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Life Lately || 10 Things That Have Made Me Happy

I can’t believe April is winding down already! It seemed like it was still February a blink of an eye ago. But May is my favourite month because it’s birthday month, so I’d really like if the weather started playing ball and reciprocated some spring-like feelings! 

10 Things That Have Made Me Happy

>>>4 day work weeks and Easter were glorious. The spring having so many bank holidays is AMAZING! 

>>>When the weather was glorious a few weekends ago, Sam and I had our first BBQ of the year. There’s nothing finer on the entire planet than grilled halloumi. 

>>>We’ve been meaning to for ages, but we finely took a ghost tour of York. York is supposedly one of the most haunted cities in England and it was lots of silly fun. I’ve done several in London and a really great one in Edinburgh. For Β£5, it’s great entertainment value for the money! 

>>> It’s really silly, but I don’t understand why the flat sheet doesn’t really exist in the UK. I’ve complained about it to Sam for years. Finally, after nearly 7 years in the UK, I bought a flat sheet. (It’s a sheet that you sleep under that is an extra layer between you and the duvet. You still sleep atop a normal fitted sheet.) Sam doesn’t really see its splendour, but I do. 

>>> My mom sent through a care package for Easter and it was stuffed with Girl Scout Cookies and American candy. Heaven.

>>> I wrote about it last week, but having afternoon tea at Bettys was a bucket list activity. I stick to my claim that it’s the best afternoon tea in England. 

>>> I’d never watched a minute of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” but I noticed it on Netflix a few weeks ago and absolutely smashed through it. The episodes are so short and watchable; but it’s truly dark humour at times! 

>>> Attending Carluccio’s 80th birthday party in York, was definitely a highlight of the last few weeks!

>>> I’ve been really happy with my instagram account lately. The follow/unfollow game is still super frustrating but meh. I like my feed so…..there. 

>>> I had a brief (less than 24 hours) solo trip to Dublin that I can’t wait to write about. 

We have friends coming to stay with us this weekend. What exciting plans do you have to look forward to? 

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  • Oh wow, it sounds like you’ve had such a great few weeks! I agree that grilled halloumi is the best thing ever x
    Sophie Cliff

  • Bank Holidays a-go-go!! Woooop! I’m going to spend this one actually sorting a lot of stuff out in the house, we’ve been so busy since we moved in, I can’t wait to properly hang the pictures up and sort the curtains out and find homes for the plants! We’ve also had back to back BBQs and it’s wonderful! Adam also insists on a flat sheet, but not one under the duvet, one for covering the mattress, as you can’t make a fitted sheet as tight, and with a flat sheet you can make hospital corners so it stays really tight and flat! Alice xxx


    • Where does Adam’s hospital corner preference come from, do you think? My grandparents only did hospital corners when they made bed; he was retired military and she was a retired nurse. xx

      • I don’t know, its not even that his mum does it! I think he just particularly likes a flat bottom sheet and that’s the easiest way! Xxx

  • Yay for our birthday month arriving!

  • I feel the same way about the flat sheet! I was so confused as to why they didn’t have them when I lived over there I made sure to order one online

  • Grilled halloumi is EVERYTHING! & they don’t do flat sheets in Continental Europe either, and I’m finally starting to understand, but I am grateful for them when I go to hotels, etc. Happy weekend πŸ™‚

    • I wonder why they seem to be a singularly American thing. How weird! Happy weekend to you too, Cynthia! xx

  • What a lovely list! A 5 day week this week felt horribly strange. 4 day weeks for the win!

  • Several things:
    1. the idea of not having a fitted sheet weirds me out. We didn’t have one when living in SA and the bed felt so naked.
    2. Ghost tour?! I’ve been dying to go on one …. I’ll be here all week
    3. Always Sunny is pretty much the greatest. I was able to go see a live performance of them doing “The Nightman Cometh” (season 4) and I just about died for laughter.

    • “The Nightman” is singlehandedly the best thing to come out of the whole series so I am SOOOOOOOOO jealous.

  • Your Dublin shots are so lovely! I actually don’t understand the flat sheet, my mum was obsessed with them but I always end up kicking it down in the night so it doesn’t make any difference anyway?!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    • Noooo the flat sheet is sooooo good! If you get too hot with the duvet in the night you can push the duvet off but still be covered. (Not that this is much needed in England) πŸ˜‰ xx

  • ι—²η€ζ²‘δΊ‹οΌŒιšδΎΏι€›ι€›οΌŒεΏƒι™θ‡ͺ焢凉。

  • So, when I work on arty projects in York, I often work with this storyteller, whose Mum was one of the ghost tour guides for York. And apparently, she inherited the tour from her father, and he from his. He claimed that his family were actually the original ghost walk, and that all over England the best ghost walks are ones that are passed down through the families! And that there is a lot of rivalry between different tour guides!

    Looking forward to hearing what you thought of Dublin, your Trinity Library picture was lovely on Instagram xx


    • I completely believe that! When Sam did his year at the RSC, I worked for one of the ghost tours of Stratford and it was all family owned/operated and I was one of the few non-family members there. (It was a hilarious job that I had a love/hate relationship with. Loved it 99% of the time. Hated it when you’d get the occasional pissed but mean tour group.)

      Can you remember which company he worked for? The man who led the one that we went on was absolutely brilliant. I’m positive that he must be an actor! x

  • A 4-day work week sounds so good! I wish I had a 4-day school week πŸ˜› But luckily I’m off for summer break in two weeks! // haha I have a fitted sheet, but I sleep on top of it because I’m too lazy to do anything except smooth out my duvet in the morning to make my bed // Girl Scout Cookies! My favourites are samoas -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • That’s so nice! Yesterday was a national holiday in the UK yesterday so it was so nice to get another day off work when we just had Easter Monday off not too long ago! x

  • Your Instagram pictures are so lovely! It really makes me on a good mood looking at them πŸ™‚


  • Aw girl. Your blog is so beautiful!

    I just got back from lunch @ carluccio’s too, had no idea it was their 80th this year. LOVE their pastas. β™₯

    Gorgeous photos.

    katie xx lacoconoire.com

  • Yes to the flat sheet! I didn’t realise it wasn’t really a thing in the UK?!

    Meanwhile, I hate the follow/unfollow thing on Instagram!

  • I don’t get the whole lack of flat sheets either, but luckily my Brit puts up with my foreign ways πŸ˜‰

  • My mum does the flat sheet thing. I’m too lazy. So I’m with you in theory, if not in execution.

    • I’ll sneak into your house one day and put one on your bed like some sort of flat sheet fairy. x

  • Oh man, It’s always Sunny used to be one of my faves. I often burst into renditions of day man (sadly). I think betty’s nails afternoon tea too! So good, so classic.

    • That’s because it’s one of the catchiest songs known to man. I love that Charlie Day legitimately wrote it (and all the other Nightman Cometh songs) x

  • hahaha aw the fitted sheet issue! I had that weird reaction when I studied abroad in Germany and didn’t understand at all what was going on. We don’t have a fitted sheet but I’d kind of like one, but the Brit is so tall it would be difficult as his feet are often a little off the bed…we need to buy a bigger bed lol