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Hello everyone! After 18 days away (a glorious 2 weeks of them on honeymoon) Sam and I are safely sequestered back in York. I can’t wait to share so many aspects of our Thai travel with you. It’s a bit strange to be back from honeymoon because whilst we still had our honeymoon ahead of us, our wedding didn’t really feel over. It truly was the adventure of a lifetime and I spent nearly the entire flight home wishing that we weren’t going home. I have so many posts about Thailand forming themselves in my mind, but I’ll spread them out over the upcoming weeks so that my readers don’t go into Thailand overload. 

But we are returning extremely relaxed, with pretty deep tans and my hair having gone blonde. (If only I were able to keep this tan till summertime!) 

I’ve affected by SAD and I’ve always known that the more sun I get the happier I am, and the solid week of 32 C (90 F) temperatures totally confirmed the fact that we need to move somewhere sunny one day.  I have a load of laundry on (full of shorts and tank tops and other things that will get immediately packed away once they are dry) and we’ve both been working again already so the post-holiday blues are in full-swing. You have probably noticed but I’m most definitely not a luxury blogger (the idea of having remotely enough funds to ever fly first class is laughable) and 2 week holidays abroad are not a yearly occurrence with us. I may have had a little cry a) over the fact that we probably won’t have another holiday like this in a very long time and b) that we were returning to England in the dead of winter. 

But these are truly first world problems. America basically imploded whilst we were away and we kept abreast of the news via twitter (we only had 1 English news channel and coverage was a bit filtered). I was able to attend the anti-Trump protest at Downing Street last night before returning to York and the turn-out was so inspiring. 

Apologies- this very rambley post is courtesy of my 4 am wake up today. Thanks jet lag. This boils down to: Hi readers! I’m back! Thanks for those of you who followed along on instagram and twitter in my absence from this space. 

Tips on beating the post-holiday blues? 

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  • I hope you win the lottery, because I would LOVE to see your luxury blogger skills. Seriously, you would be the most amazing human Pinterest board XD x

    Also, yeah, the world imploded while you were gone. Probably (probably) not your fault, though 😉

    • If I win the lottery, I’ll ditch Sam and you and I will take a 1st class flight. We don’t even need to actually go anywhere special. We’ll just cruise around eating fancy food, stretching out in our pod, drinking champers, watching movies and making fun of the plebs behind the curtain. x

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    I just got back from Mexico to an inevitably dreary London…

  • Miu

    My tip for curing the blues is to throw yourself head-over-heels into projects at home so that you basically have no time left to think about anything else. After a bit of time, it is safer to look at the pictures then and marvel in memories. And maybe start thinking about the next getaway… 😉

    • Work is pretty slow (re:boring) at this time of year so I’ll put my energy into some of my hobbies and look forward to them. And hopefully come up with a new project like you suggested! Xx

  • looking forward to your Thai posts:)

  • Glad to have you back Amanda! I’m so glad you guys had an amazing trip – I can’t wait to read all about it xxx

  • Yay! Welcome back 🙂 looking forward to reading all about your adventures, your photos on Insta were absolutely stunning!

    Planning new adventures always helps me after holidays – maybe you could go on an air-bnb somwhere close to York? Or just spend an evening at the theater? Hopefully the post-holiday blues wont last too long! xx

    • Those are two EXCELLENT ideas. I’ll go on Airbnb first thing this evening! (And thank you!) xx

  • Welcome back! I find blogging about my trip and reliving it that way somewhat relieves the post-holiday blues. That and thinking about other fun things I have planned or can still plan for the future.

  • Welcome back! Oh post-travel blues is the worst, especially when you come back to grey Britain and, like you said, a world basically imploding. It’s wonderful you were able to take part in a protest in London upon your arrival though! Go you!

    • It was such an amazing holiday that it made returning really difficult, but I’m seeing “Cursed Child” in a few weeks so I am looking forward to that. xx

  • Can’t wait to read more about your holiday in Thailand, and to see more photos! The ones on Instagram are just not enough xx

    • Ah Dixie, thank you so much! I’m so glad to know that I wasn’t boring you with them 🙂 xx

  • No tips from me, I love holidays, I love returning home to my own bed and bath and family although when we get home the family are pretty full on as if they haven’t seen us in months instead of days or a couple of weeks

    • Oh my gosh – I totally get the full-on family thing. I only see my side of the family (mom, brother, etc) in person once every few years and its intense (and wonderful). xx

  • Glad to have you back and i’m SO pleased you had the most amazing time, I loved keeping up to date on your insta, you cuties! Alice xxx

    • Thanks Alice! 🙂 Even though we landed on Sunday, I’m still suffering from jet lag but that was the only downside of the whole experience! xx