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It’s never one of my New Year’s resolutions to travel more, because I don’t need to remind myself that I want to. I am constantly dreaming of places that I want to go or trips that I want to take. (And ways to cut down other costs in my life to make trips possible.) I love planning trips, I love making packing lists and I love exploring new places. I also like just having a chilled out and relaxed holiday – or even better, trips that are a combination of adventure and relaxation! Hopefully this year, I’ll be able to go abroad at least once more post Thailand honeymoon. But even if I can’t, hopefully I’ll have many more years to travel. 

I did have some amazing memories and adventures this year, from wandering around Berlin on my own, to going on a ghost walk in Edinburgh. Things can only get better! I’ve gone on press trips or trips with friends to foreign countries without Sam, but it’s been ages since I’ve gone somewhere completely by myself. This is something I need to make myself do more in order to remind myself that I am capable and that I like my own company.


Reykjavik and the Golden Circle 
Brussels and Bruges


Kyoto, Mount Fuji and Tokyo (Japan)
Angkor Wat (Cambodia)
Paro Valley  (Bhutan)
Wolong Natural Reserve and the Great Wall of China (China)
Bali (Indonesia)
Surreal Palawan (The Philippines)


Cape Town (South Africa)
Giza and The Great Pyramids (Egypt)
Jerusalem (Israel) 
Petra (Jordan)
Marrakesh (Morocco) 


Fiji Islands
Easter Island
New Zealand

South America: 

Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Machu Picchu (Peru)
The Galapagos Islands
Patagonia (Chile) 
See the Amazon
Angel Falls  (Venezuela)
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

North America: 

Take Sam to New Mexico (obviously that’s not new to me as that’s where I’m from, but it’s travel and it has to happen.) (USA) 
Vermont (and New England in the fall) (USA)
Portland (USA) 
Seattle (USA)
Puerto Rico
Hawaii (USA)
Alaska (USA)
Napa Valley (USA)
Yellowstone (USA)
Montreal (Canada)
Grand Caymans
Mexico City, Chiapas Waterfalls and Tulum (Mexico) 

So all in all I have 57 different trips on this list. At my current rate of 1 long haul trip a year, or 2 shorter European trips a year I have 49.5 years of traveling ahead of me (I’d be 78 by then). Hopefully, my financial situation will improve with age so that I can start traveling with more frequency and speed some of these up. But maybe it won’t. My Europe list tends to be more extensive than other continents, not because I’m more interested in Europe than the rest of the world, but simply because it’s more financially accomplishable. Unless I learn to teleport, and then all bets are off! 

I really need to be better at catching flight deals as the appear. I hear people on twitter manage to catch absolute steals all the time. (Like £19 round trip to Italy.) But I always seem to miss the bargains. Sometimes it’s because my upcoming calendar just isn’t flexible enough to travel on the cheap dates and sometimes because I am just not quick enough off the mark to catch the deals. I can’t wait to fix this. Not as a resolution for 2016, but as a life goal. Be better at getting travel deals. 

Since Christmas, I’ve spent a lot of time on places like planning potential adventures. Nothing is set in stone at the moment, but hopefully I can get some firm plans in the work soon. I took a travel bucket list quiz, and I only scored an 8 so hopefully I can improve on that next year. (One of the activities to tick off was to buy a fridge magnet for your parents. Does it count if you bought one for yourself? Because I definitely brought back a panda from the Edinburgh Zoo.) I especially want to be able to tick off some of the more beachy-fun elements off my list in 2017. I will be keeping my eye peeled for many, many more cheap flights in the future.

What travels for you have planned for 2017? Did you manage to snag any great deals? 

***This post was in collaboration with Cheapflights but all opinions are solely my own.***

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