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London || Pasha (A Turkish Restaurant Review)

A few weeks ago, Emma and I had grand plans for a Turkish feast. Life got in the way and our dinner plans kept getting pushed back. Last week, luckily, we were able to meet up with our misters in tow. I don’t know why I started fixating on the fact that we had to go out for Turkish, but I did. 

Turkish food is one of those cuisines that when I start craving it, I have to have it so I was delighted when we finally made a reservation at Pasha, which is one of the best reviewed Turkish restaurants in London. Sam and I split a starter of halloumi whilst Emma had the mucver, and Mr Kiwi the sucuk. Our halloumi was incredible and tasted nothing like the halloumi that we buy at our local shop. Mr Kiwi’s sucuk was a dish of spicy sausage in a tomato sauce and it smelled lovely. But Emma truly had the winner. Her mucver was a crispy courgette fritter with a mint yogurt sauce. I swapped her some halloumi for a fritter and they were light, crunchy and bursting with deliciousness. I had food envy. 

For the main, both lads went for the classic chicken shish – perfectly marinated, cooked beautifully – whilst Emma had lamb and I had falafel. Sam can attest to the fact, that sometimes I make us journey around for good falafel. You can’t beat the perfect blend of chickpeas and spices that manages to not feel dry and crumbly. And these were perfect falafel. 

Emma and I both had baklava for dessert. There were three different types of baklava and it came served with a side of cinnamon ice-cream. The pistachio baklava was my favourite but I gobbled them all up in the blink of an eye. Baklava is one of those foods that I very rarely allow myself; because I could eat a box of it in one sitting. All those flaky layers, all that honey…. yum. 

All-in-all it was an extremely satisfying meal and I’d recommend Pasha to anyone in London seeking a Turkish fix. 
halloumi-2 halloumi halloumis starters

Pasha is located at 301 Upper Street, London, N1 2TU

What random food do you tend to crave? 

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  • Turkish is just SO delicious – and I’m impressed at your photos, mine turned out terribly. Terribly!

    • The lighting wasn’t great- let’s blame it on that! And the fact that we were so hungry! x

  • 0

  • TravelWithNanoB

    Oooh everything looks and sounds so delicious. Turkish cuisine is truly amazing. I am currently totally obsessed with finding a good Peruvian place which turns out is a hard task to do in Tokyo. BUT I’m determined lol.

    • Oohh… I wonder if you put a call out on twitter maybe you’d get some good suggestions/responses back? x

  • Ohh yum! I love Lebanese which is so similar – all the homous and baba ganoush!

  • Looks tasty will have to go there sometime 🙂

  • I love Turkish food although I’m really fussy about it here. There’s another good one in Stoke Newington called Testi (funny enough, their specialty includes calf/lamb testicles). I’ve yet to go to Pasha, looks delicious!

    Honey x The Girl Next Shore

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    Mr S and I had one of our first dates here 🙂

  • I’ve always thought falafel to be a fantastic word. It’s so innuendo-y. AND, it’s falefel. hehehehe, falafel. I’m giggling just writing this.

  • Just after we met, Adam got a job in Turkey for 4 months, so we’ve both always had a bit of a soft spot for Turkish food! Alice xxx

    • How did Adam like living in Turkey?! Sam and I have only ever been on one “proper” holiday i.e. longer than a weekend break and it was to Turkey and it was wonderful! But I could imagine that living there would be a lot more challenging than a vacation. (Like most places, I suppose!) x

      • He loved it, it combined all his favourite things as he was working on yacht floatillas as an engineer – beer, boats, sun and messing around with spanners…!! xx