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Restaurants || Eating Bao Buns to my Heart’s Content

When Wagamama got in touch to ask me to attend a blogger meet-up to try out their new Autumn menu I was thrilled. I love Wagamama. And then I realised that I’ve never ordered anything except for pad thai there. What can I say? I love pad thai. 

So I was super excited to head down to one of their central London stores to try some new bits and pieces. To start with, we got a brief talk on Lucky Buddha Beer (our drink of the night). It’s one of the few beers I’ve had in my life that I’ve enjoyed. I think it’s because it was so smooth and un-hoppy. It’s quite crisp and had a bit of a grapefruit taste, reminiscent of  my other favourite beer, Beavertown Gamma Ray pale ale. 

The centrepiece of the autumn menu are some additions to the steamed bun range, now with four different types on offer. There’s the crispy tori kara chicken and tomato, the mixed mushroom and panko aubergine, a pork and a korean beef option. (All around ยฃ4.95) Personally, the crisp chicken was my favourite. What’s not to love about bao? The buns are so sweet and fluffy that they just dissolve in your mouth (unlike more stodgy hamburger buns) and the crunchy, slightly spiced chicken was perfect! 

I also got to try the shittake mushroom donburi. (ยฃ8.75) Basically it’s a mushroom and broccoli omelette on top of nutty brown rice with carrot, pea shoots and chillies. Dunburi is a super popular dish in Japan and I can definitely see why. 

I also tried the bang bang cauliflower. (ยฃ4.45) Thich might have been my favourite thing that I ate that evening. The cauliflower was wok fried and then topped in Wagamama’s firecracker sauce. It was amazing. I want to make this at home every day. 

Mixed mushroom and aubergine buns.
Tori kara chicken buns.
Bang bang cauliflower 
Shittake donburi 

If you pop into a Wagamama in upcoming months I highly recommend the chicken buns and the bang bang cauliflower. Here’s a big thank you to the wonderful Emma for being my date for the evening. All the autumn specials are in store now for you to try out at your leisure. 

***I was a guest of Wagamama but all my opinions are solely my own****

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  • All those bao! Thank you for inviting me again ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Sounds interesting just saying

  • Never had a bao bun before but I’ve been wanting to for a while now! They really do look so delicious and fluffy! Will definitely have to get myself down to Wagamama’s for one soon x

  • What a great experience and the finished products look so tasty

  • This look truly awesome! Reminds me of Chinese “baozi” and Korean rice bowls. I miss London for all the ethnic food…!

    Steamed food is great, it feels healthy too ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I tell myself that because steamed food is healthy I can eat more of it. And I know how spoiled for choice I am when it comes to food in London – it’s truly one of the great things about the city! x

  • Sounds great! I love when the chef explains all about the food. I went only once to Wagamama and it was okay, I think I need to go again and try something different!

    • Getting an explanation really does make things more special. It’s exciting to see the work, research and thought process that goes into every dish. x

  • It’s good to see that everything is freshly made – a lot of places these days just heat things up. I had some ramen at Wagamamas in Cambridge the other day and it was soooo good!

  • Loooooove wagamas! I always used to order the ginger chicken udon, but then we learned how to make it at home, so now I try to switch it up and have even tried the ramen. The buns look amazing!

    • Pad thai and firecracker rice were my go-tos. Totally shows that you should try new things sometimes! x