Sam’s Thoughts on Leaving London

I’ve already blogged about my feelings on leaving London, and since this relationship is a partnership, I thought it would only be fair to let Sam express his feelings on the big move too. 

Sam’s photographic proof that Scarborough is beautiful. 

Sam’s Thoughts on Leaving London

After nearly twelve years away, I’m moving home to Yorkshire! I grew up in The Jewel of the Yorkshire Coast (Scarborough), but we won’t be too far away in beautiful, charming, historic, Ouse-meandering, Minster-housing, much-smaller-and-less-noisy-than-London, York. We move up there in a few weeks and I couldn’t be more excited.

London really annoys me sometimes. Well, mostly just the transport. Actually mainly it’s just Victoria Station. More accurately, it’s Southern Rail who are the absolute bane of my day-to-day life. There are other little things that frustrate me (its staggering cost of living, Oxford Street) but overall I’ve had a fantastic time living in London and I wouldn’t have changed much at all. It’s a tough place to live, sure, and it can get you down, but the opportunities it presents both professionally and socially must be almost unparalleled. I have met a tremendous amount of very special people, spent two years training at one of the finest drama schools in the world, been able to spend so much time with family who have lived close by… I have been truly spoiled, and I recognise this. 

My biggest achievement: I have survived, kept my head above water and have some great stories.

But some days London can seem hard. It’s too expensive, it feels too big, and if you don’t have a lot of money then it is easy to feel isolated from all of the world class events and excitement that is happening all around you. I just need a change. I’m getting old, as Amanda delights in telling me!

I can’t wait to live in a little house rather than an apartment. I can’t wait to go upstairs to bed! Maybe moving north won’t bring all of the answers, and we certainly don’t kid ourselves that the streets of York will be paved with gold, but we might have the chance to save a little money, a tiny bit, rather than seeing it all get sucked up by TFL. With this, who knows what we can achieve?

We will both be working mostly from home which is a thrill. I hope to take more photos, do some acting, and not have to worry so much. I think we are both guilty of this – I think all freelancers are, really. We hope that a move and change might give us a tiny bit of breathing space.

Who knows how we’ll get on and what adventures lie ahead for us. The great thing is, is that we will be doing it together. Because of this I know that everything will be okay.

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