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Wedding || First Dance and the Evening

Sam and I had our first dance to Josh Ritter’s “Wait for Love “. When we were apart when I was finishing university, Sam would text me whenever he was listening to Ritter and it became “our” band. We’d never really practiced it before, but as we’ve both had to do dancing as part of our drama degrees neither of us were scared about this section of the day. We chose quite a short song purposefully, but the time really flew by. Somehow Sam actually managed to pick me up for a spin, which was terrifying and hilarious. I managed to get a dance in with our beautiful flower girls as well. 

When Sam and I went to cut the cake, we realised that we had zero plan for serving the cake, so after a loving cake feeding session (no smooshing the cake here!) we cut about a dozen slices of cake for other people, and then passed the job off to the lovely Lindsay to finish off. Sam had also organised – secretly – with our wonderful cake baker to have peanut butter and cookies ‘n’ cream cupcakes there on the cake table as a surprise for me since I love them so. It was such a touchingly personal surprise. 

As the weather was so nice, people preferred to be outside hanging out as opposed to dancing, which was absolutely fine by us!  The day ended up having a really laid back festival vibe – some people sitting on the hay bales playing guitar, others playing baseball. Quite late in the evening, we ended up with all of our wedding guests playing a huge epic game of flip cup. I’m not quite sure how it started – but I believe one of my bridesmaids was telling Sam’s oldest brother about American drinking games and an impromptu game was started with about 6 people. And then more people came along to play, and then more; we kept bringing more tables outside as the game snaked across the field. 

Much later in the night, after the luminarias had been put out,  there was indeed some drunken dancing, and some superb dance moves were demonstrated, and we were forced into another spotlighted dance shortly before Sam and I ran off into our awaiting taxi. We left around 11pm, and by that time we were both absolutely exhausted and running on pure adrenaline. We had planned a sparkler exit and as we ran through a tunnel of tiny fire sticks being held up by our drunken friends I had a momentary start of fear. But then Sam took my hand and through them we ran. 

I remember the oddest moments of the day most vividly: being in a cupboard together putting on cologne, the fact that Sam’s buttonhole kept falling off in the evening, twirling my skirt during out first dance, having our heads together in photos,  holding hands in the taxi on the way back to the hotel, and then exhaustedly falling asleep the second we got in! 

Our very last official photo of the evening! 
Our end of the night selfie when we got back to our hotel. 

Thus ends wedding week! I’ll be back tomorrow for one last instalment of a list of our vendors as well as some hall before and after photos! 

***All photo credit goes to Neil Jackson Photographic****

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  • Flip Cup! Many a game of that has ended in drunkenness! I love the relaxed vibe and your final portraits are gorgeous!! Alice xxx

    • The results of Flip Cup was some extremely drunken dancing, but the more the better, I think! x

  • What beautiful memories captures – my favorites are any photos where your dress is twirling :))

  • This post is definitely my favorite! I love how much fun everyone seems to be having. Obviously, your location was a gem because of all the space in and outside!
    And while I like the proper pictures, the candids are 100% my favorite! I love them.

    • We just wanted the day to be as relaxed / fun / happy as possible. Silliness abounded but in a great way. Thank you so so so much for taking the time to read and comment on them all! x

      • Of course! Everything as gorgeous and I’m glad you shared it.

  • Ellie

    such beautiful photos! Looks like a wonderful day filled with family & friends! 🙂

  • Your wedding sounds absolutely amazing! I’m in love with your bouquet and colour scheme too! I’ve never heard of flip cup before, but american drinking games always sound so amazing and fun.
    xo April | April Everyday

    • Thank you so much!

      I *think* the way it all started was that one of my American bridesmaids was being quizzed by Sam’s (very English) brother on how to play US drinking games and she just decided that it would be easier to demonstrate. And I love her for that 😉 xx

  • I LOVE reading your posts about your wedding. Your wedding sounds amazing. I love the personalized details, and the relaxed vibe. The photos are stunning!

    • Thank you so much Dixie! For me, it feels so good to have it all set down in writing to reflect on in the future, so I hope it wasn’t too boring to read! x

  • That dress was made for dancing! Look at that SWOOOOOSH! God you two look good together xx

    • The twirl of the dress was the best party. Though at one point in time, I had to stop and grab my dress because I was scared that people could see my pants I was twirling so hard. Typical. x

  • Awe the picture with you twirling in the field is so lovely!

  • The end of the night selfie is the best, please tell me you have it printed and framed!

    • Haha thanks Bailie! We are so rubbish – we don’t have any wedding photos up at all. As soon as we move we’ll finally get some printed! x

  • Seems like my kind of wedding haha it seems so chill and happy! The twirl of that dress is absolutely perfect haha! And that’s a whole lot of prosecco!

    • Ha, that’s one piece of advice to future brides: if you get freakish warm British weather, people will drink bubbles really quickly! x

  • I loved wedding week! I’ll say it again, it looks like the most incredible day surrounded by friends and family. So glad it was so perfect for you guys.

    • Thanks my lovely! It was at the same time as Secret Garden party or else I would have dragged you along for the party in a heartbeat! x

  • I’ve just read all your wedding posts and it looked and sounded like the most perfect day. The pictures are all so beautiful and you looked absolutely stunning 🙂 xx

  • I love the photos of you two dancing together (including the one out in the field with your twirly skirt). It sounds like your day was so much fun. And relaxed! I love the endless flip cup game and the semi-scary sparkler tunnel XD Thank you for sharing the story of your beautiful day!

    • I wish I had some photos of that sparkler moment – I bet I was looking entirely ungraceful and semi-petrified! x

  • Not a worry! Thank you so much! 😀 x

  • Ala

    Amanda, you look so breathtaking, your hair is awesome! Your dress is so perfect and the whole vibe just looks so much fun! You both smashed it!!! xxxx

  • Sorry for all the comments, but you look so lovey and happy! I’m so happy for you! Your wedding looks so laidback, and most importantly, FUN! Thanks for sharing all this with us! x

    • And thank you for reading it all! We wanted something really laid back (and a formal wedding-y wedding wouldn’t have been us at all). We didn’t have a “theme” for the wedding. We just wanted everyone to have a good time and feel loved. x