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Wedding || The Morning Of The Big Day

It’s now been 3 months since the wedding, and I finally can share all the photos and a bit of reflection. So this week will be a wedding heavy week with a brief Bake Off interlude tomorrow.

The morning of the wedding, I woke up as soon as it was light out and was absolutely wide awake. The night before we had gotten a lot of the people who were in town for the wedding to meet up at a local pub, and then at 10pm Sam and I went our separate ways. Sam went back to his mom’s house to be with his brothers, and I headed to our hotel room with my Maid of Honour, GB. We stayed up far too late gossiping, swapping gifts, eating lots of candy and watching “Bridesmaids”. I actually had my first teary moment because she’d made me this absolutely incredible memory box and photo album a la “Bridesmaids”. 

Whilst Sam had a fairly stressful morning running around doing last minute errands and waiting for the caterers, I was absolutely chilled out. Maybe too chilled? GB and I had a leisurely breakfast downstairs in the hotel, before all the other bridesmaids and my mom came over to join us. Luckily our room was massive because with 5 bridesmaids, my mom, myself and the woman doing our hair it could have been quite the squeeze. 

We ended up getting through quite a lot of Prosecco whilst getting ready and I think it’s safe to say that more than 1 person was in a giddy alcohol haze by the time we left the hotel. I hadn’t picked out bridesmaids dresses, as I liked the idea of a mishmash of styles so that everyone had something that suited them, so one of the joys on the morning of was seeing all the dresses (in person) that everyone had picked out for themselves. 

Whilst I was getting my hair done, my bridesmaids had a surprise for me: they’d all written me letters about our friendship to read to me on the morning of my wedding. (Thank you, Charlotte, as I know that you spearheaded that!) I had a 6th bridesmaid who hadn’t been able to make it, so Lindsay turned on Skype, and there was my missed bridesmaid, 5 hours behind us in the early Atlanta morning, wearing her bridesmaid dress reading her letter to me. I cried. Obviously. Tears: 2, Me: 0. And then Charlotte read me her letter and again I was destroyed. Tears: 3, Me: 0. But I felt somewhat vindicated as Charlotte’s letter had made my mom cry as well. At that point, my hair was finished and it was time to start my makeup, though I had to wait for all my tears to dry first (I’m literally not exaggerating.) 

I can’t thank my bridesmaids enough for that special morning. It’s honestly one of the parts of the day that sticks out most vividly in my mind. I’m so blessed to have such wonderful friends. I was bowled over by the fact that all of them flew out from America to be there with me, and not only that, they made the trek up to Yorkshire.  It’s really true friendship, and it chokes me up a bit even now to think about how loved they made me feel that weekend. 

Our wonderful photographer turned up to take some getting ready photos and he brought a gift bag with him that Sam had given him to give to me: a sweet card, my favourite candy and another bottle of Prosecco. Definitely a keeper. For my gift to all my special ladies, I had reached out the the wonderful Eliisa of Elkin (her jewellery has been featured in pretty much every major English magazine publication and as she’s a friend I want to give her a huge shout out!) and got colour coordinating bracelets for all the girls (and myself). 

Our ceremony was outside, and the sky was getting dark, so I was getting more and more anxious about the weather and knew the importance of leaving on time. The last bit of prep was done in such a rush that I literally never checked my makeup in the mirror before I left. 

I’d wrapped my bouquet of flowers in the handkerchief that my grandmother carried on her wedding day. (The same grandmother who’s engagement ring I wear.) As we were leaving the hotel, one of the front desk staff came running out the door shouting “Wait!” She took off her blue dragonfly broach and said, “You  don’t have anything borrowed” handed her broach to me, and went back to her desk. I was floored by this act of kindness and happiness and I fastened the handkerchief to my flowers with her broach. (Thank you so much to the staff at the Mount Hotel for making that day so special for me.) 

Sam’s stepfather was waiting outside the hotel with their little car, and the bridesmaids had a separate taxi to take them out to Hackness Village Hall, where we were getting married. Sam’s nieces had decorated the car for me, and it was adorable and so lovely. My mom, GB and I piled into the car and off we went. 

The drive was so surreal. I got weirdly anxious on the ride out to Hackness. It’s about a 15 minute drive, but I started to feel quite lightheaded. At one point in time, I honestly thought I’d be sick. I wasn’t worried about Sam not turning up, but I think the emotional gravity of the day and what I was about to do only hit me when we were driving. I’m pretty sure I turned ghostly pale – or at least  even paler than I am already – and I wasn’t really able to feel my legs anymore. 

And then we were there….

Scarborough Seafront on our wedding day.
The sea around noon at July 23rd, 2016.
Some of the “lads” figuring out their bowties. 
Sam in his mum’s garden. 
The Mount Hotel where I was staying. 
The dragonfly pin given to me by the kind woman on reception, and my grandmother’s wedding handkerchief. 

Tomorrow I’ll be back to regularly scheduled #bakeoffbakealong posts for Week 8: Tudor Week, but I’ll be back with more wedding posts on Wednesday and for the rest of the week. 

***All photo credit goes to Neil Jackson Photographic****

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  • TravelWithNanoB

    So many beautiful moments, it means so much when you have to share this special day with the closest friends. Love all the photos and can’t wait to see more! xoxo, nano |

    • Thank you so much! Obviously it was wonderful marrying Sam, but it was also so amazing to get to spend time with all my American girlfriends who I don’t really get to see much any more! x

  • Awe the letters your bridesmaids wrote to you, that is such a lovely and sweet idea!

    • It destroyed me. And they all wrote them out nicely for me to keep – I’ve them all in a special box together but I haven’t dared read them again. I’m terrified that they’ll make me ball! x

  • Ohhhh Amanda, it looks like you had the most perfect start to your day and what thoughtful friends you have! I can’t wait to read more and admire your photos xxx
    Sophie Cliff

    • It was the best morning. I was so touched that I haven’t been able to re-read any of their letters – I’ll be reduced to tears instantly! x

  • What a lovely start to your wedding day! I wore my grandmothers veil and the earrings my mom wore on her wedding day and I loved having that connecting with little trinkets!

    • I loved having so many family things. My grandma key her handkerchief in a little packet with a note inside marketing the date and location of her wedding. One of my favourite post-wedding activities was adding my note to hers inside the packet. x

  • You look so gorgeous and so bleeding happy! It makes me smile to see photos like this. Your friends sound so thoughtful xxx
    Bee |

    • They were unbelievable! I tried to stress to everyone that I completely understood if they couldn’t make it- it’s a huge favour to ask someone across the ocean for you – so their presence would have made me feel loved enough, but then all their letters were too much. I feel lucky that I have such a lovely group of girlfriends (even if we only do get to see each other every few years or so) x

  • This post makes me smile. Everything about this is so beautiful, and your friends are so thoughtful and sweet. Can’t wait to read more of your wedding day xx

    • They were too much! I was so touched! They gave me all the letters to keep and I haven’t been able to re-read them yet – they make me so emotional! x

  • Ahhhhhhhhhhh Wedding posts have started to arrive, I’ve been so excited about seeing snippets of your day! I love how thoughtful your friends were and even the tiny random acts of kindness like the staff member at the hotel! Alice xxx

    • I think that was one of my biggest feelings of the day: just this overwhelming sense of gratitude towards everyone and being blown away by how nice people are/can be! x

  • Aw this is so sweet to read – it sounds like it was quite the emotional morning! And all the photos are so beautiful. Oh and I’m so glad to already know that the weather held for your ceremony because reading this it feels like a suspense to know whether it rained or not haha

    • I think poor Sam was so much more stressed than I was that morning about it too. He had to get to the hall a few hours before I did to do some last minute things while I just had to relax with the girls so it was definitely more of a pressing worry for him. We couldn’t have been more lucky with the weather! x

  • Your photos are so wonderful! And you were an absolutely stunning bride!

  • All the wedding posts! I kinda of want to get married just so I can have an amazing wedding morning now, yours sounds so incredible!

    • I know it’s such a stupid cliche to say that your wedding was the happiest day of your life, but I truly mean it. Not only because of the marrying Sam thing (which was great) but just because I know that there’s no other time in the future when I’ll have all my close friends and family in England with me. It won’t happen. So it was also special to see my best friend hanging out with Sam’s best friend. Plus everyone was just awesome on that morning. x

  • GAAAAAHHHH this was just so lovely. The photos are amazing and insanely beautiful! How sweet were your bridesmaids?! So lovely to have really good friends – you know you love them a lot but times like these, you really realise how blessed you are! Here’s to your girl squad and here’s to you and Sam!

    Honey x The Girl Next Shore

    • Seriously! They were absolutely the best! I love the memories of marrying Sam (obviously)but that morning with the girls is one of the highlights! x

  • It’s 6am. I’ve just woken up from failing all my 6th form exams after spending all night in dreamland at a high school I didn’t go to. After the shock of that and only minutes ago realising it wasn’t something I need to worry about, I came here to cheer myself up and now I’m all emotional. I can’t go to Facebook because I know my friend has just put her cat down so I’m just gonna stay here and cry happy tears for you. Christ, it’s going to be one of those days.


    • They were just too much that day. Those ladies are always wonderful but they just went above and beyond for the wedding! x

  • Oh these photos are just so so beautiful! Absolutely LOVE your dress and that bridesmaid dress in pistachio green, so perfect! That was so thoughtful of your bridesmaid to do something unique like that, can’t blame you for crying! x

    • Thank you so much! Because I wasn’t bothered about everyone having the same dress, I just told the girls a colour and they picked out whatever they wanted. Purely by coincidence two of them picked out the same dress! x

  • thegrownupgapyear.wordpress

    Sounds like the perfect start to your special day. I love that the lady at the hotel lent you her pin – so thoughtful! And your bridesmaids sound like stars 🙂

  • I might have teared up just reading this… Tears always win.

    • I was running late getting in to my dress just because I was crying to hard to put on any makeup. Seeing my bridesmaid who couldn’t be there on Skype IN her bridesmaid dress (she’s in Atlanta so it was super early in the morning for her) reading her letter opened the tear ducts, but then when everyone else had a letter to read too…. I just couldn’t cope! x

  • Love love love that your bridesmaids read you letters recounting your friendships with them. I would’ve been a bag of water after something that sweet. This is a lovely beginning to this story — can’t wait to read the next part!

    The fifth photo from the end, where one of your maids is putting your veil in, is magic.

    • Thank you so much! It was when my bridesmaid’s Charlotte’s letter started making my mom cry that I just exploded in tears. I couldn’t bear it. There was just so much love in that room. I don’t think I can ever adequately express how grateful I am to them! x

  • Miu

    I teared up only reading about you and your sweet bridesmaids <3

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    Your smile says it all and you look beautiful!