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Life Lately || 10 Things That Made Me Happy

Happy Friday everyone. I’m so glad that it is Friday today; all day yesterday I was convinced it was Friday so that was fairly disappointing.  It’s been a few weeks since I waded in with 10 Things That Made Me Happy. Life has been pretty busy over the last two weeks, but it’s been really great! 

>>> I am loving work. It’s so nice to feel that way (and it’s such a privilege, I know.) 

>>> After buying our tickets on the day they went on sale (in 2015?!?!) Sam and I finally saw “Cursed Child” . I thought the production value was incredible. They actually made magic seem real. In full disclosure, I think the plot is really lame and the character developments are a bit poor but it was an absolute spectacle and I recommend it solely for that reason. #keepthesecrets It was strange seeing it after all this time, especially since Sam was part of the audition process way back when. And he made it so far along, dammit! But it was also interesting to pick his brain on what has changed, in his opinion, since the early drafts that he got to read. 

We also had a few friends in the cast, and after Part 2 was over one of them had us in backstage. It was AMAZING to get to be on the stage amongst all the props and set. I don’t want to describe it because I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it but I was massively geeking out standing on that stage. 

Also because Sam and I left through the stage door, we were escorted out through the receiving line of fans several of which took our photos and congratulated us on such a good show. It’s probably because I have generic girl face and Sam looks vaguely like Harry Potter; I panicked and just tucked my head into my chest like a receeding turtle, whilst Sam just thanked everyone for their compliments. Apologies to everyone who has a photo of us, thinking that we were in the show. Sorry. But it was funny. 

>>> This is probably the most #adulting thing I’ve ever written, but our bathroom/kitchen extension of the house got a new roof. (Thanks landlord!) The old one had been leaking and damaging the walls quite badly in the bathroom, so it’s amazing to actually have a dry and warm space for the first time since we’ve moved in.

>>> I’ve been going to yoga classes twice a week lately, and it feels amazing. Though I’m still having some lower back problems, but hopefully I’ll work them out eventually. 

>>> I ate the “Cluck-o-saurus Rex” at Bryon. Basically it was a buttermilk chicken smothered in spicy sauce, jalapeños, cheese and bacon. It was worth a million dollars and I can’t eat another one for at least a year or else my heart will promptly stop. It has to be awful for you, but it was so darn tasty. 

>>> Sudio sent me the most gorgeous pair of headphones. They are so comfortable and they revolutionised my walk to work. When I spoke to their team I explained that earbuds tend to cause me a lot of pain, and that I even struggle with headphones sometimes. They recommended the Regent headphones and they were right – they are such a dream. The softness is perfect and the bluetooth connection to my phone is really smooth. They also come with interchangeable plates for the ears. As you can see in the photo below I have in a marble effect, but there’s also a very clean white with gold strip. 

They are very nicely offering Rhyme & Ribbons readers 15% off with the code ‘rhymeandribbons15

>>> Sam and I had a date night on Saturday. He made cocktails and then we went out to the Oxo Restaurant in York for a super scrumptious meal. We also played bananagrams, as you do before a date. I purposefully didn’t bring my camera so that our evening didn’t start to feel like work. (I couldn’t resist taking a few snaps though!) 

>>> Spring is in the air! Not that it really feels any warmer yet, and it’s been super rainy in York BUT having light last until at least 5:30 pm these days is wonderful! 

>>> I just discovered that the York Library has a system where if you can’t physically check a book out from one of their libraries because they don’t have it, then some are offered for electronic check out so you can download a copy. I find that so exciting! 

>>> This week has also been a week of fun holidays. Tuesday was filled with tasty pancakes in the evenings (Sam is now an American style pancake convert). We had some lemon and some maple syrup. It was glorious. And since Thursday was World Book Day, I enjoyed seeing what friends’ children dressed up as and tried to decide what I would have picked at say, age 7. It probably would have been something super cool like Laura Ingalls Wilder or Sherlock Holmes (remember this would have been pre-Harry Potter). It’s surprising that I had friends.

What has made you happy recently? 

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