What I’m Looking Forward to in 2017

I never really make New Years resolutions. I think people put too much pressure on themselves to make a change all at once because of some arbitrary day in the dead of winter. But I do like to set myself goals for the whole calendar year. This year I’ve plotted out some goals and the word that I’m going to try to keep in the back of my head throughout is “kindness”.  I tend to think of new beginnings coming in with the Spring (that’s how orientated I am about the weather), but I’m going to try to relish what’s left of winter. I’m very excited about the upcoming year for so many different reasons, but here’s a small selection of the things that I am looking forward to in the next year: 

>>>Going on honeymoon! Six months later isn’t too late in my books. I’ve never been on a vacation that’s longer than a week, so two weeks in Thailand seems crazy! 

>>>Finally seeing “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” in February after buying tickets approximately 2 years ago. 

>>>We have two weddings on the cards to attend already. (Plus more later on in the year without a date set yet, I’m sure!) 

>>>Sam getting his driving license. 

>>>Hiking around the moors in the summertime. 

>>>Run a 5K. 

>>>Planning a weekend break somewhere new (Rome, Venice, Copenhagen, and Dublin are all options.) 

>>> Learn to do 1 pullup.

>>> Baking many tasty things. 

>>> Working on new projects career-wise. 

>>> Attempting to eat vegetarian most weekdays (I did this for about half the year in 2016 – in 2017 I want to get through the entire year.) 

>>> Continuing to grow this space and see where that takes me. 

>>>Enjoying my last full calendar year in my 20s. 

>>>Being a better friend. 

>>>Reading 75 new books this year. I’ve set 75 as my Goodreads challenge again this year – I fell short of it in 2016. 

What are you looking forward to in 2017? 

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  • I find it really hard to plan ahead like this, but I would like to travel this year. Also, does Sam not know how to drive? Like, at all? Are you planning to teach him? Are we in for blog hilarity in video form?

    • He knows zero percent how to drive. Growing up in Yorkshire he just never really needed to and then he moved to London 15 years ago and then again never needed to. Alas, he is taking proper lesson with a driving instructor. I’m so rubbish that we’d definitely die if I was i charge of teaching him! x

  • great goals!

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    I’m excited to see your Thailand photos

  • These are some amazing goals and things to look forward to! I’m also aiming to get my driving License this year, but I can guarantee you Same will beat me to it! I think I might set myself a goodreads challenge. I always want to feature books more on my blog, but hate writing full reviews! Stephie xx

    • Haha, I’m not so sure about that! He’s brother passed on his first go, but his other brother has taken the test multiple times and has yet to get it. Sam might be somewhere in the middle. Knowing what kind of person he is, I think driving is going to be fairly instinctual to him (I hope!). It’s certainly not that way to me. I’m an awful driver, and if the tests in America hadn’t been so much easier than the tests here, I never would have gotten it. x

  • So many exciting things! Ahhh honeymoon is so close now! But obvs most of all HARRY POTTER!!! Yesssss πŸ˜€ I’ve madly booked onto Plymouth half marathon in April, AND I’m playing my violin at my friend’s sister’s wedding, which I haven’t played in 6 years! Two huge goals for the first 4 months so i’m adding a third, seeing as I turn 25 in April too, and I’d like to lose a stone by then. They’re all challenging, but I think all achievable in their own way if I put my mind to it! Plus hopefully the running and weight loss will go hand in hand! Alice xxx

    • I definitely think they are all achievable! I’m the same way with piano as you are with violin. I haven’t touched it in years! (But I hope the skill is somewhere deep inside me and that those years of lessons weren’t an absolute waste…) You didn’t study Suzuki method violin, by any chance, did you? x

  • Your year sounds like it will be full of wonderful things! And a two week long honeymoon in Thailand sounds like one awesome way to start it off!

    • Thanks Kaelene! I’m so glad that we postponed it now. It’s been really exciting to know that even though our wedding is over, it’s not *quite* over yet! x

  • Some excellent goals. It sounds like 2017 is going to be another amazing year for you.

    I have high hopes for this year, but nothing specific that I can tell blog-land about yet.

    • Thanks Bev!

      I’m super excited to hear what’s happening in your life that you can’t quite share yet! xx

  • I’ve set my Goodreads challenge at 75 books too this year – good luck! x
    Sophie Cliff

  • Ooooh I love the idea of eating vegetarian on weekdays! That’s such a great idea. Think I might look into doing the same <3 xx

    PS. Also YAAAAAAAS omg Cursed Child. I can't wait to have so many conversations with you about this.

    Little Miss Katy | Lifestyle, Food & Travel

    • I know some of the Cursed Child visual tricks and tips from Sam’s million auditions and workshops but I’m SO excited to see them for myself!!!!! xx

  • 75 books! Wow! I only set up 24. I did that last year and although I love reading books, I just didn’t have time to finish 24. Although, there was one book that got me stuck :/ Hiking on the moors is lovely! I am planning to do that as well. And I wish I could see the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, but not living in even a close proximity to London I never booked tickets. So I ended up just reading the book. Have a great year of 2017!!


    • I wasn’t great on my reading goal this year, but in 2015 I overshot my goal of 50 and read 63, so I think if I really push myself I can get there. We bought our Potter tickets 18 months ago now (whilst we were still living in London) but we are lucky because we have already nabbed a family member’s spare bedroom for the Potter theatre weekend in London. Happy New Year to you Lii! x

  • Kourtney Reece

    I also said I was going to be a vegetarian this year. I even have a Pinterest board full of recipes to try. I think I have to ease myself into it though.
    I’ve been to Rome and Venice and I have to say they are both equally beautiful. Rome has amazing architecture and Venice is surrounded by water which makes it so magical. Florence is my favorite though.
    Reading about 50 books is my Goodreads goal only because I have to balance school work too. Graduating this year is a big one, so hopefully everything goes according to plan.
    And traveling to New York, Seattle, Colorado and beautiful London is on my list as well. =)

    • Colorado is stunning. My best friend lives in Denver and quality of life there sounds pretty amazing. You have some awesome travels planned, as well as school so I think it’s more than admirable to still shoot for 50 books! x

  • Sounds all amazing! Nice and realistic and very positive πŸ™‚ Yay for Thailand! and Harry Potter! and weddings! and I love all those weekend breaks sound great!

    • We’ll probably only be able to pick one of those weekend break options for financial reasons, but it doesn’t stop me from dreaming! x

  • Ala

    That is a good sturdy list, I don’t think anyone could blame you for not reaching 75 because of wedding planning but that is an amazing goal – more than one a week! I hope you have all the success with rhyme & ribbons because you deserve it! AND I hope you have the best time in Thailand, you’ll love it! x

  • 2017 sounds like a rather terrific year already!

  • I wish you all the best for 2017! I like your goals. It’s so exciting to have weddings planned. x

    Jessica β€” NinetyCo

  • I fell short of my goal to read 30 new books… rereading Harry Potter, plus rereading several other favorite fantasy novels, took up most of the summer!

    I turn 30 in June. I’m a little apprehensive to be honest! Dan turned 30 back in September. He seems to like it so far.

    • Sam just turned 36 and the thirties seem to be a pretty good decade from what I’ve observed (but I do remember him having a bit of fear about it at 29). x

  • Sounds all very amazing! I hope to get back to reading books too. Since I started blogging all I have time for is to read other blogs, which is sad.

    • For me, my tube commute to work used to be my reading time. I used to have an hour each way. Since moving to York, that’s gone a way entirely so I’ve lost 10 hours week of reading time. It’s the only thing that I regret slightly about the move! x

  • These are such great goals and I believe in you!

  • I’m also a vegetarian on weekdays! I have some salmon a week, but otherwise I don’t eat meat unless it’s at a restaurant. My main thing is (because I LOVE chicken nuggets) using Quorn chicken products because I think we really need to start with how chickens are treated.
    Your things to look forward to are all LIT! I can’t wait to see you see them through!

    • I also really love chicken nuggets! I’ve never actually tried a Quorn product. Do you like them? X