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York || Roman City Walls

By far my favourite architectural aspect of York are the Roman City Walls.  The city walls don’t completely surround the city anymore, but a substantial chunk of them remain. In fact, more miles of wall remain in York than any other city in England. The majority of the walls that we see and walk on are actually the medieval walls that were built on top of the Roman ones. 

The stretches of wall are punctuated by “bars” aka gatehouses and there are 4 main bars on the wall: Bootham Bar, Walmgate Bar, Monk Bar and Micklegate Bar. Some chunks seem a bit dangerous – you’re quite high up and there’s no railing in some sections, but the modicum of danger makes them even more exciting. The view from the walls around the city is incredible. My favourite view of the Minster is from just past the railway station. 

There are little museums and cafes placed in various bars around town. The most famous being Gatehouse Coffee in Walmgate Bar, which is lovely: but be forewarned – there’s not a lot of seating and since it’s close to the University it gets full really quickly.  The atmosphere is super cozy and it’s stunning inside. My tip: if the weather is bearable, take your coffee and cake upstairs through the gate to the top of the tower and sit outside. It’s lovely. (Plus it’s a good place to go to get Union Coffee in York alongside a giant brownie.) 

Dancing on the walls. 

That’s the Gatehouse Coffee shop.

Locked in City Walls jail! Oh no – will she ever get out?! 

Have you walked the walls? And do you think it’s possible to say that without assuming that you’re in an episode of “Game of Thrones”?

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  • The walls of York are some of my favourite in the world!

    • I was going to make some pun/joke about trapping you in them and keeping you here but I couldn’t come up with anything particularly witty. Soooo….. *insert joke here**** xxx

  • very atmospheric photos!

  • These are such gorgeous photos! Really Gothic and mysterious, especially with all the fog! We walked a portion of the walls when we last visited and I really enjoyed it! Alas, we could not get a seat in Gatehouse so my dreams of tucking into cake and chai were swiftly dismissed. Sigh! xx

    • Thanks so much Dani! And that’s what I’m talking about – the Gatehouse is lovely but it fills up so quickly! We got the very last seat on our visit just by pure luck. But it’s a good excuse to come back, right? x

  • Laura Torninoja

    Amazing pictures! York is so beautiful, and even more so when it’s misty like that. I really need to visit again next year! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    • Thanks so much Laura! It’s been misty for a good chuck of December, so I’d say thats probably your best bet for some super atmospheric shots next year! x

  • The weather doesn’t look that good, but the photos are amazing

    • Sadly, the weather is like this most days in the winter (and equally gloomy sometimes in the summer) but we get the rare gorgeous day here and there! x

  • What a magical place to live near! I think the Roman Walls would be so cool to walk around and I love your photos!

  • I mean, you really can’t beat Bettys though, can you?! xx

  • This is amazing!!! I had no idea York had the most walls remaining out of any other city in England!

  • love the walls! you guys got some awesome shots, I especially love the one looking through the hole.