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Outfitting || Navy Jumpsuit and Looking Like a Flight Attendant

I nabbed this beautiful navy jumpsuit in an ASOS sale. (There were loads left in the sale, so it must not have sold well – I’ve no idea why. It’s really thick and tailored, quite good quality.) We have a few early spring weddings to go to this year, and they’ll fall just at the time of year when it’s not really warm enough for bare legs yet. Most of my wedding appropriate attire is short-sleeved and would definitely necessitate tights, so I wanted to look into an alternative so that I’d still feel dressy enough, but also comfortable and warm. 

This is my first jumpsuit and I’m now an absolute convert. It can be dressed up or down and I’m looking forward to getting loads of wear out of it. Also, one of my favourite things about neighbourhoods in York is that they all have tons of lovely little alleys running through them (Sam calls them snickets). They make for excellent semi-untrafficked places to take outfit photos. Though when this shoot was happening, it must have been a run on our local fish and chips shop, because dozens of people kept walking by with their savoury boxes. 

It also has pockets. POCKETS. I’m a firm believer that all ladies clothing should come with pockets, and a dress having pockets has firmly swayed me to buy it in the past. I did need a little reassurance from Sam that I didn’t look like a flight attendant from the 1970s (I think it was the navy colour plus the cut of the jumpsuit that worried me.) Though I guess that there are worse things in the world than looking like a vintage flight attendant. 

Jumpsuit similar here  || Shoes || Jacket || Lipstick

Are you a jumpsuit convert or do dresses still hold the key to your heart? 

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  • Oh Amanda, I love the jumpsuit on you!
    It’s stunning!

    • Thank you so much, Holly. I’ve already made plans to wear it to a wedding next month. Though I’ll probably try to get away with still wearing flats because comfort is always key! x

  • Ellie

    Love it! Really suits you and your figure! And the colour looks great
    Ellie xxx

  • who’s ready to board?:) nice!

  • Ashley Angle

    This is so cute on you!
    Ashey @ A Cute Angle //

  • Ohhh I really like it! I’ve been enjoying playsuits over the summer, need to try a jumpsuit!

  • This jumpsuit looks amazing on you – I wish I could wear a jumpsuit more often but all mine are more formal <3

    Gisforgingers xx

  • Love this on you! I have trouble finding a flattering jumpsuit, but I’d love to find one in black!

    • I’ve tried on a plethora of awful, unflattering jumpsuits and this is the first one I’ve really liked. I even took a punt on it and ordered it in the ASOS sale without trying it on. It’s quite structured which helps me out. I have quite a high waist because I have a really short torso so most other jumpsuits don’t hit at the right spot for me! x

  • The big question when it comes to jumpsuits: Peeing. How much of a production is it?

    • I find it easier than rompers, if only because my rompers seem never to have zippers – it’s a take it all off affair. This one unzips super low so it seems to not be a problem at the moment, however I’m wearing it at a wedding next month so we’ll see if I’ve changed my tune after a few glasses of prosecco. x

  • i do love a good jumpsuit – and this one looks beautiful! xx

  • Christine Everyday

    I LOVE this look on you! It reminds me of Rosie the Riveter in the BEST possible way.

    • HAhaha I love that actually! Rosie is such a badass, which is not something I tend to associate with myself. x

  • Cute! I don’t think I would have noticed it was flight attendant-ish if you hadn’t mentioned it, although I do have a horrible tendency to leave the house accidentally dressed just like certain people without realizing it: a baseball player, a female Steve Irwin, and a camper/hunter. I have dabbled in jumpers but dresses/skirts always win out!

    • The female Steve Irwin commend definitely made me laugh aloud! I tell Sam he often dresses like he should be teaching a history class at a university. x

  • Oh I LOVE this! I’m a jumpsuit lover as well but I admit they can be a bit hard to style. Pairing it with a leather jacket is a great idea! You look gorgeous (not flight attendant-y at all!)

  • YES YES YES! Totally feeling this 70s inspired jumpsuit. I’ll always remember my first uniform in travel and I felt like an air hostes, I felt the bomb diggity!
    This certainly is a great alternative to your usual dresses for a wedding!
    Bee |

    • Thanks Bee! I always thought it would be a super glamorous job, but the reality of air travel these days is less than glamorous (maybe because I only ever fly economy πŸ˜‰ ) xx

  • I LOVE a good jumpsuit! and this one looks amazing on you! Also YES THEY ARE SNICKETS! The young man does not believe me when I say that is a well known word for alleys (ginnel is another I’m pretty fond of!) xx

    • Sam’s brother calls them ‘gunnels’ and someone on instagram called them “snickelways” which is also quite good. (And thank you so much!) xx

  • I always adore a dress, but this is cute as – plus I adore the low enough to be sexy, not dipped enough to be brazen neckline! (PS ALL THE POCKETS – we were just saying the other day someone should open a ‘clothing with pockets’ store!)

  • Pockets are just an instant mood booster, don’t you think?! x

  • I struggle with jumpsuits as they are never long enough of me. Plus without being too graphic – I’m always scared of them giving me the dreaded ‘camel toe’!! You look ah-mazing though, such a good colour on you!

    Annabel β™₯

    Mascara & Maltesers

    • Thanks so much Annabel! It did take me awhile to find a jumpsuit that I liked where the proportions were right! x

  • Cute! I love jumpsuits! They are very comfortable and look way more put together than I always expect!

  • Um, you just made me want to buy a jumpsuit.

  • Harrie

    The jumpsuit really, really suits you. And so what if you look like a flight attendant, you rock it!xx

  • I love this, that jumpsuit looks so so good on you! I now really want to get a jumpsuit, but I’ve found it so hard to find one that fits my proportions, I guess I will just have to keep hunting!

    • Thanks so much Amy! And to be honest, it took me a really long time to find a jumpsuit with the waist in the right place for me. So don’t give up! Your perfect one is out there! x

  • Looking good! It’s very Katniss Everdeen at the reaping in Catching Fire! And I definitely second the idea of pockets on ALL clothes for women!

    • Emma (London Kiwi) wants to start a clothing company that will ONLY sell women’s clothes with pockets and I am totally on board with that! x

  • It looks great on you!

  • Oh man, I only saw the pic on your instagram and not the one with the leather jacket! SO FREAKING CUTE. You totally rock this outfit. xx

  • I loooove them, but have the same problem all the time, never long enough, same with long dresses. I’m not even stupidly tall or have really long legs, it’s just so difficult. One day I’ll find one though, they are super comfy.

    • I have that problem too – I have almost zero torso so all my height is in my legs and most one pieces look ridiculously short on me (and all Gap jeans – why do they run so short?!) x