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Some days I just try to will the weather to bend to my will by dressing for the weather that I want. Like if I wear a spring outfit, spring will actually be here. This is one of my favourite jumpers because it’s utterly perfect for slouchy sweater days. The days you just want to be cozy and laze about. I’ve worn it 4 out of 7 days this winter, guaranteed. 

Excuse my messy hair, it’s a bit in need of a trim and I’m thinking about taking it even shorter next time, but we’ll see. This isn’t a particularly fashionable outfit post and it most definitely isn’t re-inventing the wheel but it is a peak into my day to day wardrobe. What I wear around when I’m not dressed up for anything in particular. The shirt is actually Sam’s. I steal a lot of his shirts to wear around because they are so comfortable, but this one he legitimately donated to me because it didn’t fit him correctly. 

This post is also an ode to the doors of York, because it is a Doors of Instagram heaven. Most of the brick in the city centre is a really yellowy grey colour so a lot of the doors are really bright so that they pop out. I have door envy most days. This was my first real blogger moment where I covertly jumped into other people’s doorways to nab a front door fashion shot. I feel like I joined a secret club. But a rubbish one, because I was a bit nervous about people coming out of their homes and yelling at me to get off their lawn – or the York equivalent. 

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What does your go-to daily outfit look like? 

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