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Outfitting || Temporary Purple Hair

First of all, please excuse how dry and frizzy my hair looks in these photos. It does a huge disservice to my fab new bob. It is neither dry nor frizzy in normal life. However, the wind was insane when I was out walking before taking these photos and I couldn’t brush my hair to sort the matter out. Moreover, I couldn’t brush my hair because it was temporarily purple. 

This isn’t a sponsored post in the slightest. I just wanted to try some new products out. I’ve been really wanting to have beautiful pastel mermaid coloured hair, but I’m not sure how keen my employer would be. (I actually think they’d be fine with it, but since I’m still in the first few months of the job I want to escape notice for the time being.) So I’ve resigned myself to a life of normal hair colours. But in my local Boots I’ve been seeing lots of L’Oreal Colorista Spray in the prettiest pastel colours. 

I kept walking by them because my hair is dark and that kind of thing usually only works on blondes or those with bleached hair. And then they went on offer so I threw caution to the wind and decided to give one a go. The worst case scenario: my hair looked exactly the same and I lost £4. 

Verdict: it’s not the pastel paradise that it would be on a blonde, but it does show up. The colour develops a bit more over time so when I first sprayed it on, I saw nothing. 5 minutes later in the sun, there was a a definite purple tinge. The spray only lasts for one go (on dark hair at least – maybe on blondes you could get two uses out of it). You should wash it out before you go to bed, or else there’s the risk of waking up with colourful pillows, but to be brutally honest, I was really tired, so I just brushed my hair quite vigorously and enough of the spray came out that I didn’t wake up to any purple nightmare stains. 

Purple Hair powder || Shirt || Jeans || Watch || Shoes 

Are you ever tempted to do anything drastic with your hair? 

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