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When Boohoo got in touch about their Bloggers X Dress of the Month Campaign, I was super excited. And also a bit nervous. The idea behind the campaign is that we gave Boohoo our size and the dress was an absolute mystery. They wanted to see how it will adapt to different body types, different personal styles, and breaking the ‘rules’ of what ‘can’ and ‘can’t’ be worn. Also, it’s going to be super interesting to see how everyone styled it, especially since none of us picked it out for ourselves. 

To be honest, it wasn’t something that I would have gravitated to for myself. I like my dresses roomy, but usually with a tiny bit more definition. The colours and stripes were perfect for me and blend in with 90% of my wardrobe. (Which is basically just navy, white and grey.) 

I was a bit lost at how to make it my own at first. I’m not a massive accessories person. I wear my rings, a watch or bracelet and simple stud earrings and that’s pretty much it. I think I may have taken the “take one accessory off before you leave the house” advice a little bit too literally. But the challenge is all about making it your own! 

So I threw on a pair on ankle boots, because I basically live in them and added on a belt to give me a bit more of my craved definition. I might set this aside as my feasting dress. If I pop the belt off, I have infinite room for around 20 burrito babies.  I also prefer a vneck line on myself, so I popped on a grey croptop underneath the shirt dress so that I could unbutton it comfortably. 

I can’t wait to see how everyone else styled their Boohoo dress of the month. Check out the dresses section on Boohoo for more inspiration! 

I spotted a cat. It was adorable. 

Dress: c/o Boohoo || Shoes || Crop Top || Belt || Lipstick 

What dress would you never imagine yourself in? Would you be game for styling a mystery dress?

***This post was in collaboration with a brand.***

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  • I love this dress. I would totally buy this for myself, but now I know that you look better in it than I would, so I’m just gonna stay over here in my jeggings and woolly socks lol xx

    • That just isn’t true. You’d rock it to great aplomb and I’d be super jealous! x

      • You’ve got those post-Thailand legs though. Mine are very much Winter by name, winter by nature XD

        • I want it to be spring now only so that I can enjoy my tan legs instead of having them buried away in tights and jeans. Because I can guarantee that they will be white again by the time summer rolls around! x

  • It’s not something I would ever choose, but you make it look so good!

    • It’s definitely not something I would have ever chosen myself but I definitely enjoyed the mild push out of my comfort zone! x

  • You look great in it and it seems the perfect thing for a hearty Sunday roast and pint!

  • Ahhh this looks stunning on you!

  • I love how you’ve styled this (plus I’m super jealous of your tanned legs!) x
    Sophie Cliff

    • Thanks Sophie! Like I mentioned to Frankie, I really need it to get warm quickly so that I can properly show off my tan otherwise it’ll fade by the time that summer arrives! 😉 xx

  • This dress is SO cute on you! I love the boots too!

    • Thanks so much Milly! Don’t look too closely at the boots- they are my favourites so they are scratched to pieces from overwear! x

  • I’d love a mystery dress! Such a lovely one as well and you styled it pretty much how I would have I reckon! Bet the weather was chillier here than you’re used to with bare legs recently, but HEY look at your tan!!! Show it off whilst you can! 🙂 Alice xx

    • Hahah that’s was exactly why I didn’t wear tights- I knew that there was no way that my tan would last until the summer and I needed proof for one freezing day! xx

  • Laura Torninoja

    You look so pretty in this! I love the way you’ve styled it – I would’ve definitely used a belt as well, otherwise I would have just felt a bit lost..! I think that looks like it could be a perfect for those Spring days were (hopefully!) going to have soon <3

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    • Totally! I’ve had a peek at how some of the other girls have styled theirs- a few have used belts too, but other (more ingenious) bloggers used jackets to create a waist and it looks awesome on them! x

  • Christine Everyday

    You look so adorable in these pictures!

  • I actually rather love this dress, definitely perfect for the Spring/Summer months. I love the way you’ve styled the dress too, the boots I absolutely love! Lovely photos 🙂

    Kayleigh |

  • I think it looks lovely on you!!

  • ninegrandstudent

    I would definitely have struggled styling that one – but it really suits you!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

  • I do like the look of the dress

  • I love the idea of styling the same dress on different women. It’s a lovely dress – looks easy to wear! The sleeves do look quite wide haha but it looks great!xx

  • Such a cute dress! Perfect for spring and summer!

    C x | Lux Life – Luxury Travel & Lifestyle Blog

  • Really cute dress! Does the front ride up too much, or is it just right? I don’t mind short dresses as long as they stay put to cover everything, which I test in dressing rooms 😉

    • It rode up a bit, but still in the “my bits are safely covered still” zone. To be honest, it wouldn’t be a concern if I hadn’t belted it. Though in my opinion, it’s a bit shapeless without any belt definition. x