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London || Cotton Candy Meets Ice Cream at Milk Train

After seeing the lashings of ice cream surrounded by a cotton candy cloud over and over again on Instagram, when I was last in London, I knew I just had to go to Milk Train. 

When you arrive at Milk Train, unless you are very, very lucky there will be a queue going out the door. I’d estimate that the average wait time is around 30 minutes. There are only a small handful of tables inside, but the weather was lovely so I’d already decided to take my ice cream outside. 

You can order matcha, vanilla or a alternating third flavour of soft serve in a cone or a cup and chose your toppings. You can also chose if you want to add cotton candy or not. I’d say that the soft-serve is fairly standard so if you are there, you are there to get it wrapped in cotton candy. So do so. 

I had the cookies n’ cream sundae with candy floss (in a waffle cone) that came in at a whopping Β£5.35.  My vanilla soft-serve was topped with chocolate sauce, oreo cookies and pirouette cookie. Ashamedly, I must admit that this is nowhere near the most expensive ice cream I’ve ever had. (That honour still might go to the freakshake from Molly Bakes). I’m not entirely sure that I’d ever go back again (mostly because of the queue) but it’s definitely one of those things that I am glad that I experienced at least once, just to say that I have. 

There’s no way to eat this with a modicum of grace so be prepared to get sticky. Oh so sticky. Your hands, face and arms will be covered. The combination of cool ice cream in the same bite as cloud-like cotton candy is strange but enjoyable. 

Milk Train is located at  44 Bedford St, London WC2E

I totally recommend it, but prepare for the inevitable sugar crash!

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  • Thanks dude, now I need to go!

  • Iann Ethel

    How lovely does that look?! Can’t wait to try it on our next trip to London!(:

    With love from Singapore,

    Iann Ethel | An Online Space for Travel + Inspiration

  • I love Milk Train! I’m lucky to work nearby, so I’ve managed to miss the queues, but it’s such a fun experience.

  • Laura Torninoja

    Haha I keep wondering how this got invented! Like how did they think of putting cotton candy around ice cream?! Whatever the thought process was, I love it! I’ll need to try and go there on my day off to see if I can avoid the queues! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    • It’s such a mad idea! It’s something I would have suggested to my mom as a kid and she would have just laughed in my face. Little did she know…. ;D xx

  • I just….what the… did…..WHAT IS THIS?? It looks bonkers but amazing. Also, excellent choice with the Oreos.
    I’ll bet that was one hell of a sugar crash though.
    M x Life Outside London

    • Oh man – the sugar high and come down was killer. I felt a bit ill for the rest of the day but it was so, so worth it! xx

  • fantastic:) but who does one actually eat it?:))

    • Haha messily! Everything was sticky by the end. I went with the top of the cone, then the cotton candy and last the rest of the ice cream cone! xx

  • These are the prettiest ice creams I’ve ever seen. I’m intrigued by the matcha soft serve, although I think I’d want the vanilla too with loads of toppings!

    • I’d definitely try the matcha next time! They have an exciting set of toppings for the matcha (different from what goes on the vanilla) so you can still have as much sugar as possible πŸ˜‰ xx

  • That is honestly the most amazing ice cream I’ve ever seen! I’ve never tried an ice cream/cotton candy combo but if I ever visit the Milk Train then that’s what I’m going to be choosing!

    Kayleigh |

    • It’s a crazy combo but it was so worthwhile! (Though I was in a sugar coma for the rest of the day!) x

  • Nice never seen or heard of anything like it before

  • This looks AMAZING. And also, HUGE. I need it in my life (and will probably need to lie down for a week after…!)

    • I had sugar shakes after. But not as bad as my post Molly Bakes freakshake sugar crash. But so worth it! xx

  • That is hilarious! It looks delicious, but I’d love a step by step of how you managed the eat that? Did you say it was in a cone?? Thankfully you seem to have a little spoon!

    • Haha, it was ridiculous. It’s in a cone, so first I ate the top with a spoon (to prevent melting), then I went for the cotton candy, and last the cone. It was an effort, but someone had to πŸ˜‰ xx

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    Literally Instagram gold!

  • ninegrandstudent

    I’ve seen these all over Instagram – though trying to persuade my diabetic fiance that its necessary it’s going so well!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

  • They are true Instagram gold though, aren’t they?!? Super tasty but DEFINITELY photogenic! X

  • Stupid question time: how are you holding this? What’s the bottom look like? It kind of look like gravity has taken the day off and your ice cream is just floating on candy floss instead of falling through? Is there a cone under all that?

  • Cat

    I’VE GOT TO GO!! Thank you so much for this post πŸ™‚ I’m also curious about how you’re holding it – is there a cup under there or some kind of cone? I’m coeliac but need to find a way to have this some how! C x

    EDIT: waffle cone! πŸ™ !

  • Looks awesome but the stickiness looks too much for me!

    • It was totally crazy and fun to try but I’d rather have a milkshake if I’m going to have a crazy amount of sugar in frozen form! x

  • I’m following the wrong people because I hadn’t seen this until you posted it! I’m an ice cream freak, but even i don’t think I’d wait half an hour haha. I’m also impatient!

    • I’m sure there would be times it was less busy, but I’m glad that I experienced its madness! x