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On a rainy Sunday, Sam and I decided to peruse the National Railway Museum in York. We made the mistake of going on a weekend during a school holiday and it was absolutely rammed. However, we still enjoyed ourselves. As a non-train lover, I was perhaps not the target audience, but I still really enjoyed looking at all the old trains. (And seeing some of the more modern pieces like the EuroStar and Japanese Bullet trains.) 

The museum spans 300 years of train history. My favourite artefacts in the collection were the old train station signs, as well as the old train name plates. Plus getting a nose round some of the old royal trains, including Queen Victoria’s was really amazing. King Edward VII’s train is literally nicer than most places that I’ve ever lived. 

One of the neatest parts about the museum is that you aren’t just looking at everything. You can touch and board quite a few trains and it’s amazing that you can still interact with these pieces of history. A fascinating piece of history that I learned from my time at the museum was the story of the “Ambulance Trains”; the trains that carried wounded soldiers throughout Great Britain and France during WWI. 

Sam and I spent about an hour and a half at the museum and I felt like I had seen and enjoyed my fair share of trains. Sam’s a bit more mechanically minded so he’s already planned a return visit so that he can read more about all the trains. You can also book the museum for weddings, and I know that Sam is absolutely itching to shoot one there! 

The museum is located at: Leeman Rd, York YO26 4XJ
Entrance is free.

Have you visited the National Railway Museum? Would you want to fulfil any Thomas the Tank Engine dreams? 

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