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Life Lately || Things That Made Me Happy + The Beginning of September

You can always tell when Londoners have had a 3 day weekend. For one, everyone looks slightly hungover for most of the week. For two, everyone seems happier. The work weeks seems so much more bearable with less of it, right? Plus it’s the first few days of September so all those Autumn lovers are rejoicing and guzzling down PSL, whilst I still pretend that summer is never going to end.  

I love cuddling up by fireplaces, snuggly sweaters, thick mugs of hot chocolate, beautifully crunchy leaves and all things pumpkin; but I get quite melancholy about the end of summer. To me, summer is more of the “new year” than the actual New Year that starts on January 1st. To me, summer is the promise of something new, or beginnings and adventures. Longer days and more time to be outside. I’m trying to not let myself mourn the summer quite yet.

first bake off collage

>>> Last Friday, I spent a top evening with the wonderful Frankie and Gianni at Hawker House near Canada Water. Though we’ve spoken online for ages now, it was the first time that I met Gianni in person and if it’s at all possible, she’s even more wonderful! 

>>> I worked both Saturday during the day, and Sunday evening so I didn’t have a “classic” Bank Holiday weekend experience, but we did all gorge ourselves on Pizza from Pizza Union on Sunday night, so it was definitely worth it. 

>>> We went to a last of the summer BBQ at Sam’s brother’s house and I got to have quality toddler time with our nephew. Plus we ate steak and halloumi. 

>>> Sam and I spent Bank Holiday Monday exploring Hever Castle and it was even more brilliant than I had imagined! 

>>> We had menemen for dinner on Wednesday and it’s absolutely my favourite way to eat eggs in the entire world.

>>> I usually stay firmly planted in the Folk/Americana playlist section on Spotify with my absolute favourite usually being a fab Southern Gothic list (hipster much?), but someone recently created a Lost in the Woods playlist  and it is awesome. 

>>> I bought some new stationary this week at Kikki.K and it is so pretty! It’s such a simple pleasure but it truly brought me so much happiness. Inside my new notebook it said “There’s nothing like putting pen to paper – the tactile nature of it and the connection to the childhood joy of stationery. There is something special about the feeling it evokes that simply can’t be replaced.” And I couldn’t agree more. I think one of the things I miss most about not being in school anymore is the thrill of getting your supply list and heading off to buy all your new kit. The smell of a brand-new box of Crayola crayons is magic. 

>>> This week on the Great British Bake Off, Val hung on by the skin of her teeth. I don’t know why but she makes me so happy. She royally ballsed things up this week, so I thought she was doomed to go, but luckily Louise was a smidgeon worse. 

>>> Sam surprised me with a sweet little Louche necklace this week to replace the little birdie I used to wear. The birdie met a terrible death when the chain broke in multiple places after years of wear. 

>>> We received our wedding photos. Our photographer did a gorgeous job. Prepare to be bombarded with them in the near future. 

Tomorrow I’m going to an afternoon tea for work (awesome, right?)

Are you linking up with the #bakeoffbakealong this week? What will you be making: iced cookies, Viennese whirls, or a gingerbread house monstrosity? 

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