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So this week had some emotional high and lows, but what I really want to discuss with you is the recent Bake Off news. When it was announced on Monday that Bake Off was moving to Channel 4, I was outraged. It’s a British institution; it belongs on the BBC. (“It belongs in a museum!” – name that quote.) I turned to Sam then and there and said, “This will be the end of Bake Off. They’ll lose all the cast.” 

And like a terrible Cassandra, my prediction came true. Hot on the tails of the moving announcement, Mel and Sue announced that they will not go with the show in it’s move. I would be shocked if Mary and Paul stayed on. I think I can safely say that my dream of ever being on Bake Off is now over. 

But on to happier things:

>>> Sam and I received the “Thank You” cards that we ordered for the wedding and got them almost all done and posted. It feels odd to almost be done with the last bit of wedding admin. 

>>> I set myself the slightly tedious, but oh-so-glad-I-did task of putting all the cards we received into a wedding album. We had a nice time flipping through it and reading people’s lovely cards again. 

>>> My glasses were mysteriously broken this week. I saw Sam sit on them, he says I did; regardless, it’s an excuse to get some new glasses (of a prescription negative a million as I’m blind as a bat) which I probably needed anyways. I’m still wearing the old pair, with the right-side arm held on with tape. 

>>> Val  is still in Bake Off, which is something to celebrate! 

>>> George Northwood regrammed one of my photos this week and gave me a compliment. I 100% know that he compliments everyone he interacts with on instagram, but it felt fab to get some attention from Alexa Chung’s hairstylist. 

>>> It feels good to have the cat out of the bag about our move. It’s something we’ve been thinking seriously about since this time last year, but decided to put off till after the wedding. 

>>>I had my last day at work yesterday. It felt really surreal to be done with something that’s occupied a lot of my thoughts for the past few years. In fact, I don’t really feel like I am done.

>>> The girls at the office took me out to a lovely lunch at Franco Manca and bought me some sweet going-away gifts. It was a wonderful last day, and I’m not ashamed of the fact that I shed a tear or two. 

>>> Sam surprised me with flowers and bubbles when I got home in honour of my last day as well. 

>>> Next week, Sam and I are up North viewing flats, so all of a sudden everything gets very real, very quickly! But for this weekend, we just have a moment to catch our breaths. 

What are you up to this weekend? 

PS- it’s 100 days till Christmas… ! 

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