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Life Lately || 10 Things That Have Made Me Happy

Happy Friday everyone! It’s felt like a very long week, hasn’t it? But before we get into my list, I’m going to start with something else that made me happy this week: the fact that Phillip Pullman is releasing more books in His Dark Materials. From what I’ve read 1 book is supposed to be 10 years before the action in the original trilogy and the other 2 are 10 years post the trilogy. Sam and I even had a reading from His Dark Materials at our wedding, so to say that I’m excited is an understatement. 

1o Things That Have Made Me Happ

>>> I binge watched “The Santa Clarita Diet”. It wasn’t groundbreaking but at 28 minutes an episode and a combination of horror and comedy it was delightful weekend watching. 

>>> I found super cheap tickets to Gdansk in March, so I booked them. I’m going on a solo trip and I’m super excited. If you have any Gdansk posts, send them my way! And then at the end of April I found a ยฃ15 steal to go to Ireland. Both are quick 24 hours trips being the oldest person in a youth hostel but I can’t wait.

>>> I broke a critical piece of code on my site, but I knew exactly what it was. But since it was a parse error with my syntax I was locked out of the admin site altogether (it basically didn’t exist). I set up an FTP, set it up and remotely fixed the corrupt functions. I was crying and shaking throughout. (Rhyme & Ribbons was completely gone in that moment – I honestly thought I was going to lose everything.) For computer whizzes this probably seems like no big deal, but for me it was DEFCON 2 stress. But I fixed it! YAHYES. 

>>> I got a hilarious email – an author wants to use a photo of me with an art deco spin as the inspiration for the cover art in her latest mystery series. (Lady Detective, very Phryne Fisher-esque). Obviously I said yes because it’s awesome. 

>>> Celebrating Rhyme & Ribbons 4th birthday with balloons was the most appropriate thing we could have done. 

>>> There’s just a sliver more daylight every single day, and it has been my everything lately. A bit of sun past 5pm? Such a huge improvement! 

>>> I took part in the Co-op Food UK’s #winewednesday Facebook/Twitter live wine tasting lesson and it was brilliant fun. 

>>> I had two job interviews and I was offered them both. It felt pretty excellent. It was awesome to be in a position where I felt like I was choosing the best role for me; the one that would make me happiest (though maybe not a wealthy career woman). I still can’t blog about work (it still involves kids) but as part of my new role I get to bake cakes and snuggle babies. Pretty great! 

>>> I watched the “13th” on Netflix. I highly, highly, highly recommend it. I knew our criminal justice system was broken with outrageous bail, crazy mandatory minimums, etc. But I had no idea how massive and insidious the mass incarceration complex is. And I had no clue about “ALEC” – shudder. 

>>> Valentine’s Day was lovely. Sam actually surprised me on Monday with some lovely flowers as a pre-Valentine’s Day gift. Then he gave me macarons from Bettys and we spent the evening drinking sparkling rose and eating cheese. 

This weekend Sam and I are finally seeing “Cursed Child” after buying our tickets years ago on opening day! What are your weekend plans? 

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  • Gdansk and Ireland? cool!

  • Your new job sounds awesome! Congratulations x
    Sophie Cliff

  • Congrats for the new job, it sounds amazing! xx

  • It’s finally arrived, the Curse Child – YAAAAAAAY! Hope you love the magic of it! ๐Ÿ™‚ Congratulations on the new job, i’m ever so intrigued, it sounds like the absolute dream whatever you’ll be doing! Also, TWO solo trips exploring new places, amazing! Alice xxx


    • Thanks so much Alice! I can’t believe that we booked this darn tickets so long ago and it finally came around! x

  • Congrats on the new job!!! I went to Gdansk on a solo trip this past May and LOVED it!!! I have so many suggestions for you ๐Ÿ™‚ Let me know if you need a hostel recommendation as well…I loved my hostel!

    • I’ve actually already booked my hustle, but thank you so much for offering! I’d love to know what your top 3 Gdansk moments were! (Whenever you have a moment.) xx

  • Congrats on the new job!

  • Congrats on the new job and what a lovely list! I’ve always wanted to travel solo but I just never know how to go about doing it. Have a great trip! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Kayleigh | anenthusiasmfor.blogspot.co.uk

    • Thank you so much! I am a bit nervous, about all my solo trips, but I had some weekends and wanted to travel and my husband couldn’t because of work, so I booked them anyway. We’ll see how they go! x

  • I watched an episode of Santa Clarita but didn’t really get it – shall I persist???
    Thanks for the documentary recommendation – Gem and I love watching one together on a slow Monday afternoon.
    Huge congrats on the job offers!!! Great position to be in choosing!
    And more daylight is definitely fast coming!!!
    Happy Weekend lovely xx

    • Hmm… I do think the first episode is the weakest one (the second half of the series hits more it’s stride in balancing gross out factor and humour) But that being said, I’m a huge horror movie enthusiast so I love a good gentle horror parody. And iZombie is still my favourite Netflix zombie horror – a weirdly expanding niche!

      I hope you have a wonderful weekend Holly! x

  • Never even heard of Santa Clarita so can say never seen it either, but such is life as good ole Ned Kelly said

  • ninegrandstudent

    Go you with the techy stuff! That kind of thing totally panics me too!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    • Honestly I was a wreck. Once I had finally got it fixed and could breath a sigh of relief, I noticed I was shaking and covered in cold sweat and just gave in and had an intense cry. x

  • Ahh have so much fun at Cursed Child – so long in the making!
    Gdansk is absolutely a joy – I think you will find loads (maybe even too much to do) just wandering around the center and oogling the gorgeous buildings. Try a Polish ‘bar mleczny’ – milk bar, which was a Communist-era cafeteria catering especially for workers… cheap prices & authentic Polish food. Unless you go to one of the popular ones like Neptun with a bit higher prices, but the food is always good ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I know – it’s been so long that I don’t even remember where are seats are in the theater! I have visit a a milk bar on my list – but which one would you most recommend? Sense it’s just me by myself I have no internal compass and will definitely get lost in Gdansk loads, but that’s part of the adventure, right?! x

      • I had only been to one (Neptun) which was a really nice one with a location right in the center, but my favorites are the super Polish ones where all the old locals are eating ๐Ÿ™‚ The solidarity sights there are great too if you’re interested in learning about the Polish workers’ resistance to Communism.

  • Cat

    Ooh the “13th” sounds really interesting, will definitely check that out. Thanks for the recommendation – I’ve been a little lost since marathoning all of Gilmore Girls so always on the look-out for things to watch!

    Heaps of congratulations on the new job! C xx

    • It’s so well made is “13th”. It’ll provide a polar opposite genre to Gilmore Girls (which I also love!) And thank you so much, Cat! x

  • O man we loved Santa Clarita Diet and it did make me a bit more excited about driving around California soon!

  • congrats on the job! and that sounds like a fun email to receive, haha:-) also, i’m very jealous of your weekend plans – hope you have the best time! xx

  • You’ve just sold me on Santa Clarita, I didn’t realise each episode was so short! Will be giving that a watch soon! Congrats on the new job too, cakes and babies sounds like a wonderful combination!

    Sarah ๐Ÿ™‚

    Saloca in Wonderland

    • Thanks Sarah! The episodes are super short and you don’t need to give it 100% of your attention, so I found it a great thing to watch whilst I was folding laundry and things like that! x

  • It sounds like you’ve had lots of lovely things happen recently!! I also saw mega cheap deals to Gdansk, but I plan on going later on in the year as I have a polish friend who is *hopefully* going to show me around! I can’t wait to see your pictures so I know where she can take me!

    Also congrats on the new job! xx


    • Thanks Lynsey! Oh man, I wish was going to Gdansk with someone who knew it and would be able to give me a better insight, because I’m sure that it’ll be 75% me getting lost but hopefully stumbling across amazing things. It looks so incredible from what I’ve seen/read about it so I’m super excited! x

  • What a fabulous week!! Congratulations on the job! : D


  • ็ฎ€็บฆไธ็ฎ€ๅ•๏ผŒๅคงๆฐ”ๆœ‰ๅ†…ๆถต๏ผ

  • What fun solo adventures you have coming up! Love when you find great deals like that. And congratulations on the new job!

  • OMG the code and the FTP. Stuf like that sucks in the moment but afterwards you feel all I CAN TAKE OVER THE WORLD I AM MASTER OF EVERYTHING. Because, you know, being dramatic is cool.

    • That’s totally how it feels though! I started thinking things like “I can do anything with computers. Russia should hire me as a hacker. I’m basically Steve Jobs” and then I proceeded to get locked out of my email at work today so swings and roundabouts. X

  • I do feel lucky that I got to see it! x

  • There are too many wonderful things to comment on! First, congrats on the job!! Two, so glad you managed to fix your site, oh my gosh the horror it would be to lose everything! Go you for being on a cover of a book haha how funny and awesome! And hope you enjoy Gdansk ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

    • I can’t underestimate the panic I was in. I was shaking and crying by the end, which maybe seemed like an extreme overreaction now, but at the time, it seemed completely justified! (I’m also not a tech whiz so that kind of thing terrifies me!) x

  • I’ve been meaning to go to Gdansk for SUCH a long time!! I’m really excited to hear about your trip.

    • I’m super excited! I have a huge list of things that I want to do, but I’m sure that I won’t have enough time. x