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London || Herne Hill Farmers’ Market

I love pursuing Farmers’ Markets (I know, such a stereotype), but I love feeling like I’m getting the freshest veg possible. But it turns out that on a Sunday, your market options are somewhat more limited. Luckily for South London dwellers, Herne Hill has a great little market, right next to the rail station. It has a really “village” feel that I appreciate.  There’s something that feels deliciously grownup about having a peaceful Sunday morning, with a quick trip to the local market. It’s just the kind of image of my life that I dreamed about when I was younger.

The area around Herne Hill is so lovely, not to mention the proximity of Brockwell Park and it’s famous Lido. There’s so much that I could recommend to you about Herne Hill Market. Luckily, even if the stalls run out of bread and treats, there’s a Blackbird Bakery right next to the market. The market is only in its 4th year, so it’s not massive, yet. You can tell it’s ever growing and there are still enough stalls to have variety. You can get your curry or your veg. Your gluten free bread or your sausage rolls. 

I’m also wearing one of my favourite Sunday slouching around outfits; an oversized jumper and mom-jeans. Or boyfriend jeans as the more socially-conscious might say. 
coffee at the market
flower stall herne hill farmers market
bag by plum and ashbyherne hill market lobster meat sausage
by rail station by herne hill stationscotch eggs
at the farmers markettreats whambam truck
by flower stall
Jeans || Sweater || Tote || Watch || Sunglasses || Shoes
farmer markey outfit
by flowers
browsing flowersbag
bag label
bag (tote plum and ashby)
bag with bread
bag in dulwich

If you’ve been admiring my gorgeous tote, it’s from Plum & Ashby, who have a stunning website filled with true comforts. My favourite thing about this bag is how sturdy it is. It has withstood having an entire week’s worth of groceries in it and still managed to look chic. Basically it’s the perfect farmers’ market bag.

From fragrant candles to enticingly soft throws, Plum & Ashby have clearly mastered the art of hygge and it’s never too soon to prep for those colder months ahead. 

Very generously, they are offering readers of Rhyme & Ribbons 20% off full-priced products until September 30th. Why don’t you have a peruse of their website? 

The code is: Rhyme&Ribbons

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