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My London Bucket List

Before we move away, I wanted to establish some things that I definitely wanted to do with our remaining time. Warning: a lot of this list is food related. Obviously, there’s food up North, but I can’t help trying to cram in as much as possible before we leave


Got to Petersham Nurseries 
Eat breakfast at Duck and Waffle as the sun rises
Have bottomless brunch at Bourne and Hollingsworth 
Go to Dominique Ansel’s London bakery. 
Press for champagne at Bob Bob Ricard
Relax in the Sky Garden
Go on a Jack the Ripper Tour
Eat a burger from Dip and Flip 
Take a ride on the ArcelorMittal Orbit, aka the big statue at Olympic stadium that has been turned into a slide. 
Explore the inside of St Paul’s Cathedral. 
Visit the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum again. 
Have an escape room evening so Sam can finally experience it! 
Finally visit the new viewing decks at the Tate. 
Try to catch one last show at the Globe. 
Have naan at Dishoom (I’ve already eaten naan at Dishoom, but I need even more before I move!) 


What would you have on your London bucket list? 

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  • Such a lovely list! I do hope you make it to Petersham Nurseries – it’s so lovely there, and soon they’ll start having their Christmas decorations, which are always my favourite! xxx

  • Sky Garden is on my bucket list for before I leave London!! I don’t know what time of day is best though. Maybe we’ll go around sunset to catch some day and some night!

    I walked by the Orbit slide in June when it wasn’t open yet. It is really tall!!

    • I’ved walked around the statue last year so I can’t really comprehend sliding down it, but it sounds like a ton of fun!

      Sky Garden has been on my to-do list for ages! There’s no excuse really! x

      • If you like ice skating, the rink by the Natural History Museum is nearly open I think!

        • That rink was my first ever London ice-skating arena! (it’s definitely my favourite one – it’s just such gorgeous surroundings!) x

          • Yes, it looks great! The lights on the trees have been up for a few weeks already 🙂

  • If you need any assistance before the 2nd November…

  • cool choices:) relax in a park?

    • I always love a good relax in a London Park. I think Green Park is Sam’s favourite. I love the Heath, but we both hold soft spots for our local – Crystal Palace Park. x

  • Kourtney Reece

    The Jack the Ripper tour is on my list.
    See the Book of Mormon (hopefully it’s still there when I come back)
    Go to the Saatchi Gallery
    I’m still making my list.

    • The Book of Mormon in London is so great! I hope you get the chance to go. And I love the Saatchi Gallery and luckily expeditions change all the time so it never gets old. I hope you get to come back soon!

      • Kourtney Reece

        I’m making plans to go back in March for Spring Break. Can’t wait!!

  • Nothing like the ultimatum of moving to make you put together a bucket list and try to check all those items off! I’ve only done two of those in my very few visits to London, so I should add these to my London to-do list!

  • Kensington Palace, Hop On/Off Bus Tour, British Museum, National Gallery, Tower of London, Tower Bridge Exhibition, London Bridge Experience, Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, London Eye.

    I may have copied and pasted these items directly from our itinerary for next month…

    • You’re going to have the best time! The afternoon tea at the Orangery in Kensington Palace is super lovely if you get the chance! And I don’t know if your schedule allows it, but Westminster Abbey usually charges for entrance but if you go to a service it’s free. Then you can listen to their gorgeous choir and here a Church of English service and then have a (free) poke around the Abbey afterwards. x

      • We bought the 3-day London pass. I think Westminster Abbey’s admission is included in that. I’ve given us a very tight schedule, so we probably won’t time our visit with a service, as much as I’d love to hear the choir.

  • Leslie Nichole

    Good luck with your list before the move!

  • I don’t have a bucket list of any type, hell I don’t even have a bucket, just saying

    • If you were ever to move, what’s the number one thing you’d do in your area before you left?

  • 访问您的博客已成习惯!

  • Duck and Waffles!!! Love that place!!! When do you move?!

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    My bucket list is basically a list of restaurants 😉

  • Duck and Waffle is deffo on my list! I’d like to go to Bounce again. I’ve been once and loved it!