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Travel || Dinner on top the Reichstag at Kafer

After our trip to the theatre, we went on a walking tour between the theatre and the Reichstag. Our tour guide was lovely, and I’m really glad that I had the opportunity to get some insider accurate historical knowledge about Berlin instead of my own lacksidasical internet searchings. I shivered in anticipation when we reached the Reichstag building because I couldn’t wait for dinner. The Kafer is the restaurant on top of the building and it is open to the public. But because it’s in the Reichstag you have to book in advance so that your name goes on a security list to enter the building. Then you have to go through airport style security and need an official form of photo ID (passport, drivers license, etc).

The views from the restaurant were absolutely incredible. Even if the food was mediocre (which it assuredly wasn’t), it’s worth it for the views alone and the free peeks into the Reichstag. It was amazing to see the building empty but in all its intimidating glory. The Kafer specialises in a modern take on classic German cuisine. 

The restaurant staff were so extremely lovely and kind and very graciously overlooked the fact that I spoke zero German. My favourite thing about the meal was the wine. We had a different pairing with each course and it was incredible. The white that was paired with the soup dish was one of the finest that I’ve ever had! But the red later in the evening and the dessert wine were both top-notch as well. We started out with a Hokkaido pumpkin soup topped with Styrian oil and roasted sunflower seeds. Hokkaido pumpkins have a sweetish flavour and the soup was lovely and light and in the perfect Autumnal spirit.

Then we moved on to a saddle of lightly crusted beef with creamy savoy cabbage, carrot terrine, a potato-hazelnut-puree, and Dijon mustard sauce. The beef was divine. It melted in your mouth and had a perfect crunchy texture. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the potato puree, but I’m a potato purist. To finish we had a Valrhona chocolate & Williams pear dessert with chocolate mousse, pyramid cake, pear, pear sorbet, rose-hip jelly and tiny chocolate macaron. The dessert was a work of art and the mousse was gorgeous. Even though I was absolutely stuffed by the time dessert came out, I managed a clean plate. 


The food was delicious, but those views though! Could they be any better?! (Answer: no, they couldn’t!) 

****Our dinner at the Kafer was organised by the Chamaeleon but all opinions are forever my own. ****


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