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There are a lot of new readers around here so, I thought it was time to introduce myself properly. And by properly, I mean blitz you with some random facts. 

50 Random Facts About Me

This is me getting chased by a dinosaur in Crystal Palace Park. That’s the kind of person I am. Someone a dinosaur would chase. 

>>> I kill all plants. I don’t know how. Or why. Succulents, lilies, if it’s green I can kill it. We have some beautiful plants and they are all due to Sam.
>>> My eyes don’t have a color. Some days they are green, some days grey, some days blue. It all depends on what I am wearing and the amount of light. 
>>> I love pandas. Like I really love pandas. Seeing them at the Edinburgh Zoo was one of the greatest days of my life. It’s my life’s mission to cuddle a panda before I die. 
>>> I have an intense sweet tooth. I have to have something sweet at least once a day. 
>>> My favourite literary couple are Will and Lyra from Pullman’s “His Dark Materials”. 
>>> As a New Mexican, I get really sniffy about our cuisine. I’ve been known to lecture people on the fact that what they think is Mexican food is actually New Mexican food. (Or Tex-Mex.)
>>> I cry really easily. Sad commercial? Tears. New leaflet from the RSPCA? Tears. 
>>> Let’s not mince words: I was a massive nerd growing up. My favourite thing to do was read. Basically, it was the only thing I ever wanted to do. 
>>> At university I had dual degrees. One in international relations with a focus in conflict resolution. The other in theatre studies. My MA is in theatre studies. 
>>> I have seen “Moulin Rouge” more than I’ve seen any other film. 

>>> I’m conversational in Spanish but I also studied French and Latin. 
>>>  I used to be addicted to diet coke. I’d have about 3 or 4 a day. In 2016 I totally kicked my habit and can go months without one now. 
>>> I’m a night owl. 
>>> My favourite role I ever played in a show was Hedda from Ibsen’s “Hedda Gabbler”.  But I also really enjoyed being Beatrice in “Much Ado About Nothing” and Audrey in “As You Like It”. 
>>> I can never get bored of reading / seeing the Potter films and movies. I’ve always known I was a Ravenclaw but when I was younger I was upset because I really wanted to be a Gryffindor. Now I just own being Ravenclaw material. 
>>> I went through a period of time when I only would read books in the Latin American Magical Realism genre. I was hard-core into it for awhile. 
>>> I don’t eat seafood and once when I was little I accidentally killed a bunch of pet fish. I’m still doing penance for that act. 
>>> I have massive issues with anxiety. But luckily it’s been a long time since I’ve experienced a really bad shame spiral of doom episode.
>>> People used to stop me on the street to me that I reminded them of Kirsten Dunst. I found it really annoying. Luckily it’s eased off since going brunette. 
>>> I’m on my 4th round of UK visas. I have one more application (ILR) before I finally can qualify for dual citizenship. 

>>>Sam and I met in the computer labs at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. He  gave me his phone number on the tiniest piece of notebook paper known to man. 
>>> I’m a huge history nerd. I’m that person that doesn’t get travel burnout on seeing historical site after historical site. I love ’em. History was my best subject in school. 
>>> I won a poetry award when I graduated from University and I’ve had poetry published in several locations. That’s where the name of my blog came from originally. 
>>> Dion’s Pizza in New Mexico is some of the greatest pizza in the world, and no amount of Franco Manca will convince me otherwise. 
>>> I can be super shy in person and it can take me a long time to warm up to people. 
>>> I learned to swim really early. My mom had me in baby swim classes at 9 months. I actually can’t remember a time when I didn’t know how to swim. I swam competitively for 5 years with zero long term aspirations to being a swimmer, but just because I liked being in the pool. I had zero competitive drive and I apologise to my teammates retrospectively. In meets, I usually swam backstroke. 
>>> I was on the Model UN team at school. We flew around the country participating in mock UN setups with other schools. I spent an entire year as a delegate from Turkey once. 
>>> I have resting bitch face and it’s just what my damn face looks like. I’m not sad. That’s just my face.
>>> I hated math with a fiery passion in school. I still sometimes have nightmares about calculus class and my graphing calculator. 
>>> I never feel really settled into a new place until I’ve registered for a library card. 

>>> I’ve been really lucky and I’ve never had any trouble with my skin. But I did have braces for 5 years and I have coke bottle glasses for my appalling sight so I guess that was my trade off. 
>>> I didn’t get my first mobile (cell) phone till I went away to university. 
>>> I was always Baby Spice in Spice Girls re-enactment games. I secretly wanted to be Posh. 
>>> Two things make me feel really envious: people buying homes and women announcing their pregnancies. The first because we are too poor, the second because for visa reasons, we can’t have a child. 
>>> I find sports really boring. I just can’t muster any enthusiasm for them. I do, however, like snacks you get when you attend sports games. Especially baseball game snacks. 
>>> Not only am I a terrible driver, but I also hate driving. You do not want me behind the wheel of a car that you are a passenger in. 
>>> I can fold my hands in half and make either sides of my palms flat against each other. It makes my hands look like squids. #squidhands
>>> Pink was still my favourite colour past the age of 12, but I wanted to be cool so I would lie and say my favourite colour was red.
>>> I don’t actually like drinking water. I have to actively make myself. 
>>> I’ve been the same height (5′ 6 1/2”) since I was 12. That was a really hard age for me because I was Manda-zilla compared to everyone else, and there wasn’t a single boy in my year who was taller than me. Luckily everyone caught up eventually. 

>>> I wanted to be a lawyer or a marine biologist growing up. I didn’t actually know anything about marine biology. I just thought it would be cool to hang out on a boat all day and get paid to swim with fish. 
>>> I’ve broken both legs, and my collar bone (all at separate times). Not to mention countless toes. Losing toenails is no fun and I recommend avoiding it. 
>>> I love horror movies and being scared. The scarier the better. It’s rare for me to come across a horror film that I haven’t seen.
>>> I’d really like to have my own cookbook one day. 
>>> I’ve long toyed with the idea of getting my yoga license. I’ve talked to Sam about it a lot now that we are in York and classes are cheaper and that’s a long-term life option for me. 
>>> I’m not really a drinker. I enjoy a good cocktail on special occasions, a glass of wine at a nice dinner, or bubbles but that’s it really. I’m not a massive fan of sitting at the pub all day for that reason. 
>>> I had a homemade Dorothy costume that I really loved as a kid. I basically refused to take it off for almost an entire year. I’m surprised I have any friends at all. 
>>> I was in a sorority and loved every minute of it. 3 of my 5 bridesmaids were from my sorority. 
>>> Textures make or break a food for me. I can’t even think about cottage cheese without gagging. 
>>> The first thing I do when I come through the front door is change into pj trousers. I’m never dressed to be seen in public when I’m planning on being in the house all day.

Phew! It actually became hard to think of 50 things about myself by the end. What are your top 5 random facts about yourself? Or do any of yours overlap with mine? 

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  • THIS is everything, I love it! Also it entirely proves why we are totally compatible as friends. I read through it basically repeating “ME TOO” for so many! I don’t have set eye colour in the fact they’re bluey browny green. I also have a crazy sweet tooth, have spent more hours watching moulin rouge than is probably advisable, we’re night loving Ravenclaws, and nerds, and book lovers….the list goes on! It made me sad to think you and Sam can’t have babies until your next visa application though! When will that be, it feels like you’ve only just got your last one? Love this idea for a post, it must have taken you ages to think up everything! Alice xxx

    • The last visa was around this time last year so the next is in about 18 months. (Then citizenship the year after, all being well.) Haha this is basically the schedule of why we can never buy a house- because the UK border agency takes all my spare money!

      Do you have a favourite part of Moulin Rouge? I think I’ve watched the Tango scene more than any other. Chills. X

      • Wow that’s such a long process, and so tricky! I love El Tango de Roxanne, but our family favourites are the scenes with Spectacular Spectacular and Like a Virgin as Zidler is just an amazing character! xxx

  • I cry easily too:) and prefer not to drive:) and I’m terrible at keeping plants alive too:) have dual degrees as well:)

    • Excellent things to have in common! (Except for the plant one- we’d probably both like it better if we could keep things alive!) x

  • I love this Amanda!! I kill any plant thing alive too (even cactus) and have a huge sweet tooth for cake and am not really a drinker. I’d like to be Gryffindor, but I don’t think I am. But I also don’t feel smart enough for Ravenclaw (but I refuse to be Hufflepuff… though let’s be honest, that’s probably what I am lol). I didn’t know about the baby thing :(… are you able to have one after you get dual citizenship?

    • I think you’d totally be smart enough to be a Ravenclaw! (My brother likes to joke that I’m a Slytherin anyway!)

      I *should* be able to qualify for dual citizenship in about 2.5 years all being well (though with politics at the moment it’s hard to count on any law being the same in a few years!) x

  • Hilarious overlap. I also have a black thumb, also didn’t get a mobile until university, also met my husband at university, MASSIVE history nerd (my degree), and I have RBF (but I rather enjoy it).

    • Haha I don’t mind my RBF but I hate when people ask me why I’m sad. I’m not. That’s literally just the way my face is. *one million eye rolls!* x


    Will and Lyra 4eva <3

    • Thanks Katy!!! I’m hoping we get a reunion in later of the new books, but it would be like Pullman to break our hearts more so I’m bracing myself! X

  • When did you decide against marine biology? Was it when you accidentally killed all the fish?

    I can’t believe you never got to live out your Posh Spice dreams! In our reinactments threre were always a suplus of Babys and Gingers. No one wanted to be to be Posh and we had trouble getting curly haired people to stick with it for Scary. Sporty went through ups and downs but eventually our die hard Sporty defected to Gingerism and ruined my life.

    Hard times.

    • Haha oddly enough, I didn’t side against marine biology until years after I killed a load of fish. Fish murder- meh. Science class- NOOOOO.

      I’d love to know if the most sought after Spice Girls characters broke down by country/region. Surely someone has done research on this, right? X

  • Amy Eade

    I kill about half of my plants – I do better with succulents! I’m super shy too, people just need to give me a chance and then I’ll be normal haha!
    Amy xx

    • Haha I’ve even killed some succulents so you’re doing better than I am! I can be super talkative around people I know well- it just takes me some time to get there! X

  • I love this post – I love reading random facts about other bloggers (I guess I must be really nosy!) 😀 I’m the same with drinking – I’m happy to have the occasional nice cocktail and whatnot, but I’m just not that bothered about it. A lot of my friends have never really got it, but now we’re going into our late twenties, they’re finally starting to understand I think! I also cry really easily and was (still am!) a massive nerd that only ever wants to read. And that would be amazing to get a yoga teacher licence – you should definitely do that!! Then I’ll come to your classes – York is close enough by for me to do so 😀

    • Hahaha I might be a rubbish yoga teacher but I totally appreciate the vote of confidence so you’ll be the first person I tell!

      I get deadly hangovers now so it definitely curbs my desire to ever get too pissed 😉 But in all seriousness, I usually have more fun sober (which probably sounds super lame) x

  • I love posts like this, probably because I am way too curious about people–or we could just call it nosy and be done with it. I completely agree about not being settled until you have a library card, I am also shy with new people, I don’t really care about drinking, and yes, sports are boring. Dare I confess that I have never seen “Moulin Rouge”?

    • Haha it’s completely fine to have not seen Moulin Rouge. I think I was at just the perfect age when it first come out to become thoroughly eobsessed by it (and in love with Ewan Mcgregor) Hope you have a great day! X

  • Rosie

    I love posts like this.
    1. I wanted to either be a journalist or a synchronised swimmer when I was a kid. I ended up being a medical secretary instead.
    2. I was stoned during my French GCSE but still got a B.
    3. I have a pet whippet who I spoil incessantly.
    4. The idea of a capsule wardrobe terrifies me – I love having lots of clothes!
    3. I had a huge crush on my sister’s friend when I was about 12. I then went onto marry him.

    • I oh my goodness, I LOVE that you married your childhood crush! That’s so wonderful!

      Did you ever do any synchronized swimming? It looks so beautiful and effortless but I know it must be so insanely hard! X

      • Rosie

        Sadly not. I was a real water baby as a kid but as I got older, I went off it somewhat. Luckily, the same can’t be said about my husband!

  • I love these types of posts. It makes me feel so much more connected to people! We have some things in common, like I’ve been the same height since I was 12 (5’7″). I always felt like a monster compared to everyone else!
    1. I’m a Hufflepuff and INFJ.
    2. My dimples are my favorite things about my physical appearance.
    3. I become terribly obsessed when I’m into a series (books or tv).
    4. Mexican food (or Tex-Mex) is my favorite type of food. I could eat it every meal (that or Chick-fil-a).
    5. I had a terrible bike wreck when I was 9, so now at 26, I am still terrified of riding a bicycle.

    • 12-13 were the hardest years heightwise. After that most people caught up but it was rough then, right?

      INFJs unite! Even though it’s the mistake rare combination I’ve found that it’s fairly common amongst bloggers- there must be something about blogging that draws our type in! X

      • Yes. It was so hard to be so tall at that age, but it’s normal now!

        Crazy that you’re an INFJ too! Wowza.

  • I can’t believe you get nightmares about calculus! That’s so funny (but also seems like a very plausible thing. Derivatives are scary).

    • Hahahaha so scary! Even overhearing someone say the word “function” makes my stomach drop! 😉 x

  • I love these facts posts! Fun fact about me, I’ve been 5’7&1/2″ since I was ten years old, so I feel you pain. HOWEVER, last year at all my different doctors appts I had, I was consistently measured at 5’8&1/2″ and I’LL TAKE IT. I chalk that extra inch up to stretching for a year and half in my MA haha. It LITERALLY made me taller…maybe…I refuse to accept any other measurement now. FIVE FOOT EIGHT BABY! xx

    • It’s why I have such bad posture- because I spent so many years being a giant and wasn’t super awkward about it. I mean, I’m a totally normal sized lady now but at 10 I was a monster.

  • Dion’s

    Hi Amanda, we are honored that we made your list, and that you consider our pizza the best in the world.
    You have fantastic style, and we are enjoying your blog, now that we’ve found it. Cheers! -Brianna

    • Thanks so much, Brianna. I mean every word. Not a single pizza I’ve had anywhere in Europe rivals your pepperoni and green chile (with a side of turkey and provolone salad….yum!!!)

  • So many things in common I never would have known! Like Spanish/French/Latin, being jealous of houses and babies (for visa reasons), I hit my current height in sixth grade, textured food (everyone in Hungary is obsessed with curd cheese on desserts and I CANNOT), and my pants come off the second I come home, because WHY NOT? Fun to get to know you more 🙂 xo

  • So many fun facts! And I would love to see a Rhyme and Ribbons cookbook!

  • This was really fun to read! But tell me – what are the visa (legal) reasons about not having a child? That was an odd one to hear about! I was in a sorority too and 2/3 of my bridesmaids were from there 🙂 (although I am not a real sorority girl… I liked the sisterhood and everything but I was just…. different… although I made some really great friends there)
    Now that you mentioned it, I can see why people said you looked like Kirsten Dunst…

    • The UK has awful spouse visa laws and to bring a foreign spouse the British citizen needs to make x amount of money. If there’s a child the amount of money the per year goes up ridiculously. (My income doesn’t get counted with Sam’s so even though he could totally support me on a maternity leave, if we had a kid he wouldn’t make the arbitrary (ridiculously high) number the UK has set so my visa would be revoked and I’d be deported. Over 60% of the country wouldn’t be able to have a family if these rules applied to everyone. But once I get permanent leave to remain in the UK, then we could. (BUT the political state of the UK isn’t that much better than America at the moment so who knows what craziness might happen between now and then.)

      • Jeebus, could that be any more strict/horrible?! I knew UK visa restrictions were strict but it seems more so than USA’s! I hope you do get that permanent leave to remain in the UK eventually!

        • All being well, I should qualify in 1.5 years, but who knows! I feel like the future has never been more up in the air for immigrants! x

  • Great to know a little more about you

  • this was fun! I was also a book nerd growing up and had to be pried away from the pages. [actually, that’s still true.] one thing I will never understand is how people can lounge around the house in jeans or slacks – instantaneous removal of pants is necessary for comfort. I feel you on the house/baby envy too – though hopefully once I get my digestive system figured out I can try using my reproductive one. I hope all your visa stuff gets worked out as quickly as possible! oh- and I think you would make an AMAZING cookbook 🙂

    • I’m so sorry about all your digestive issues the past few years. Have you been feeling better lately? x

      • yes, thankfully! I think my body is healing from the c diff finally, and I am going to see a food allergist in April back in the US. hoping to get some more answers.

  • Can we please be friends?! What a fun post, and it is great way to get to know you a little more. I have reading issues too. I frequently have to have books pried out of my hands. And textures with food is a big thing for me too! My boyfriend thinks it’s weird. Lol!

  • Kourtney Reece

    Wow. I think we would get along great. I love to read as well. I’m probably in my room majority of the time reading a new book. I was a little surprised about the visa issue and having a child. I’ve never heard of that. That’s interesting that is a law. I also have resting bitch face. I’ve become used to it. It’s my face, deal with it. I wanted to be zoo keeper for the elephants or a veterinarian for zoo animals when I was younger. I love animals. Still do. Cool list by the way.

    • As you know, UK visa applications are super stressful. The UK has awful spouse visa laws and to bring a foreign spouse the British citizen needs to make x amount of money. If there’s a child the amount of money the per year goes up ridiculously. So even though Sam could totally support me on a maternity leave, if we had a kid he wouldn’t make the arbitrary (ridiculously high) number the UK has set so my visa would be revoked and I’d be deported. Basically if we were rich this wouldn’t be a problem.

      When you make it back over to the UK you have to go to Edinburgh Zoo then – I definitely prefer it to Zoo London (and they have pandas!) x

      • Kourtney Reece

        That’s crazy. I would have never thought you would have to meet those kind of requirements to start a family. =/
        I’ll be back over there Saturday. =D I may just go to the Edinburgh Zoo one of those days. Sounds fun. I’m just happy to be going back.

        • YAY!!! I’m so happy for you! How long is your visit?

          • Kourtney Reece

            Spring Break week so from Saturday, the 11th to the 19th. I’m just happy to be coming back. I love London. I can see myself living there.

  • Aw your photo is so cute! We have a lot in common too. I’m also a total crybaby, bookworm, love pandas and I’m a fellow Ravenclaw. It’s so cool that you have published your poetry! What a fab achievement.

    I don’t know how you can watch horror films though haha. They are far too scary for me!


    • There’s something I really like about being scared in a film- I know how weird that is though! 😉 x

  • Yessss with the Mexican, New Mexican, and Tex Mex food! There is a difference people!

  • Yes, cry babies for life! I never used to cry, now I do it all the time. I cried my eyes out watching The Secret Life of Pets, and I don’t even know why! I think it’s better to feel everything rather than nothing at all though x

    • The Secret Life of Pets DESTROYED me. 24 Hours in A&E is always my ultimate undoing though. I almost can’t bear it! But I think you’re totally right – to many feelings has to be better than too few! x

  • I also have intense sweet tooth and I have to actively discourage myself from eating anything sweet. It can be annoying 😀 And I wouldn’t say I don’t have an eye colour, but the colour changes depending on the lighting. Usually it is something between green, blue and grey with a touch of yellowish or brown 😀


    • I could spend the entire day only eating sweet things, if I let myself! Where as Sam would much prefer a savoury. x

  • Miu

    I squealed when I read the header in the preview – 50 facts about one of my favourite bloggers! 😀

  • 1. I also don’t put on proper clothes unless I’m leaving the house, I’m sure the postman always thinks I’ve just got out of bed when in fact I just wear pj’s all day.
    2. If I don’t have at least two holidays planned a year I get super itchy feet and anxious I’ll have no fun, so I normally have most of my holidays planned way ahead of time (this also helps make them a lot cheaper!)
    3. I love dogs, and want a dog so bad but we have two cats that would absolutely hate life if we brought a dog in. Also Adam isn’t a massive dog person. I will more than likely just come home with one one day. 4. I will normally chose savoury things over sweet.
    5. I went through a phase of basically breaking a bone/being injured/having a surgery every year, but since I moved to England with free healthcare no broken bones or surgeries (knock on wood)

    You did well thinking of 50 things, I thought it was hard thinking of 5 haha.

    • 1 – same! I’m convinced ours thinks I’m the laziest person ever!
      5- Did you have everyone sign your cast when you broke something? (I did and found it daily exciting/worth the break). x

  • I absolutely love this post!
    You and I would be such good friends! haha!

    • Thanks Tayler! If you ever write a similar post I’d love to read it to learn more randomness about you! 😉 xx

  • This is such a lovely post, Amanda – I feel I know you a lot better now! Love the bits about your eye colour (my boyfriend totally has the same thing going on and sometimes it really freaks me out) and the way you and Sam met – so adorable, and so lovely that you have a shared background of theatre school. And I need to be schooled on the fine distinctions between Mexican/New Mexican/Tex-Mex food! xx