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And We’re Moving To…

I know I posted about us leaving London and hinted vaguely at the fact that we were moving North. But North of London leaves a wide swath of country. We’ve made an offer on a place (to rent, not to buy, sadly) and so I feel I can say….. we’re moving to York! (This might not be too much of a surprise. Some of you I’ve told, others might have guessed from my instagram.) 

A few weekends Sam and I traveled up to York. It truly felt like the beginning of a new adventure. One of Sam’s brothers now lives in York, so we stayed at his lovely home and used it as a base to view many, many places. I think we had 13 viewings in 2 days? We also ended up walking around 40k over the weekend because we were running around everyone. By Sunday evening, I was near tears because my calves were so achey. 

This was my first time getting to explore York in depth. Before this I mostly thought of it as the place where we change trains when we go to Scarborough. We looked at property in every corner of the city in order to figure out which neighbourhood we’d most like to be in. We very quickly narrowed it down and refocused our search. 

It’s crazy to walk the York City Walls and know that they’ve been there since Roman times. Or to contrast Micklegate Bar (the 12th century gatehouse that was once the Southern entrance to York) to the modern shops that surround it. And don’t get me started on how utterly insane York Minster is. Someone once described York as the “Bath of the North” and I can definitely see their point! 

York Museum Gardens 
abbey-gardens bicycles bridge-and-ouse bridge-scene flax-and-twine ironmonger me more-york-minster
York Minster, from quite a distance!perky-peacock rive-ouse riverside-resturants sky the-shambles-streets
The Shambles
the-shambles tops-of-buildings tudor-buildings york-minster-closer york-minster york-street
Along the Roman Walls. 

I can’t wait to start exploring York like a local instead of like a visitor. My list is already a mile long! 

*Not to jinx anything. We are still finalising all paperwork.* 

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  • Yessss I had an inkling it would be! I love York, its such a beautiful and friendly city! I was so close to going to university there, but as it turned out I changed courses and in the end it was so far from home (about 6/7 hours from where I am now!). You’ll have the best time living there I’m sure!! When are you speculatively hoping to move? Alice xxxx

    • As of today it’s all done and dusted! The letting agreement is settled and we’ll be making the move about a month from now! x

  • TravelWithNanoB

    Oooooh Amanda, I have always admired the photos of York’s quaint streets and can’t wait to do the same on your blog. That cozy little town looks so atmospheric and picturesque, right from the story book! Your photos are beautifully depicting its charm, as always. Looking forward to seeing more. xoxo, nano

  • Good luck with the move and congratulations! York is such a gorgeous place; I’ve always felt that if I left London, I’d move to Yorkshire! xxx

  • Yes yes yes a million times! I can’t wait until you’re closer! York is amazing too, you can never really get sick of wandering around the cobbles.

  • What a charming place to move to! Can’t wait to read all your posts about your new home. Best of luck with the move!

  • I am so very excited for you! The city looks lovely and I am sure you will soon be finding all the great places to enjoy!

    • It’s such a beautiful place and it’s cheaper than London so I think that *hopefully* we’ll be able to be less stressed. That’s the plan anyways! x

  • I think it is very possible that you might be living my dream life right now. Not that I am jealous or anything. First you live in London, now you are moving to York. I hope everything works out for you and I look forward to reading all about your new adventures.

    • Ah! That’s so kind of you Jennifer! I hugely appreciate it. I really want our Yorkshire adventure to start immediately – I just can’t wait for it! x

  • I am totally coming to visit you. Mark is always going on about wating to visit York.

    You have no say in this, FYI. You can leave London all you want, I will still force you to be my friend somehow XD x

    • Done and done.

      Also you don’t have to force me to be your friend. I already am you wally. x

  • Awesome photos! I was there briefly with a friend and we painted pottery together in a small shop somewhat near the station. Looks lovely!

  • Yaaaay! You’ll love York! I’ll have to send you a list of my favourite places! Maybe when I’m home one weekend we can grab a coffee! (My family home is York – should have maybe started with that!) Stephie xx

    • Yes please Stephie! We’ll be living basically around the corner from Sam’s brother so it already feels like we have a little community – I can’t wait! xx

  • nice! I’ve heard so many wonderful things about York. looking forward to many more York posts:)

  • I had a feeling it would be York, even though I’m not even on Instagram!

    You are going to love it there. York is such a beautiful place… and it’s only like an hour from Newcastle so maybe we can even manage a meetup some time when I’m over?

    • That would be lovely! One of my good friends is in Newcastle and she’s doing the Christmas show at Northern stage so I was already trying to organise a winter visit to Newcastle anyways! x

  • Charlie Elliott

    Oh AMANDA. I’m SO jealous. I lived in York for four years as a student (and a bit beyond) and I just adore it. Pints by the river at the Kings Arms, brunch at Pig and Pastry, chilli hot chocolate at Evil Eye, the Festival of Angels in November, carol singing at the Minster. I love it so much and I’ve no doubt you will be so happy there! I have some lovely friends in the area so if you’d like an intro or want to know about any of the areas (I lived in Heslington and Fulford), give me a holla!

    • Thank you so much Charlie! I’d love to know some of your favourite places (whenever you have time)! Sam’s from Scarborough so he knew York a bit, and one of his brother’s lives there and we’ll basically be round the corner from him. I’m so thrilled and excited that I just want our time there to start now. Do you think you’d ever move back? xxx

  • YAY this is so exciting!!! We must hang out when you are all moved and settled πŸ™‚ Plus you’ve reminded me that I’m well overdue a trip to the city xxx
    Sophie Cliff

    • Yes! Definitely! So many bloggers I love are Leeds based so I can’t wait to meet you all! x

  • Miu

    It looks very lovely!

  • Beautiful! All the best of luck with the next step πŸ™‚

  • Wow, looks so beautiful

  • I’ve always wanted to go to York! It looks so beautiful! Congrats on the big move!

  • You have no idea how amazing I find this!!! York was one of those cities that CONSTANTLY came up in my historical research, but I never made it out there because it was just TOO far from Bristol! I am so excited to follow you and Sam along this journey!

    • It’s a sign – you’ll need to visit York one day to scratch that historical itch and I’ll be there waiting! x

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    Ahhh…I lived in Leeds for a year and visited York! I’m sure you’ll love it but you’ll be missed in London πŸ™

    • And i’ll definitely miss everyone here in London. Luckily the fast train gets you in centrally in just over and hour and a half, and it takes me that long to get into the centre from South London sometimes! x

  • I’m so jealous! York is one of my favourite cities in the UK, and I secretly wish I could live there someday. Enjoy your new adventure! πŸ˜‰ xx

  • wow – these photos are absolutely beautiful! x

  • Love to visit this amazing blog with such breathtaking pictures, thank you for sharing, cannot wait for the next post!!!


  • Ashley Angle

    York looks like an amazing place to move! Best wishes for getting settled in!
    Ashley // A Cute Angle //

    • Thanks so much Ashley! We don’t get the keys till November, but I can’t wait to move in! x

  • Oh man! York looks like such an amazing place. As a North American, I was just in awe when I visited Europe and saw so much history everywhere…sigh….

    • I totally feel you Emmy! I’m North American originally too, and the historical structures and artwork are consistently still amazing me! x

  • Aww, this looks sooo gorgeous!! I’ve been to London a couple of times, but I would love love love to see more of the UK… especially the North. …Scotland must be beautiful!!
    Looking forward to more York posts on your blog. And all the best for this new adventure! <3

    Loads of love from Spain!
    Adele // naemora

    • Thank you so much Adele! I’m so excited to get out of my comfort zone and explore somewhere new. (And a bit scared as well!) xx

  • ninegrandstudent

    Congrats! I really want to spend a long weekend in York soon! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

  • What beautiful photos! I can’t wait to read new travel posts from you.

  • Best of luck with the move, I hope everything goes well! York is such a lovely city! xx


  • Yay congrats! I’ve heard such good things about York – the Brit’s brother went to uni there and loved it! I have yet to visit it, but would love to!

  • I loved the day I visited York! The shambles were the coolest part!

  • thegrownupgapyear.wordpress

    Oh, how exciting! You will absolutely love living in York. There are so many fab little businesses there and lots of quirky shops. Not to mention Bettys!

  • Congratulations on finding your new home! Almost every person I’ve met since I’ve been here has sung York’s praises. It looks and sounds like it has so much personality and history. I can’t wait to read about your new haunts there when you find them!

  • Thanks so much Lauren! x

  • Ellie

    York is my favourite place in the world!! Can’t wait to read your other posts! xxxxx