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London || Sunset in Summertime

I’ve been up to the top of the Shard a fair few times now, but absolutely nothing beats the quality of light like that found around sunset in summertime. Watching the sunset at the View from the Shard at the end of July was one of those moments when London catches you by surprise. You remember that you live in a stunningly beautiful, vibrant city, and that you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to enjoy it. 

This work trip was also one of the first things that Sam and I were able to do as a husband and wife duo (we had a spare ticket so I snagged it for him). Having a champagne toast with my husband as the sun was setting on London all around us was a truly magical experience. Though it turns out that I am literally the worst at selfies and could barely manage a single acceptable one of the two of us. 

At the moment, the Shard has a garden set up for the summer; including some free croquet (costumes provided). Honestly, when will I ever get the chance to play croquet in the tallest building in Europe? I know that we still have (hopefully) at least a full month of summer left, but in many ways it felt like the end of this time period for me. I will so intrinsically link summer 2016 to the busiest but most joyful period of my life, and I really felt that it ended on a high. No pun intended. 

with group view from the shard tower bridge from above
laughing at samglow
london from above
sunset behind me
sunset in summertimesunset in london
london sunset end of july

Have you had the joy of seeing the View from the Shard at sunset in the summertime?

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