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Right now, I’m trying frantically to engage in some positive thinking with maybe a dash or two of escapism. I’ve mentioned before that we decided not to go on honeymoon straight away, but save it for something to look forward to later on. Not going away straight after our wedding was definitely one of the ways that we were able to keep the costs down. I’m incredibly glad that we made the decision to wait, and it has really helped draw out the happy newlywed excitement for longer.

But now is the time to start dreaming! For us, we want to prioritise value for money, whilst still getting to explore an area that we might not otherwise have the chance to visit.

Potential Honeymoon Destinations 

photo credit: dronepicr Strand Malediven Atoll via photopin (license)

1. Jakarta, Indonesia 

Where: The capital of Indonesia, on the northwest coast of Java.

Flying Time: It’s around 16 hours.

Main draws: I sometimes try to avoid huge cities during holidays, but I’ve read that missing out on Jakarta whilst visiting Indonesia is a huge mistake. The plethora of awesome food options is really attractive to me… The ideal place to stay would be somewhere like Hotel Borobudur Jakarta, as it’s in Central Jakarta and so close to the national museum (check website for more hotel pictures and ideas!)

2. Karimunjawa, Indonesia 

Where: Karimun Java is an Indonesian archipelago in the Java Sea. 

Flying time: Fly to Jakarta, venture out to Semarang then take a boat to Karimunjawa.

Main draws: Everything. It’s supposed to have insanely beautiful white beaches, incredible coral reef, tropical rainforests. Basically, it sounds like a gem!  krabi
photo credit: Tinker & Rove 
Ko Poda via photopin (license)

3. Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Where: Ubud is a town on the Indonesian island of Bali

Flying time: Around 18.5 hours. 

Main draws: One of the most visited attractions is the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. Then add on the markets, the history, the arts and crafts, the beauty…. you can definitely see its appeal right? Located in the mountains it’s not your classic beach honeymoon, but it still sounds incredible. 

photo credit: Jutta M. Jenning Stille-Silence via photopin (license)

4. Komodo Island, Indonesia

Where: Komodo island, part of the Lesser Sunda chain of Indonesian islands.

Flying time: 1 day + 

Main draws: Home to the Komodo dragon. With the Komodo Island National Park who needs Jurassic Park?! Maybe I’ve just been watching too much “Planet Earth II”. But it’s also known for having some of the best diving and snorkelling on the planet.

5. Belitung Island, Indonesia

Where: In the mid-west of the Indonesian archipelago. 

Flying Time: around 22+ hours.

Main draws: You can go island hopping here, explore caves and go shark watching. The beaches look perfect and the water looks stunningly beautiful! I’ve read descriptions calling it an affordable paradise, so what more could we want, really? 
What would your honeymoon destination recommendations be?

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