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Happy Friday everyone! It’s nearly Halloween, hooray! I plan to spend most of the weekend watching scary movies, eating candy, going to an Apple Festival and perhaps carving yet another pumpkin. That’s right, I’m going full-on-Autumn this weekend.  I also have do to the last #BakeOffBakeAlong post of the series. (Sob!) 

10 Things That Made Me Happy 

>>> My nephew turned 2  and his birthday was wonderful. He’s such a little legend.  

>>> We got to spend some quality time with Sam’s dad in Clevedon. He was on brilliant and hilarious form. You can see many resemblances between the two of them.
>>> Whilst in Clevedon we got to participate in the weekly quiz meet-up. We came 4th out of 14 teams which I thought was pretty good going since 90% of the questions were about my nemesis: sports. 

>>>Berlin was wonderful. I’m so grateful that I had the chance to go and especially to see Chamaeleon Theater in action! 

>>> Whilst in Berlin, I got to have dinner at the top of the Reichstag at night. The views were to die for! 

>>> Hot chocolate in Berlin is top-notch! (As are pretzels and Haribo). 

>>> The last episode of BBC’s Great British Bake Off was this week. I hate to be negative, but I was pretty unimpressed by the last few bits of baking. But even more than that, I am gutted that it’s the last time Bake Off will ever be in its true state. 

>>>  Last night Sam and I had an insane dinner at The Diner (Shoreditch). I drank my weight in milkshake and my stomach suffered for it, but it was so worth it in the end. 

>>> I attended a cool “Art of Entertaining” event at the Sloane Square John Lewis this week. My favourite part of the event was talking flat lays and instagramming food with the Meringue Girls. (My instagram from last night was at the event.) 

>>> I carved my Halloween pumpkin late Wednesday night. In case you can’t tell, it’s a ghost coming out of a carved pumpkin. Meta. 

Does anyone have any exciting weekend plans? Any Halloween celebrations perhaps? 

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  • I know what you mean about GBBO. Meringue, again…!! Then a victoria sponge?! And just an amalgamation of lots of little bits rather than one amazing showstopper of impressiveness. Kinda flat really. Though i’m looking forward to this final bake this weekend. What are you planning to do for it? I love how hugely busy you seem to have been, how have you managed to fit quite so much into one week?! Clevedon, Berlin, birthdays, nights out….when have you stopped to sleep? Alice xx


    • What are you going to bake this weekend? I don’t really like meringue, and with the move coming up I don’t want to have a lot of flour and sugar leftover (I’m low and I’d have to buy a big bag for the showstopper but then I’d feel obliged to move with all the leftover ingredients) so it might just be a boring but classic victoria sponge here. I basically haven’t slept. My under-eye bags are the size of a small country! x

      • They’re featured meringue a lot this year for some reason, and definitely not enough chocolate 😉 I think I’m going to do a mini version of their picnic. Need to keep it as cheap as possible though as we are madly saving literally every penny at the moment! xxx

        • I have the perfect amount of flour to make one cake without buying anything else so the “using up all ingredients before we move” theory made my choice.

          Can’t wait to see your sausage roll…*drools already…* x

  • Last year for Thanksgiving, some teammates and I had an amazing turkey burger (it was more like slow roasted pulled turkey) at the Diner at Gloucester Road! 🙂 So good! I’ll be home for Thanksgiving this year, but I’ll be thinking about that burger.

    And I also love your meta pumpkin. Great carving skills!

    • Hehe thanks! I think it looks a bit like a ghost coming out of a misshapen pot, but I tried 😉 x

  • Your jack o lantern is awesome!

    • Thanks! The past two years our pumpkins have rotted in about two days. It’s awful. I even sprayed last year’s down with bleach and it still did nothing. This year seems to be holding up a bit better (she says with fingers crossed) x

  • The view from Reichstag at night is so gorgeous isn’t it?! We did our tour at night and love it.

  • Haribos for the win–always! 🙂 One of my favorite things to do when we were in Germany last year was to try as many new versions of Haribo as I could find.

  • funny pumpkin:) will you post about Berlin?

    • Totally! I just need to edit all my photos and write about the theatre show that I went to Berlin to see first, but they’ll come, I promise! x

  • What a lot you have been doing! I have always wanted to go to Berlin. I plan on wrapping up and sitting on the hay bale out front to hand out candy 🙂

    • That sounds like a perfect Halloween! Do you have a bump costume? One year, a girlfriend just wore a fitted blue dress and painted the M&Ms emblem on top of the bump. It was awesome 😉 xx

      • No bump costume 🙁 I think I may have to at least paint the bump as a pumpkin!!

  • Okay, what is Haribos?

  • Laura Torninoja

    Isn’t The Diner great?! I used to go all the time but for some reason haven’t been lately. This needs to be rectified – I’m hungry just thinking about it! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • Any spooky books planned out yet? x

  • Dinner at the Reichstag? I had no idea that was a thing! Looking forward to hearing about it 🙂

  • EdyeNicolesMakeup

    Your pumpkin looks awesome! Have a great Halloween xx


    Edye | gracefulcoffee.com