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We’d booked a double decker bus to take all our guests from Scarborough to Hackness, and both Sam and I expressed that we were both super bummed that we didn’t get to ride the bus with our guests. Luckily the wonderful Emma took some video footage, so I’ve been able to live that moment vicariously through her. All our guests were sitting out in the field behind the village hall, so we went into the hall straight after we arrived to avoid being seen. Our turnaround between arriving and walking down the aisle was so speedy that I can’t really remember it. My uncle was walking me down the aisle and he was waiting for us inside and said calming things to me whilst I alternated between being bossy, spaced out with happiness, and being a ball of nerves. 

It was important to me that the bridal party stood with us at the top of the aisle, as is American tradition, versus them sitting down for the ceremony as per English tradition. Everyone found their groomsmen (usher) pairing and then down the aisle they went! One of Sam’s groomsmen was not walking down the aisle. I apologise for stealing his moment of glory but he’s an extremely talented musician so he was up front with Sam playing the guitar and singing to lead us down. Sam and I had chosen Bob Dylan’s “Shelter from the Storm”. Not the most typical entrance song, but perfect for us. 

I can’t remember the walking between our friends and loved ones. But I remember a feeling of floating on a wave of surreal excitement and happiness. It honestly felt like my mind and body weren’t connected. And then I saw Sam. I’d worried that I’d cry all the way through our wedding, but I just grinned like a fool when I saw his face. I knew that I must have had the biggest, silliest smile on my face because I saw it echoed on his. 

Our lovely friend Shri officiated our ceremony, so we’d written every word of it ourselves with some of Shri’s improvising thrown in. (When you have talented actor friends, it’s a crime not to use them!) We’d also picked three readings for our ceremony to be performed by three special people. First off was Sam’s childhood English teacher and mother to one of his oldest friends, reading Phillip Larkin’s “Solar”. Then our friend Si read an excerpt from Phillip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials”. And last but not least was my bridesmaid Lindsay reading Carol Ann Duffy’s “Rings” .

The inevitable tears finally fell when I started saying my vows. Sam realised that it was becoming a struggle for me (after my voice cracked like a 12 year old boy’s) so he wiped a tear off my cheek, gave me a kiss and held my hand for the rest of the ceremony. We’d written our vows together and it was the best feeling to say them to each other. The ceremony was over in a flash, but it’s still some of the best bits of my life. 

Then we exited into an absolute sea of confetti! 

Here’s a big thank you to everyone who had a special part in making our ceremony wonderful. Thanks Nicky, Shri, Anna, Si and Lindsay. 

A Gamma Phi Beta photo! 

***All photo credit goes to Neil Jackson Photographic****

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  • Your ceremony sounds so lovely and personally! I always think the best ceremonies are the ones with a personal touch πŸ™‚

  • this is absolutely stunning!! I love that you wrote your own vows. sounds like a fairy-tale.

    • Thanks Helene! It was a bit stressful writing our ceremony at first because we did want it to be as close to perfect as we could get, but I’m so glad that we did in the end! x

  • Aww, this was such a wonderful, emotional day that perfectly encapsulated both of your personalities – thank you again for including us. These photos are just wonderful!
    (Ps. I’m rather chuffed that I managed to appear in approximately 50% of these photos…)

    • You’re an important figure in the day! (And you’re definitely in a fair few that I have picked out for tomorrow!) x

  • Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing the with us πŸ™‚

  • That’s an awesome dress! Great photos and congratulations! I love that you had readings. I love Phillip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials.” What a cool idea. I read it so long ago, though. Would be interested to know what part was read aloud for the ceremony!

    • We chose one of the sections where Will and Lyra were talking about atoms together and their atoms being a part of the atomic make up of everything together. x

  • Laura Torninoja

    Gorgeous pictures and your depiction of the day is so wonderful, I almost teared up a little bit myself! You look so, so happy in these pictures :’)

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • Ohmygoodness! Everything is so beautiful. You all are such an adorable couple and your ceremony looked amazing! You both look so, so happy.
    Also, I am loving the confetti!

    • Thank you so much! You’re far too kind! That amazing confetti was all provided by my mom – we struggled to find colourful degradable confetti in London but my mom is a primary school teacher in America and knew exactly were to get some and her suitcase was filled with bags of it! x

      • That’s wonderful. We weren’t allowed to throw confetti or rice or anything like that at our venue, so we went with lavender. It smelled great, but the pictures were nowhere as wonderful as your’s!

        • We were so lucky that ours didn’t have any restrictions, but we insisted for ourselves that we’d only use something biodegradable so that it would disappear in the next rain. Thank goodness for moms! x

          • Yes, always thank goodness for moms!! And I think that’s a very respectable thing to do for the environment!

  • beautiful photos!

  • Such a beautiful wedding, love the hay bales and the rustic log benches! You both look so happy in all the photos and that confetti photo is my favourite! Congratulations on your big day! x

  • Aw man I almost cried reading this – it’s so sweet! And you do look incredibly happy πŸ™‚

  • You were such a beautiful bride, your dress was so bloody lovely and your smile lit up the blog, I hope you have many wonderful years together

  • It looks beautiful! Congratulations! And I love your dress πŸ™‚


  • Thank you so so much Mimmi! x

  • The photos and writing of your account of the day is just so beautiful, I’m loving reading it (but have only just got around to commenting, sorry!!) Alice xxx

  • “It honestly felt like my mind and body weren’t connected.” YES, that sums it up precisely!! The double-decker bus idea sounded super cool! Love how the confetti looks in the photos … what a magical moment!

    • I tried to live in the moment but I was just so excited that I think I was and wasn’t all at the same time. It’s a very bizarre feeling. (And thank you so much!) x

  • Awww this was so beautiful!
    Now, some generic Mayfairy bollocks: About the 18th pic down, the one that’s of you holding the bouquet (your head isn’t in the photo), see the girl in the pink dress in the background? It looks a little like she’s dropped her enormous frilly pink bloomers to the ground around her ankles and now I have a severe case of the giggles to contend with πŸ˜‰ x

  • Look how awesome your smiles are!!!!! It looked so beautiful, hun!

  • I’m finally going through all your wedding posts! This day looks absolutely perfect! Y’all look SO happy!!!

  • congrats! such a dream wedding. you look absolutely gorgeous. best wishes to you both!

  • You and Sam are just the cutest!!! I love all of these pictures, but I especially love how you planned your ceremony to be so YOU.

  • So… I definitely teared up reading this. Don’t mind me. I’ll just quietly sob onto my keyboard until it short-circuits. Nothing to see here, people.

  • Miu

    How beautiful! You definitely made it ‘your’ ceremony!

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    I just love your dress, what a magical day.

  • This is absolutely beautiful Amanda! I’m so sorry that I’ve been out of the blogging world for so long, but I’m so glad to be able to read your wedding series coming back into it! You look absolutely lovely and that big smile on your face makes you even more beautiful! x

    • Oh my goodness, please don’t apologise! That’s how life is- we dip in and out of blogging. And thank you so much! x

  • I’m sure (hope!) I said it at the time but you look absolutely stunning as do your beautiful bridesmaids <3 loving catching up with all your wedding posts x

    • Thank you so much Leanne! I let the bridesmaids all pick their own dresses and one of them wore something she already owned, which coincidentally another had already picked! x

  • AHH, i don’t know if i’ve even said congratulations. so, congratulations! i love all these wedding posts; you looked beautiful, as did everything else! i’ve also loved all the york photos and posts, and just catching up with you and your life in general! πŸ™‚ xxx