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Khai Island is off the the coast near Phuket, Thailand in Phang Nga Bay. It’s a 30 minute ride by speed boat from Phuket Royal marina. It’s part of Ao Phang Nga National Park. The island is tiny – you could probably walk the perimeter of the island in about 5 minutes, and the only things there are some food and drink stalls so plan on just relaxing, swimming and having a few drinks if you visit. There’s actually a fair variety of fish in the water nearby so you can snorkel off one side of the island (the current is too strong to do so off the other). 

If you’re going out to visit either the Phi Phi Islands, or James Bond Island, your boat will probably make a stop off at Khai Island as well. Make sure you bring a beach towel with you on your visit, or have change because if you want to sit in one of the sun loungers on the island, you’ll have to pay a small fee. Sam and I just sat on the sand, but we are rebels like that. Because of its isolation and situation, I expected the bar to be phenomenally overpriced, but it was fairly average compared to drinks in Phuket and elsewhere in Phang Nga. 

Now I absolutely loved Khai Island, and I know that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be there. However, it did have some drawbacks: mainly that it was super crowded from people on other boats that had pulled up for the afternoon, and those people literally thought nothing of littering all over the place. It seemed to be quite the party island and people thought nothing of leaving their beer bottles on shore. So that’s hugely upsetting. But if I could have waved away half the people, it would have been epic. 

We traveled out to Khai Island with SeaStar and we found them to be really great value for money for the James Bond Island tour package. 

Is there any particularly gorgeous place that you wish you were at right now? 

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  • Ohhh that’s horrible that there’s so much litter! Do you think the locals go around and clear it all up after everyone has left each evening? Is food and drink generally quite cheap in Thailand compared to other places you’ve visited? Alice xxx

    • Since it’s technically still National Park land they must have a service that cleans it up each evenings, its just so upsetting to see people throw their trash in the water. I was fuming. It was so gorgeous and they are ruining something with their laziness! x

  • Ohhhh these photos just make me want to hop on a plane and hang out on a beach! x
    Sophie Cliff

    • I wish I was back there right now! My tan has already considerably faded – I knew it would never make it to bare legs season! x

  • oo james bond island:))

  • A Chang on the beach, what else do you need?:)
    xx finja |

  • This place really looks like real paradise. I’m in desperate need of holiday and just looking at these photos makes me want to book a holiday immediately. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  • Looks amazing the water is so clear

  • Oh wow, I never went ro Khai Island! I looove Phi Phi!

    T x

    • It’s cool isn’t it?! It’s not very far away from Phi Phi at all so you’ll have basically experienced it already! x

  • Such a cute island!!

  • a bummer about the crowds and the trash, but it still looks like a better view than I have right now πŸ™‚

  • Miu

    Oh no, I hate when people litter the landscape! So inconsiderate πŸ™
    I would like to be at a beach too, now, it doesn’t even have to be one particular one πŸ˜€ However, the weather is nice over here too, so I’ll probably go to the park later instead πŸ˜‰

    • The weather is really lovely here to. Hope you had a great weekend and got to go to the park! xx