Life Lately || 10 Things That Have Made Me Happy

Happy St Patrick’s Day! I’ve been sick all week and selfishly refused to take off work and not spread my germs around, so I’ve been coming home, surrounding myself in a nest of tissue and falling asleep on the sofa. Sam’s a lucky guy to have such a classy lady. But regardless, life has been pretty good these past two weeks! 

10 Things That Have Made Me Happy Recently

>>> I baked homemade Dutch oven bread (recipe coming imminently) and used some of the leftovers to toast for turkey bacon, avocado and egg brekkie. It was delicious. Here are some photos if you don’t believe me: 

>>> I received some absolutely stunning flowers from work. You can see them on my instagram feed, if you missed it. 

>>> I saw “50 Shades” at the discount movie day in our local cinema. It was a million percent ridiculous, but also unintentionally hilarious. Also Jamie Dornan does this crazy push-up thing and I thought it had to be a stunt double, but it’s really him. 

>>> When we were in Scarborough for the weekend, we were able to meet up with family at LoveBrew for Spanish Chips. I HIGHLY recommend them. 

>>> Danielle came to York for Sunday lunch round ours (and a trip to the National Railway Museum). It is great to have friends in the area, especially ones that plot kidnapping Emma with me. 

>>> We had the best time at the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel over the weekend. You can read yesterday’s post all about it. That tasting menu? Absolutely dreamy! 

>>> Hotel Chocolat sent me their Mother’s Day sleekster to taste test – it’s fab and I’m surprised that I don’t look like a chocolate now from eating so many. 

>>> Now that some of Project Runway is on UK Netflix, I’ve been rewatching old episodes. It’s so good. I still love Mondo after all this time. 

>>> Lindsay is pretty much the best and I came home from work with a box of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies awaiting me. Best day ever! 

>>> Watching Crufts last weekend filled me with joy. That giant English sheepdog was amazing! 

What are you up to this weekend? Did anything exciting happen this week?

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  • Zara

    That breakfast looks absolutely incredible! I haven’t seen any of the recent seasons of Project Runway so I was so excited when I saw it was on Netflix yesterday! xx

    • They only have a few seasons on at the moment, so hopefully the keep adding more! It was so nice to be back in the Project Runway world again! x

  • Dutch oven bread? Dear god, they need a new name for that…

  • Oooooh I think I need to check LoveBrew out next time I’m in Scarborough! x
    Sophie Cliff

    • My other top Scarborough recommendation would be Yay! Coffee – the coffee is good, but it’s also the best hummus I’ve ever had! x

  • Sounds like a gorgeous week you’ve had, especially one that includes lots of yummy food!
    Bee xxx

  • Happy Friday! Sounds like you’ve had a lovely two weeks! Hope you feel better soon! I’ll put Spanish Chips on my Scarborough itinerary, although it would be a hard sell to my parents to get them away from their traditional fish and chips! xx

    • Haha – the Spanish chips are total worth a solo visit! I was sad that we made the decision to share an order πŸ˜‰ Sam thinks that Cappleman’s in Scarborough is the best fish and chips in England. (It’s off of Prospect Road). No matter where we go, he always claims that Cappleman’s is better! x

  • This is so lovely, and that breakfast looks AMAZING! I will be eagerly awaiting the bread recipe. Hope you have a lovely weekend full of lots more wonderful things! xx

  • Do you think you and Sam will ever get a dog? I love that your friend sent you thin mints from all the way over the pond! Especially whilst you’ve been feeling crap! Get well soon!!! Alice xxx

    • After our landlord gave us permission last month we immediately started looking! πŸ˜‰ We’ll definitely get a dog. We made the #adulting decision that we’d wait until *hopefully* Sam gets his license at the end of May so that if there was every an emergency we’d be able to put the dog in the car and hop to a 24-hour vet asap. But it’s given us a lot of time to think about what kind of dog we want. Sam grew up with retrievers, and I had mini schnauzers growing up, and we both love sausage dogs. (Basically, I could talk about dogs for days, but I’ll stop before this becomes the longest comment ever.) x

      • Amanda…!!! Literally the day after this discussion started my parents decided to rehome another dog – he’s called Stirling (not sure on the name yet…) 15 months old and another Deerhound like our other girl Lark. Pretty boisterous currently and he’s huge compared, but a very gentle and sweet dog I think! xxx

  • You are welcome for those cookies! I’m just glad you enjoy my Girl Scout cookie passion πŸ˜‰ xx

  • Lots of gorgeous happy things!
    HOpe you feel better soon love!
    Holly xxx ///

  • I’ve been obsessed with Project Runway since it appeared on Netflix and I definitely think Mondo should have won, even though I appreciate that Gretchen is a sustainable designer.


    • Yes! Those are my feelings on that season exactly! I loved Mondo’s personality and outlook on life, but I’d be more likely to wear Gretchen’s clothing. xx

  • aww thanks for the netflix tip! just switched heidi and co on.. πŸ™‚
    xx finja |

  • I still haven’t watched 50 shades, I think i’m going to have to wait for it to rent now! I’ve done nothing this weekend apart from drop some stuff off at the charity shop and food shopping. The weather’s been bad though (as i’m sure you now) so that is my excuse!
    Amy at Amy & More

    • That actually reminds me that I need to drop some things off at our local charity shop!

      If you have netflix, I noticed that the first 50 shades film has just gone on. (Though honestly, you’re really not missing much!) xx

  • Imminent kiwi kidnapping will happen haha. Also I totally saw project runway was on netflix! I’ve already seen them all as used to be obsessed (wanted to be a fashion designer at one point, have no sense of fashion, would never have worked out) so am looking forward to re-watching them.

    • I was obsessed with Project Runway too. I just finished rewatching the Mondo-Gretchen season and I had so many feelings that just came flooding back! x

  • Oh my gosh I REALLY want the recipe for that dutch oven bread brunch! It looks amazing!