10 Happy Things

Life Lately || 10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

I hope all my American readers are comfortably sleeping off their Thanksgiving feasts today! And to anyone indulging in some Black Friday shopping, I hope you find everything you desire and that your wallet doesn’t suffer too badly! 


>>> Sam and I had tickets to see a friend in a show at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, so that was a fun, brief escapade out of York. It was great to see him on stage, and it meant we got to meet Mark Gatiss after the show. I wanted to only bombard him with Sherlock questions, but I showed a great deal of personal restraint. 

>>> After the arms snapped off my last pair of glasses, Sam managed to semi-save them for me by configuring a web of packing tape to hold them together until I could go get an eye test and sort out a new pair of glasses. Done and done. As it has every year since age 7, my vision was once again, worse than last year’s. 

>>>Proper pillows. We received a gift card to a home store as a wedding present, but even back in July we knew we were moving and didn’t want to purchase anything new until we had moved. This week we went and bought our first pair of proper pillows. (The ones that had been on our bed before that were from Primark and were approximately 1 inch thick.) These are a dream! 

>>> Thanksgiving was celebrated in a very non-traditional way this year. Since we still don’t have our furniture yet and our lives are pretty full on at the moment, Sam and I celebrated by eating some tasty left-over orzo and finishing with a dessert from Bettys

>>> I think I *may* have finally come to terms with our oven in the new place. It’s the first one that I’ve ever used that’s controlled by Gas Marks instead of by actual temperatures. It’s certainly a temperamental beast! 

>>> We have internet again. I repeat, we have internet again. There was literally one night were I sat outside on the street corner, trying to access the free street Wifi to edit a post at around 10pm. Coldest post I ever have written. 

>>> With the onset of internet, we were finally able to finish watching “The Crown”. We started it before we moved and the delay was making me restless! 

>>> I love York. I love it. It’s wonderful. No place is perfect, but I’m loving it so far. Though I could do without the alerts that the River Ouse was on a rise and flooding was due (which is perfectly normal for York – the banks often flood, but it’s hard to shake the scenes of last year’s Boxing Day flood destruction from my mind.)

>>> Not only did the internet get installed, but the re-wiring work finished. We’d also been sans-TV because the tv aerial wiring was so old and faulty. It was literally crumbling to bits. But as of Wednesday, we are working TV owners again! 

>>> I saw “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” on Tuesday, which in and of itself isn’t that “happy” as I found the film a bit meandering and disappointing. It had huge pacing issues and I felt it struggled to know where its heart was. And I’m still furious about Depp. However, I think it took the Potter films till the 3rd movie to get it right, so here’s to hoping the “Fantastic Beasts” series pulls it in for the next 4 films. 

No one talk to me this weekend, I’ll be watching the Gilmore Girls! 

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