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London || Eating at Hawker House

I mentioned awhile back that Frankie, Gianni and I met up for dinner at Hawker House one Friday afternoon. Hawker House is brought to you by the same company that does Lewisham Model Market and Dinerama (Street Feast) We went there for mostly one reason: Meat Hook. When Frankie first suggested it, I basically promised my first born in order to make this happen. 

In fact, I believed I chanted “Meat. Meat. Meat” but that’s life. The evening we chose just so happened to be freakishly warm for London. It was also at the end of the month so everyone had clearly just gotten paid and wanted to spend their hard-earned cash eating outside. I couldn’t blame them; that’s exactly what we were doing. 

If you get to Hawker House before 7pm entrance is free. Otherwise there’s a Β£3 fee. Because Frankie and I managed to sneak in a bit early, we were considered some of the first 200 people there and we were both given a shot of rum and a daiquiri. It wasn’t quite a “shot” time of the evening, so we both poured our shots into our daiquiris, making a lethal top floater. 

As soon as Gianni arrived, she and I made a beeline to Meat Hook and both opted for the same thing in the end: steak with chips, bone marrow gravy and a spicy chimichurri sauce. Every last morsel was insanely good, and it wouldn’t be surprising if you actually saw someone lick their plate. I was a bit cautious about the bone marrow gravy at first, as I’ve never had an experience with it, but it was lovely. Quite a thin gravy, but really rich and full of flavour. I dipped my chips in it because I’m a classy lady. 

We finished off the night with frozen treats from Chin Chin Labs, which specialises in liquid nitrogen ice-cream. I opted for the red velvet sundae. The red velvet was deliciously warm, and served as the perfect foil to their awesome ice-cream! 

outside hawker house
tiki inspired poles
canada water
crowds at hawker house
national burger sign
food stalls
inside hawker house
free daquiris
meat hook
meat hook steak
signpostred stall
ice cream from chin chin
Hawker House is located at: Canada St, London SE16 7PJ. It’s about a 6 minute walk from Canada Water station.

Have you ever been to Hawker House or any other Street Feast location? 

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