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10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Happy Friday everyone! How has this first full week of October treated everyone? 

10 Things that Made Me Happy: 

>>> The wedding we went to on Saturday in Guildford was truly, truly gorgeous. 

>>> Unlike most years, I actually did my UK taxes early instead of the month they were due. This isn’t really a happy thing, but it is some true adulting. 

>>> In case you missed my tweet about it, this article by playwright Bonnie Greer on immigration had me weeping. It’s so brilliant, articulate, and moving. I encourage anyone with a Brexit hangover to have a read. 
>>> I sent in my absentee ballot. Whomp, whomp. This election feels so much more fraught than ever before. 

>>>I’ve arranged a much-awaited catch up with two of my old MA course flatmates. Bring on next week!

>>> All being well, we have secured a property. The landlord has tentatively accepted our rental offer and now we just need to go through all the paperwork. Hooray! 

>>> I know it’s a very small achievement compared to some incredibly savvy social media accounts, but I surpassed 2000 twitter followers this week. And then whilst writing this post, I dipped below it by 2. Sod’s law, I suppose! 

>>> A joyful thing came in the post this week! An invitation to our nephew’s second birthday party. He is literally the cutest. 

>>> Sam received his provisional license this week because he’s starting driving lessons soon. I’m super excited for him (and also terrified – I’m a nervous driver myself.) 

>>> Much to Sam’s chargrin, I turned the heating on last night. Our flat is a little icebox and I needed it. (We’ve made double-glazing a priority on the next place.) 

I’ve been a bit unwell this week so I want this weekend to be one massive chill-off session. What are everyone else’s plans? 

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