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Ideas for Staycations in the UK

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you might not have noticed the overwhelming amount of seaside snaps I’ve been posting lately. That’s because during the weekend just gone, I indulged in that oldest of English pastimes: a seaside holiday. And I had a truly glorious time!

Judging by the amount of people on Broadstairs Beach, many other people relished the idea of an English staycation. With the wedding this summer, and saving up for a future honeymoon, Sam and I just didn’t have the funds for an exciting foreign holiday so we chose to be adventurous at home. 

When money is tight, that doesn’t mean that you have to give up travel! Here are my recommendations for some English staycations: 

1. Eastbourne
eastbourne (1)

My time in Eastbourne with Sam is still one of my fondest weekend breaks. Between soaking up the local atmosphere, and going for long walks, it was the perfect escape. I highly recommend a hike along the gorgeous Beachy Head and seeing Birling Gap. 

Basically, Eastbourne is a walkers paradise. If it’s long country strolls or exploring the Seven Sisters you’re after, look no further! 

2. Tyneside 

What’s not to like? There’s gorgeous coastline especially around Whitley Bay and you can pop into Newcastle quickly for a bit of nightlife. I still claim that the best brownie I’ve ever had in my life was purchased at Tynemouth Market (and I’ve eaten a lot of brownies!) 

Everyone also seems so happy to have you there as a visitor, which is a big bonus! 

3. Edinburgh 

Edinburgh is one of my favourite places to visit. There’s so much to do and see! Though I recommend avoiding the month of August when Edinburgh Fringe Festival is on (though the Fringe is amazing to see) because prices go through the roof during that month! 

Hike Arthur’s Seat, go to the zoo, visit Edinburgh Castle, check out the National Gallery – that’s only the tip of the iceberg for things that you can get stuck in to. 

4. Cardiff


I’ve only been to Cardiff in the winter, but I can imagine that it’s just as lovely in the summer. Personally, I highly recommend Cardiff Castle, as well as making the trip out to St Fagan’s. 

If you are a sports fan, Cardiff is a great place for it, though you’re more likely to find me in the National Museum or walking along Cardiff Bay. 

5. Brighton
There’s some wonderful eating to be done in Brighton (like delicious macarons or Choccywoccydoodah), some cool shopping to enjoy in the Laines and an all-around interesting vibe to the city. You can see why Londoners flee to Brighton. Though it’s a pebble beach instead of a sandy one, it’s still a lovely summery trip. 

The pier feels like something from a different age and Brighton has a really great laid-back attitude. Perfect for relaxing! 

6. Bath

It’s insanely impressive how well  preserved the Roman Baths are in Bath. Who said you have to go to Italy to get in some Roman history? (Though don’t touch the water in the Roman pools – it’s full of yuck.) When I am in Bath, I also like to pretend that I am in a Jane Austen novel, walking up and down the promenade looking for a suitor….or something like that.  

Besides the Roman Baths and the Pump Rooms, make sure you go into the Abbey.  You must have afternoon tea when you’re in Bath, and you can’t leave without a Sally Lunn bun. As a fashion lover, I’ve also really enjoyed the Fashion Museum, but would only recommend it to people that are interested in the history and evolution of dress. 

7. Cambridge

Cambridge has so many quaint streets and alleys that will repeatedly make you feel like you’re walking through a movie – which shouldn’t exactly come as a surprise considering how many movies have been filmed in this city. Sam and I first visited on a sunny but cold winter’s day. It spurred us to later return because, whilst it might be cheesy, you should certainly go punting on the Cam. 

Cambridge is probably most famous for its university. We visited King’s College with its large gothic chapel and Corpus Christi College. I loved catching a glimpse of what student life may be like in Cambridge: part of me wishes that I could go back in time and study at Cambridge. I recommend going to the Fitzwilliam Museum: it’s definitely worth going into and it’s free! One of the highlights of this little day excursion was catching Evensong at King’s before getting the train back to London.

8. London 

Last but not least, the capital. I would be absurd not to include London on the list. In fact, I often peruse last minute hotel websites to see if I can nab somewhere special for us to stay in central London on a weekend. (Sam and I both love staying in hotels and swimming in indoor pools). 

My idea of a perfect staycation in London is a wander around a new exhibit at a museum, a bit of brunch, some shopping and then a relaxing evening.

Or for more recommendations, check out these literary inspired staycations from Classic British Hotels

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  • Angie SilverSpoon

    We don’t do enough UK Staycations but I’m excited to have a few coming up.

    • That’s because you’re too busy with all your glorious international traveling, and rightly so! 😉 x

  • I totally agree, there’s a lot to explore in the UK! I just did London, Brighton, and Edinburgh last week and of course, LOVED them all!

  • I’ve been to Edinburgh, London and Cambridge and they are all so lovely places to spend some time in!! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  • all lovely places!

  • There are definitely some places further North I’d like to visit! Need to look into a few autumn staycations – though we’re one step closer in our selling/buying houses journey and so im trying really hard not to spend any money at all!! Alice xxx

  • Alfredo Ciano

    This Collection of Images is Unforgettable !!! Congratulations !!!

  • Aaah I love Edinburgh, Bath, and Cambridge. I have yet to visit Cardiff and Eastbourne, and those will be next on the list! xx

    • Eastbourne is super small so not the hub of excitement like Edinburgh, for example, but you have to see the cliffs! x

  • I love Edinburgh and Bath so much! And Cambridge is my alma mater – the Fitz really is great! Impressed you managed to catch evensong at King’s – somehow I neglected to in my four years there… Definitely need to visit Tyneside and Newcastle, especially if it’s home to the best brownie ever! x

    Tamsin / A Certain Adventure

  • Good list! I’ve visited a few of these, but not usually full staycations. I love to visit places in the UK, makes me feel like I really know this new adoptive country 🙂

  • I love Oxford, but I truly think Edinburgh is one of my favourite cities ever! I hope you get to go soon! x