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First of all, please excuse how dry and frizzy my hair looks in these photos. It does a huge disservice to my fab new bob. It is neither dry nor frizzy in normal life. However, the wind was insane when I was out walking before taking these photos and I couldn’t brush my hair to sort the matter out. Moreover, I couldn’t brush my hair because it was temporarily purple. 

This isn’t a sponsored post in the slightest. I just wanted to try some new products out. I’ve been really wanting to have beautiful pastel mermaid coloured hair, but I’m not sure how keen my employer would be. (I actually think they’d be fine with it, but since I’m still in the first few months of the job I want to escape notice for the time being.) So I’ve resigned myself to a life of normal hair colours. But in my local Boots I’ve been seeing lots of L’Oreal Colorista Spray in the prettiest pastel colours. 

I kept walking by them because my hair is dark and that kind of thing usually only works on blondes or those with bleached hair. And then they went on offer so I threw caution to the wind and decided to give one a go. The worst case scenario: my hair looked exactly the same and I lost Β£4. 

Verdict: it’s not the pastel paradise that it would be on a blonde, but it does show up. The colour develops a bit more over time so when I first sprayed it on, I saw nothing. 5 minutes later in the sun, there was a a definite purple tinge. The spray only lasts for one go (on dark hair at least – maybe on blondes you could get two uses out of it). You should wash it out before you go to bed, or else there’s the risk of waking up with colourful pillows, but to be brutally honest, I was really tired, so I just brushed my hair quite vigorously and enough of the spray came out that I didn’t wake up to any purple nightmare stains. 

Purple Hair powder || Shirt || Jeans || Watch || Shoes 

Are you ever tempted to do anything drastic with your hair? 

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  • I’ve had most natural hair colours at some stage or another, even entirely bleaching it one rainy day! Can’t say I suited bleach blonde, nor the pokemon red that followed! However, I have liked the very auburn, dark red, dark brown and near black that I’ve also been! This is the first time since I was about 14 that I’ve more or less got my own natural hair colour and its actually pretty nice πŸ™‚ Alice xxxx

    • I love your hair colour! I think it’s beautiful! Mine’s been a whole range of colours and I’m still trying to decide what makes me the happiest. (I think the biggest problem is that I like hair change!) x

      • Thanks! I like that it’s natural now, but I can;t help find it a bit boring! Haha a mix of light brown gingery mouse. I’m totally like you too, I get bored and then can’t wait to change! xxx

  • I love it!!!! I love how subtle it is on dark hair, like it only reaaally shows in certain lights and angles so suddenly you’re like: OOH PURPLE.

    I saw someone wearing the peach version of this on blonde hair and I’m dying to try it out! xx

    • I bet the colours would show up so perfectly on your hair! When I was reading reviews online, they were either a) I loved this or b) this didn’t show up at all, and since it’s only really marketed at blondes it was a total gamble. I know the peaches, pinks, and silvers won’t really show up on me, but I bet they’d be absolutely gorgeous on you. Then you can brush it out and be ready for the office πŸ˜‰ x

  • You look gorgeous! I love the new hair – it looks absolutely amazing on you.

  • Your new hair really suits you and I love your blouse! x
    Sophie Cliff

  • Love the new haircut! I actually just bought hair dye. I’ve only ever dyed my hair once, but *gasp* I’m starting to get a few white hairs that I’d like to color ASAP. The color I chose was just a regular old shade of brown — let’s see how that goes!

  • Oooo, this might be good for top ups between dying! As my hair goes all kinds of cray and loses colour in random places.

    • Because of my darker hair it definitely wasn’t the glorious pastel on the box, but it showed up. Showing up was kind of the only bar that I set for it since it wasn’t marketed at brunettes. They had a temporary root dye (instead of a spray like this one) in the same range that I would have tried was I sure that I could get away with it at work. x

  • It’s lovely! You suit purple hair.

  • LOVE your bob! I so envy people who can have fringes (a badly placed cows’ lick puts paid to mine). I had some garish colours in my hair when I was a teenager and tend to shock my hairdresser by growing my hair for years and then promptly having it chopped off again but nothing really drastic.

    • I’ve had my hair some horrendous colours in the past (and some really bad cuts too, in all honesty) but the only thing that has ever remained the same is my fringe. I’ve always had one. (I think it’s because I don’t really like my forehead – odd right?!)

  • Amy Eade

    I really want to try some of these but was worried my hair wasn’t blonde enough so it’s good to know it would show up a bit! Love the bob!
    Amy xx

    • Thanks so much Amy! It’s definitely more subtle on hair that’s not blonde but still visible! x

  • Ooh I love your new hair cut and I rather love the purple too! I too keep walking past these L’OrΓ©al hair colours and wondering whether or not I should give it ago, I have bleached hair so I’m just a little worried about how powerful it could look haha! Lovely photos Amanda! xx

    Kayleigh |

    • Oh, I bet it would be super powerful on yours! I bet the colour would turn out ace, I’d only be slightly worried about the follicle soaking up a bit of colour. But honestly, I didn’t even need to was h mine out, I basically could brush it all out when I was done! x

  • I actually almost didn’t recognize you in that first picture. I was like, wait, is this a guest post? Then I continued and realized it was you. Something about that angle and the hair change threw me off!

    I have definitely considered doing something fun and drastic like that with my hair, but have always thought the same as you: it wouldn’t really work with my dark hair without work and it would be quite noticeable so would have to make sure I’m at a point in my life that’s okay. But hey, for Β£4 I think this was quite a fun little experiment and love the results (bob too)!

    Asti ||

    • Thanks so much Asti! I’d really like to have properly colourful hair but with my work situation, I’ll continue to avoid it at the moment. The colour pretty much brushed out and a wash took care of the rest. By Monday morning, I looked totally brunette again.

      I bought two cans at once since it was on offer (the other colour is a blue) and I’m saving it up for a special occasion. I just don’t know what yet! x

  • Kourtney Reece

    I’ve gotten blonde highlights and cut my hair to my neck and added some honey blonde highlights.
    I just recently started trying extensions and I’m slowly learning how to use them. That’s as drastic as I’ve gotten. Your hair is cute by the way.

    • I was trying to remember if my hair as bright red when you first came to London, but I think I had made the switch back to dark by the time your group arrived πŸ˜‰

      Are you liking extensions?

      • Kourtney Reece

        I think you had dark hair when I was in London. You were getting ready for your wedding. I like my extensions so far. It’s nice to have long hair every once in a while. It just gets so hot here in Texas I never really want it to grow past my neck. And it’s a hassle when washing and blow drying.

  • cute haircut! I’ve cut my hair into a bob two months ago too:) it’s already grown a lot..but it’s actually much easier to have long hair than short hair, less hassle with the styling:)

    • I had my hair super short in my 3rd year of university and then got tired of it and grew it out. Then I got tired of my long hair – I just like change, I think! Haha I find short hair easier but that’s because I go to bed with it wet and just roll out of bed in the morning. I don’t have any natural curl, but I have a frizzy wave that I don’t bother to tame any more because I am lazy.

  • Diana Maria

    The hair looks great, I’ve always wanted to experiment with colours like that but have never had the courage. The cut also looks great on you, lovely photos!

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days

    • Thanks Diana! The great thing about the spray is that it totally washes out so I was able to go into work on Monday morning and no one knew the difference ;D xx

  • Thanks Hannah! x

  • Purple hair is amazing just so you know when I was younger I liked to have some purple in my hair

  • Oh super fun!! I always assume it’s a blondes thing only too as my hair is v dark (dyed dark too). The purple suits you!
    Holly xxx /// BLOG:

    • Thanks Holly! It definitely didn’t have as much of a wow-factor as it would on a blonde, but it was a fun experiment and it definitely showed up enough that I would try another colour. (Just not one of the super light colours like peach or lilac) x

  • Love your new hair! I always think about trying something different, then always end up keeping to the same style. One day I will branch out.

  • Oh my gosh! I’m going to go buy some now!

    • L’oreal has a temporary cream which lasts 8-10 washes or this spray which just washes and brushes out instantly. They have some beautiful lilac and peach colours which I loved the look of, but I think the struggle to show up on darker hair would just be too much! x

  • Beautiful photographs! You look gorgeous with purple hints in your hair! So much fun πŸ™‚

    Great post and you look ever so pretty here!

    Laura xo

  • It looks lovely and your hair looks fantastic! I’ve been really wanting to dye my hair purple since last year but since I was looking for a job I was like ‘better not’ haha we’ll see what my new corporate job says about it…

    • I feel like businesses are slowly becoming more open to alternative looks but it’s still not quite there yet. I think my job would be okay but I’m still a relatively new hire so I don’t want to push the boundaries too much! X