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Life Lately || 10 Things That Have Made Me Happy

Happy Friday the 13th! (And apologies to anyone who is mildly superstitious.) It’s fairly easy to do a “happy things” post with the holidays having happened since my last “Things that Have Made Me Happy” post. This will also be the last live post whilst we are away. I’m in London today for a doctor’s appointment, and then this weekend we are off to Thailand (via Doha). I honestly can’t wait! The last time I have been away on a trip that lasted 2 weeks was then I was 11 and my family went to Florida (Disney World and St Augustine – I still think of that trip super fondly). I almost don’t know what to do with myself with 2 weeks of vacation time. The longest trip that Sam and I have ever taken was our week in Turkey in 2013 so we’ll see if we can’t tolerate each other for an uninterrupted two weeks. (Jokes, it’ll be amazing – I can’t wait to spend that time with him.) 

I have a few posts queued up on this space in my absence so that it’s not a complete blank. Certainly not as frequently as the schedule at the moment, but you’ll be looking at 2/3 posts per week while I’m gone. I’ll be reading your comments from afar and will look forward to answering them and catching up when we’re back! 

10 Things That Have Made Me Happy Lately 

>>> First and foremost, we booked out honeymoon before Christmas. And in fact, we leave really soon! Tomorrow we are off to Thailand! I honestly can’t wait and it doesn’t really seem real. (If you have any Thai recommendations, leave them for me in the comments, please.) 

>> Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Years Eve were all filled with love and happiness, and the latter with family as well. I did a recap of my holidays last week and I miss the festive season already! 

>>>  I have LOVED making lists for our honeymoon. The ideas of things to do, the packing lists (I’m weird, I know.) I’m a list girl, and they have to be handwritten. 

>>> Great Gatsby at the York Theatre Royal was really fun. It was honestly a great night out. It was a cross between an interactive piece, and a promenade piece, and luckily London friends, it’s headed to you this Spring! (Plus Sam got to take some production shots for it. You can see his lovely photos here.) 

>>> I have definitely made the most out of my Disney Life membership. Christmas break was full of old favourites from Mulan to Mary Poppins. The best part about it was that they had a lot of 90s live action films that Disney had funded too – “Father of the Bride” immediately springs to mind. Has anyone watched it lately? I’m on Martin’s side. She looks like she’s barely old enough to get married, but when I first saw it when I was little, I thought she was so old. 

>>> Sam and I are really behind the curve as we’ve just now watched “Happy Valley”. It certainly does make the North look grim! (Though the Hebden Bridge area does still manage to look beautiful, but crime ridden.) It’s so intense. There’s a moment in the show that’s caused me to be more tense than anything else on TV ever. We also jumped in to “The AO” as soon as it was released on Netflix. I’m not in love with it, but I do find it fascinating. “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” is on Netflix and it is AMAZING. It is by far, one of my favourite films released in recent memory. I thought it was hilarious, and touching. It was Wes Anderson-esque but with a bit more heart. Ricky Baker is my spirit animal *she says tongue in cheek*. Everyone should see it and I think it would be a travesty if it didn’t pick up any awards this awards season. It’s gets my “Best Picture” nomination. Further proof that the Oscars doesn’t reckon comedy to be as valuable as a drama. If this doesn’t get nominated it’s a crime. If ridiculousness like “American Hustle” and “Les Miserables” can get nominated in the past… HRMPH.

>>> I’ve been going to a “Yoga for Women” class, subtitled “Yoga for your Womb” and it’s amazing. It makes me feel super loose, relaxed and empowered. 

>>> “Sherlock” is back and it certainly returned with a bang. But I really miss Season 1 Sherlock. Where Cumberbatch was clever, had some good banter with Freeman and that was about it. I’ve found the twists and surrealism of the more recent episodes and that abysmal Christmas special last year to be dull. I just want him to solve crimes and chill at Baker Street. 

>>> I’ve gotten my running back up to 5k per run. It’s really not much compared to most people, but it’s pretty satisfactory for me! 

>>> Overall, I’ve just been feeling really happy in my life lately. I mentioned to Sam that it’s been ages since I’ve just had a long cry (bar episodes of 24 hours in A&E or reading my RSPCA newsletters). I can’t really describe why, but I’ve just been feeling super content. It probably helps that I’m getting a full 8 hours of sleep every night. 

I just realised that 4 of these revolve around watching things on TV. So long everyone! I will see you properly on the other side of our honeymoon. Hopefully, I’ll finally have some colour on these bones again and will look less like a ghost! 

What are you excited about lately? 

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