Winter || ABCs of Winter

It feels like just last week, I wrote my ABCs of Autumn post, and here I am writing the winter one already! This Christmas, Sam and I will be spending it together in our new place. It felt right as our first Christmas as a married couple. But maybe we’ll spend it in New Mexico next year! 

ABCs of Winter

Advent calendar races. Every year, Sam and I both get an advent calendar and each morning we “race” to see who gets the chocolate out first. We keep a tally on the fridge and whoever has had the most individual wins is the overall winner. I’ve been victorious the past three years now, so I’m feeling pretty confident. 

Birthdays! Sam is a Christmas baby so the 25th is extra special in our home. 

Cooking and baking. From hearty stews, to Christmas meals. I find few things more satisfying than spending a Sunday with something slowly cooking away in the oven.

Decorating the house. Not only because we just moved into a new space, but because it’s the holiday time as well!

Eggs. One of our Christmas traditions is that Sam and I make Christmas ornaments out of eggs.

Flowers. A winter bouquet cheers me up when I’m feeling the winter blues. 

Gingerbread. Sam has promised to bake me gingerbread this year. Let’s see how this plays out….

Hot beverages and mulled everything. From coffee to hot chocolate to mulled cider; long may hot things reign. 

Iceskating. Even though I am super rubbish at it and a tiny bit scared, hopefully we’ll get to go this year. 

Joining some local clubs and studios. In London, I had a pure barre and yoga studio just around the corner from our flat. I’m looking forward to finding the equivalent in our new neighbourhood. 

Kindness. I’ve been trying to actively practice kindness. Especially kind thoughts towards myself and other. 

Lights have gone up on our road and they make an already lovely high street even more magical! 

Markets. I’ve been to the York Christmas market already, but I want to make a point to go to Leeds within the next few weeks too. 

Nesting. Being cooped up inside drives my urge to make all things beautiful.

Open fires. One day I’ll have a fireplace of my own. Right? 

Present shopping. I genuinely love picking out gifts for other people! 

Quiet mornings. I love catching that rare moment, when you’re the only person out on a foggy street in the early morning light and it feels like you are the only person on the planet. 

Reading books huddled up in our new place.

Snow? Maybe? Maybe! Living in York will give me a greater chance of a white Christmas than London did! 

Tree-less this year? Sam and I usually get a Christmas tree, but Sam usually manages a Christmas tree site. Not this year. I was thinking that we’d donate our tree-money to an animal rescue shelter and decorate a plant instead this year. 

Ushering in a new year. 2016 has been a year of many highs and lows. 

Valentine’s Day. It’s so far away, and call me the ultimate consumer but I find January so depressing and having Valentine’s Day to look forward to always cheers me up.

Watching Christmas films. My favourite is “Elf” but you can’t go wrong with a bit of “Love Actually” or “The Holiday”.

Xylophone band – now that I’ve moved, I need to assemble a new crew for it.

York Minster. We have York cards now which get us into the Minster. I’d love to go for a Carole Service sometime before Christmas.

Zzzzz…winter is the best time to catch up on some snooze underneath a cozy duvet.

What are your holiday plans this year? 

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  • Oooooh it sounds like you have so much to look forward to! x
    Sophie Cliff

  • Yesssssss! I love your ABCs posts! This one is great, got to get on reforming the band! 😉 I also totally know what you mean about iceskating, I always think I enjoy it but actually i’m terrified! I can also only skate from one foot, my body evidently doesn’t trust my balance from my left! Haha Alice xxx

    • Haha my body just doesn’t trust itself to move at all on skates. Mine style is more of a stumpy walk than any sort of glide! x

  • I went to twp Christmas season opening events this weekend:) it was great!

  • Lovely! I am so into christmas shopping just now. I am afraid that I will go a bit overboard with it this year, haha 😀


  • Not winter here been stinking bloody hot here and today it suppose to be another pretty hot day, not hot yet though. I have no plans for the Christmas holidays but hope to do something with Leo

  • How is it that time again already?!

    I love the idea of donating the money you would have spent on a Christmas tree!

  • Making Christmas ornaments out of eggs? Never heard of it but it sounds interesting!

    • It’s this weird thing my brother and I used to do as kids with my grandma, where you’d prick both eggs of an egg with a needle, then blow all the eggy insides out, clean them then decorate them and hang them. To be honest, I’m not sure if it was a cultural thing or just a cheap way to keep the grandkids entertained.

  • I wish you well for the continued domination of the advent race. Also, are you sure you haven’t scrambled your Easter and Christmas traditions? Did you find yourself petting reindeer on Good Friday? Something to think about…

    • Wait. Does the Easter reindeer not hide eggs for an egg hunt on Easter Sunday? (I’m winning the advent calendar race at the moment. Long may it continue.) x