Jamaica Inn” and loved it. With reservation – I was incredibly disappointed with the very last chapter, but other than that I was riveted. 

>>> On Thursday, I got a haircut at George Northwood and suffice to say it was one of the best haircut experiences I’ve ever had in my life. I used to be really loyal to the salon I went to in the States, but in England I’ve never gone to the same place more than twice. I’ve tried so many. But they’ve made a loyal customer out of me and they can take all my money. And even if I get tired of the chop and want to go back to my old ways, hair grows back. 

edit IMG_2049

>>> I’m so excited that Bake Off is just around the corner. Having gotten to the interview stage this year, I was even more excited than usual to peruse the list of the new bake off contestants! 

>>> I know it’s silly, and I’m most definitely not the target audience, but I’m so glad that “Canal Journeys” is back for a new season. I have so much love for Pru. 

>>>Home-made cold brewed coffee. Enough said. 

>>> Sam has just unveiled his new wedding photography website SR Taylor Photography and he just photographed the dreamiest wedding! 

What’s been the highlight of your week? 

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  • This is just a delicious post from start to finish – your smile says it all! I love your new haircut! And cold pressed coffee. And prosecco. And walks on the beach…

  • THIS HAIR THOUGH. I’ve said it like 20 times already but I LOVE it!!!! <3 also: never knew you had a tattoo. It is beautiful.


    Little Miss Katy

    • Totally a beautiful temp tat from an acquaintances shop – but she makes adorable tats right?

      Thank you so much lovely lady! I love your blonde return as well! I did the interview back in late January/early February. I was a nervy mess but I’ll try again next year! xx

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    I LOVE your hair!! It’s suits you beautifully!!!

  • that’s a cute chop! I never notice your tattoo before!!:)

    • Thanks Tanja! Whist I do have real tattoos the camera is a beautiful temp tat from an acquaintance’s shop πŸ™‚ xx

  • I am LOVING your new hair Amanda! You are such a babe. Also yay for Sam on his wedding photography site – so exciting! X
    Sophie Cliff

  • Love the haircut and I’m so glad that you had a mellow, stress-free week!

  • Obviously getting married agrees with you – long may the blissfulness continue!

    Love the haircut, and also whatever you’re wearing in that photo (top? dress?) – the bunting is so cute!

    Tell me more about this prosecco! I love a few bubbles πŸ™‚

    • Frizzenti Prosecco DOP – it’s truly delicious! And thank you so much; it’s a top that I got at Camden Market for a fiver years ago! xx

  • I love your fringe and tattoo! I’m a new reader of your blog, but loving it a lot πŸ™‚ I really want to visit Dreamland – it sounds amazing!


  • It sounds like you’ve had such a lovely week, how wonderful! as for your new haircut, it’s gorgeous and really suits you. x

  • HANG ON, you got through to Bake Off interviews???!!! Wowwwweeeeeeeee that’s awesome! As you well know I also flipping love you hair! Alice xxx


    • Hehe I did. It was back in late Jan/early Feb. I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone at the time so I think I alluded to it in a weekly round up as a vague things that I was excited about but couldn’t take about.

      And thank you so so much! xx

  • Cute cut! I’ve been the same about salons here… never the same one twice! (also hasn’t found one yet that speaks English, so….) Been toying with a chop myself lately… it’s just good to have a change πŸ™‚

    • It felt so good to get the chop! I had it quite short when Sam and I first met so it’s a nice return πŸ˜‰ xx

  • Love the new hair cut!! And yay for a summer full of happiness!

  • Your hair looks so good!

  • Ala

    You are just radiating happiness! Your hair looks GORGEOUS and I loooove your tat, I’m also so happy for Sam, I saw the photos and he’s captured the feeling so well xxxx

  • The hair is so lovely! I’m so excited for bake off too, hopefully it will give me some more baking inspiration!

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE your haircut!!! So cute!!! Is your hair naturally wavy, curly, or straight?!

  • Ooh, I LOVE the hair – it really suits you! It’s the kind of hair mine aspires to be yet it never quite happens *sad times*. I’m also stupidly excited for Bake Off too, always the highlight of my year πŸ˜‰

  • thegrownupgapyear.wordpress

    What a lovely week! Summer is definitely the time to chill and enjoy yourself. Loving the new hair and can’t believe you got through to Bake Off interviews – that’s amazing! I can’t wait for it to start πŸ™‚

    • It was the most nerve-wracking interview I’ve ever had, but the production team woman I was speaking to was SO nice! xx

  • I love your post wedding happiness and lightness!

  • I love your new hair cut!

  • I’ve been seeing photos around, but I couldn’t wait to tell you how wonderful your hair looks! It’s fabulous!!xx

  • Your new haircut is SO cute!

    Also, is that a real tattoo?!

    • Thank you so much! Whilst I do have real tattoos the camera is a beautiful temp tat from an acquaintance’s shop πŸ™‚