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Happy first Friday of February everyone! I don’t mind February the same way I hate January, because even though the weather is usually worse it also means that spring is just around the corner. Last night there was even some lingering daylight around until 4:45pm which is a really positive step in the right direction. More so than the cold, it’s the lack of sun that I just can’t bear it.

>>> We are back from honeymoon (boo!) but we had the most amazing time. We’re in the process of going through all our photos right now and it was so amazing that it feels surreal! 

>>> I am the owner of two tickets to “Hamilton” for January 2018. It’s ages away, but they are still in the first 10 weeks of its run, so hurray! I absolutely cannot wait. 

>>> You know when bloggers are like “OMG something so amazing happened to me, but LOL I can’t talk about it yet.” Well sorry to be obnoxious, but that happened to me twice lately. I just can’t wait to share later down the line. (There’s no baby announcement so don’t even bother speculating.) 

>>> Our wedding photographer, Neil, wrote a really amazing blog post about our wedding on his site

>>> Sam’s driving lessons are going really well. I can’t wait to be chauffeured around. 

>>> I feed and stroked an elephant. This really falls into the honeymoon category but…. YAY! 

>>> I’ve caught up on all my emails, completed 4 loads of laundry, ticked off lots of things from my “to do” list and did a massive grocery shopping run. Some true #adulting got down this week. 

>>> I got so much reading done on our holiday that I might actually make my reading goal on Goodreads this year. Maybe. It’s only February though so who knows what the rest of the year holds. 

>>> I’ve been having a clear out of clothes and accessories that I don’t wear and been donating some and selling others on eBay. Hurray for extra cash! 

>>> This week has been awash in some terrible news but I’ve loved reading posts like Nadine’s and Nicole’s. But the protest in London was great and it was awesome seeing so many younger people caring about politics. Plus last night was #harrypotterbooknight, Beyonce is pregnant with twins, Prince Charles has been classily throwing shade at Trump. 

What are your plans for the weekend? I’m hoping to crack on with some Valentine’s themed macarons, but we’ll see. Jet lag naps might beat out baking. 

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  • Cannot wait to hear more about your honeymoon, the snaps you shared look amazing! ESPECIALLY feeding the elephants <3 <3 <3

    • The elephants are probably what I am most excited to write about. I feed a teenage elephant bananas and it was one of the most joyous 5 minutes in my life! x

  • Coming from the States, it is always a little culture-shock-y to hear about people who are out of high school taking driving classes… but I guess in Europe that is absolutely normal and I do see why. Hooray for being chauffeured around!
    ps, lovely wedding photos on your photographer’s blog! fun to see more behind the scenes!

    • Thanks Cynthia!

      I tease Sam for not being able to drive too, but he never needed to learn before he went away for university and then he moved to London straight after and lived there for 12 years and it would have been madness to learn or to have a car in London.

      I’m glad it’s going really well for him because I HATE driving! x

  • I mean woaaaaa look at all the amazing photos in your grid – really can’t wait to see more from your trip! Yay for honeymoon! Alice xxx


  • Your honeymoon photos look GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to hear more about it 😀
    I’ve just had a quick scroll through your wedding photographer’s photos and they are SO gorgeous! I’m working my way back through your wedding posts now and getting ideas as we’re at the very beginning of planning stages and looking at North Yorkshire locations very similar to yours, so I may steal a few ideas 🙂
    Sian xx Rebel Angel

    • Feel free to steal as much as you want! We only had a £5000 budget so pop me an email if you need any budgeting suggestions. Wedding planning can be really hard, especially if you’re trying to cut corners like we were! But I really enjoyed the whole planning business in the end. x

  • cool Thai pics!:)

  • What a happy post! Yay for honeymoons and amazing experiences. Spring is definitely on the way. I actually had to switch off the heating in my car and open the window to let the sunshine and air in TWICE this week. Hurrah.

  • OMG you’re so obnoxious the suspense is killing me xx

  • This post makes me smile! And your wedding photos are stunning, I admire the little details too <3 xx

  • Can’t wait to hear more about your honeymoon! All your pictures looked so amazing!

  • Yay elephants!!

    Oooh, I’m intrigued! SO obnoxious 😉 Seriously though, I hate when stuff is happening and you can’t even share. It becomes like aaallll I want to blog about. But I can’t.

  • Hahaha thanks! I only have Charles to thank for sticking up for other religions and climate change. x

  • Oh yeah happy things indeed, life is good, life is happy and so am I

  • Ohh I cant wait to see all your Thai adventures! I did so much reading on holiday, trying to keep it up now I’m back!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • Miu

    I guess I have to google now what Prince Charles did 😉

    • Oh! He’s just made some beautiful statements about the importance of inclusivity in religion, and also he’s really into helping fight climate change so he bumps heads vigorously Trump since his administration all deny climate change. xx

  • The honeymoon sounds amazing, thanks for sharing this!


  • Angie SilverSpoon

    Ca’t wait to hear your news!

  • Aww such positive vibes coming across here. Love stopping by in your virtual living room!!✨
    Happy Sunday and enjoy the Yorkshirepuddings:)
    Xx finja | http://www.effcaa.com

  • I loved looking at your wedding photos. Your guests must have been pleased that they got to leave with books!

  • I love seeing these happy vibes in this post!!! And thank you for linking to my post 🙂